The Posing Tip That Will Take Your Group Photos To The Next Level

Group photos are great for preserving memorable moments but they can be daunting as well. Someone is undoubtedly blinking in all the pics, there is always at least one person who doesn't like the way they look, and we seem to forget that those closest to the camera end up looking bigger than everyone else. Retakes are inevitable and by then, smiles start looking forced. 


There is also the task of positioning everyone and posing naturally. Angles matter and we all have a good and bad side. If you're not sure which one is yours, practice taking selfies and seeing which ones are the most flattering.

So what's the trick to taking a group photo effortlessly? Celebs have a secret that they often utilize on the red carpet and it's all in the way they pose. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a glam team to make them look flawless but they also know how to angle their bodies so that they complement the other people in the photo. The goal is to look like a cohesive unit so no one sticks out like a sore thumb — but everyone also shines in their own way.

Don't lean in toward the person in the center

When taking a group photo, people tend to lean their bodies toward the middle person. However, doing so creates an unflattering angle for those on the ends. Instead, angle your body 45 degrees toward the center person and turn your chest so that it faces the camera. It's also natural to put your arms around each other in group photos but refrain from doing so over your friends' shoulders. Instead, loosely drape your arm that's closest to the person around their lower back. Your outside arm should be placed on the side of your hip or upper thigh.


If you're the one in the center, face the camera head-on and stand with one foot in front of the other, with the weight on the back leg. Point your toe that's in the front so that it elongates your leg. Place your hands around the lower backs of the ones on either side of you. Doing so will make your arms look slimmer as they're not pressed against your side.

Create a bit of space in between people

Take the tip up a notch by spreading out a little. It's natural to want to squeeze in together when you're taking a group photo but you'll get better results if you create some distance between bodies. Ask the person that's taking the picture to step back a bit so that everyone's not smushed against each other. Then, determine your angles and start posing. This doesn't mean your group has to stand a foot apart from each other. There should be a contact point between each person, whether it's your shoulders touching or hands around each other.


Make sure you are camera ready – from your clothes to your makeup and hair, then try not to have everyone pose the same way. Show off everyone's individuality with different movements. You can play around with levels as well. Some can be standing or leaning against something while others can sit on a chair or table. 

Once you've settled into your respective places, stay there and make slight changes in your body. You don't want to create a hubbub by moving everyone around. The only big alterations you can play around with are your facial expressions. Have everyone smile big in one shot and then make a goofy face in another. Pictures should be fun — not stressful!