'Lazy Girl Jobs': The TikTok-Viral Career Plan That Prioritizes Work-Life Balance

For those of us who grew up being taught that the sky is the limit, toxic productivity feels like a natural progression. We were encouraged to dream big and pursue those goals relentlessly, adopting a work ethic so fierce that we hardly noticed when it began to erode our well-being. But now, critics of the hustle culture that has dominated for the past decade or so are coming forward to question why we've been so quick to neglect our health and happiness for the sake of a career. They're also presenting an alternative: "lazy girl jobs."

The antithesis to dedicating your whole life to work is getting a job that doesn't demand very much of you at all. As TikTok user @gabrielle_judge, also known as "The Anti Work Girlboss," explains in her viral video on the topic, the key is to find a role that allows you lots of free time and flexibility and isn't physically demanding. By trying to get a job like this, as opposed to more traditional professions that do require a lot of time and effort, or those that you are significantly emotionally invested in, you can restore your work-life balance.

What to look for in a lazy girl job

TikTok user @gabrielle_judge posted her "lazy girl jobs" video in May 2023 as a form of "career advice for women who don't know what remote job to apply to." In the video, she explains that there are certain jobs where people can make "pretty comfortable salaries and not do that much work." Note that passion is not part of the equation here. Lazy girl jobs don't require you to actually love your career; they allow you time for the things you do love. 

Obviously, the criteria for a lazy girl job includes a secure position that does pay a decent salary, which Gabrielle describes as earning $60,000 to $80,000 per year. Most people tend to believe that these kinds of jobs are demanding and time-consuming, but according to Gabrielle, there are positions earning these figures for a minimal amount of work. She explains that most of these jobs are "non-technical tech roles" such as account managers or marketing associates, and she operates a lazy girl job board on networking site Pallet if you're looking for some inspiration!

While some viewers were skeptical, others confirmed that lazy girl jobs can pay off. In the comment section of the video, user @she.ki11a revealed that they earn $80,000 a year as a tech triage, while user Nicole Tate admitted that she earns around $60,000 as a healthcare company resolution specialist. "I just send emails all day," she wrote.

What to keep in mind

As the comments under @gabrielle_judge's video suggest, some positions can seem like lazy girl jobs and then end up being demanding. "Be careful with account manager," commented @precioustater. "It can [definitely] be lazy girl but a lot of it is not lazy girl!"

This is where research comes in. If possible, try to speak to a few people who have worked in the role before to understand exactly how much work you can expect, or look up employee reviews. Along the same lines, keep in mind that some jobs aren't physically demanding — such as those that require you to sit in front of a laptop all day — but they can still be mentally taxing.

The mindset behind lazy girl jobs is doing wonders at dismantling harmful ideas that some people hold, where they feel like their self-worth is tied to how ruthlessly they work themselves into exhaustion. At the same time, though, some people do genuinely love their jobs or feel passionately about the careers they work hard at. As long as you are practicing work-life balance, that's okay. The lazy girl mindset isn't for everyone.

For those who do have big dreams but can't seem to align their day job with their ideal career, lazy girl jobs can be a stepping stone on the way there. By working a job that doesn't demand much, you can save your energy for those pursuits you actually care about.