'Powerpuff Heart' Nails Bring Y2K Animation To Your Summer Mani

Y2K fashion is back, along with '90s manicures to create your daily dose of nostalgia. If you were a Cartoon Network kid growing up, you definitely watched "The Powerpuff Girls," a show about the tiny but mighty crime-fighting trio of the same name. During the show's theme song, you may remember the girls posing in front of those red and pink pulsing hearts. These hearts contributed a lot to the show's aesthetic and have even become a popular nail trend. Full of sugar, spice, and everything nice, the "Powerpuff Heart" manicure is the perfect look this summer.

Any nail artist would be happy to give you this adorable manicure, but it's also super easy to achieve the look at home. You just need multiple shades of the color that you want, along with thin nail brushes to help you outline the hearts. It's best to start with one small heart at the center of your nail and then layer on more hearts around it using different shades. You can either stick to the classic red and pink hues, or choose different colors based on your favorite characters. If you need to save some time, you can also use nail art stickers with some topcoat polish to seal them on your nails. Here are our favorite renditions of the Powerpuff Heart nail trend. 

Pink for Blossom

With this trend, a lot of people choose one color palette that corresponds with a character. The Powerpuff Girl named Blossom is associated with pink, and you can capture her aesthetic with some light and dark pink hearts. Some people decide to accent the hearts on just one nail, but you can paint the hearts on however many nails you'd like. This not only looks stunning for Valentine's Day, but also as a vibrant warm-weather manicure for summertime. 

Blue for Bubbles

If Bubbles is your favorite Powerpuff Girl, you'll likely want to go with shades of blue for your manicure, as that's her signature color. You can either start dark in the middle and go lighter towards the outside, or vice versa. Take a look at some of the best blue nail polishes on the market that will give you a bold, Bubbles-inspired manicure. 

Green for Buttercup

Green is the signature color of our favorite cartoon tomboy, Buttercup. If she was your favorite Powerpuff Girl, go with some green hearts for your manicure. Buttercup has a green and black color scheme, so using a mix of dark greens with lighter tones will look great. 

Customize and get creative

The heart theme isn't the only way to rock Powerpuff-inspired nails. You can also take other elements of the show and paint them on each nail. Pictured above is the Chemical X that gave the girls their powers, and one of the show's villains, HIM. The artist even captured the blue sky and clouds that appear in the background of each episode.

Neutral tones

Feel free to venture outside of the cartoon's bright color palette and paint the hearts using neutral tones like brown, cream, and white. You could even go for a black, gray, and white look as well. The pulsing heart look is super versatile, so it's all about your preference when it comes to color choices.