6 Ways To Delay Unwanted Hair Growth

Good things never seem to last long, and this most certainly applies to your smooth-shaven legs. Getting that annoying stubble the day after a shave means having to shave every day, and nobody wants that. So, if you have hair that grows back overnight at unbelievable speeds, we are here to tell you how you can slow down the process.


Hair, where it's not desired, can get annoying, so to delay it as much as you can, there are a couple of things out there you can try. This includes opting for waxing or laser hair removal instead of shaving, relaxing, natural remedies, and not forgetting your vitamins. It's important to understand that not everybody sprouts hair at the same time, and the amount of hair you grow in certain places of your body can differ. It all comes down to your genes. But, if you are growing hair where it's not desired at extremely fast speeds, you might be suffering from a medical condition called hirsutism. If that is the case, a visit to your doctor is recommended, as it can be due to an underlying condition.


Cutting it at the root

Waxing is the superior choice when it comes to removing your body hair. Unlike shaving, waxing gets rid of your body hair from the roots. Cutting it at the roots will guarantee smooth legs for at least a couple of weeks. After a wax session, your hair will grow back finer and progressively stop growing back together. You can accomplish this hairless stage by making your wax sessions more frequent. The intervals between your wax sessions will slowly stretch out, and you'll notice that you'll only have to go in for a wax every two months or so. Hence, you're slowing down your hair growth rate by sticking with waxing instead of shaving.


From hot waxes to cold waxes to strip waxes and, finally, to everyone's favorite, the sugar wax, there are different kinds of waxing methods out there. Out of these waxes, "sugaring" is the top choice. As it is mostly natural, it's gentle on your skin, and it will have a smoothening effect as well. Moreover, it will give you a cleaner finish, and you won't be needing any extra oils to rub away leftover residue.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is, of course, the most obvious answer when it comes to putting your hair follicles to rest. Laser hair removal, though the name suggests otherwise, is a natural and safe procedure that can get rid of your hair temporarily. It involves damaging the hair follicle or the root of your hair by burning it. Your hair strand will then die and fall out. Your hair follicles will then lay dormant for a longer interval, which will delay hair regrowth. Laser hair removal is much more effective when it comes to slowing down the regrowth phase compared to other hair removal techniques, such as shaving and waxing.


However, when opting for this method, make sure to get it done by a professional. Certain risks involve skin irritations, burns, and even scarring. So, don't trust yourself or your best friend when it comes to laser hair removal.

Natural remedies

If you want to stay away from chemicals and are in search of a more natural solution to slow down your hair growth rate sipping on mint tea and applying a turmeric paste should do the trick.

The natural ingredients found in turmeric are said to aid in delaying the hair growth process. Curcuma oil, which belongs to the same family as turmeric, has been tested and proven as a natural ingredient that weakens the pace of your hair growth. However, it's not as effective as waxing when it comes to stunting hair growth. And it will take a longer period of time for you to observe any noticeable changes.


The other natural remedy you can go for is drinking spearmint tea. Drinking it twice a day helps reduce androgen levels in your body. The androgen hormone is a male sex hormone and is responsible for your facial and body hair levels and their growth frequencies. High levels of this hormone will increase the speed at which your hair grows, and a cup of mint tea can help cut any excesses that might be causing a Rapunzel effect.

Healthy living

Good exercise and a good diet can go a long way when it comes to controlling the speed of your hair growth. Maintaining your muscle mass and your BMI is of utmost importance. And to make sure you're on the right path, eat nutritious meals and get plenty of exercise. Your skin's density will reduce as your muscle mass increases, and this will negatively impact your hair growth. So, make sure you're getting those gains. Add a couple of strength training exercises to your workout routine to secure those muscles.


In addition to muscles, your body should be taking in the appropriate number of calories. Include foods such as salmon, turkey, beef, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli to your diet to get sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 which will keep your hormones in check. Excess body fat or being overweight can increase the levels of testosterone in women, and testosterone is a primary androgen. And androgens are bad news when it comes to keeping those hairs away. There's no harm in a good diet and regular exercise, so for the sake of smooth skin or not, give healthy living a chance.


Stress never solves anything, so don't stress. Yes, we know it's easier said than done, but for the sake of smooth legs and going entire weeks without touching a razor, try to relax. Stress increases the production of the testosterone hormone and other like-minded hormones that increase hair growth, so whenever you feel an episode of stress coming on, take a step back and try to calm yourself down. Calming yourself down can actually help balance out these hormones. So, you're not wasting any time by picking up that book, meditating, going outside, or finishing that puzzle; you can get this time back by not having to shave every other day.


And don't make your body or facial hair a stress factor; this will only create a vicious cycle of stress and hair. Hence, a hobby or anything in life that gives you that zen-ness will potentially save you a trip to the waxing salon.

Taking supplements

Naturally, our diets don't fulfill our vitamin and mineral requirements to the fullest. When this is the case, a shortcut would be to take supplements. All the heavy work of stunting hair growth is done by hormones. Balance your hormones, and you can have your desired level of hair growth. And vitamin E supplements do just that. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E help sort out excess levels of testosterone and will ensure smoother skin and reduced hair growth in unwanted places. So, keep in mind that hormones are key when it comes to hair growth, and when you can't take your vitamins from natural sources, a supplement would do.


When it comes to hair growth, it's different for each of us. We have different genes, and these genes determine how fast we become hairy. So, don't be discouraged when trying to find a hack that works for you. Other internal factors, such as hormones, hair types, and skin types, can give you varying results. And if you're really struggling to find a solution that works for your hairy situation, pay a visit to your physician or dermatologist and get a more personalized remedy.