Why An Oxygen Facial Is A Must For Your Next Spa Appointment

If your goal is having smooth, youthful, glowing skin for the rest of your life, simply breathing in oxygen is not enough. Although this seems like an improbability, all you need to accomplish this is an oxygen facial – in addition to breathing, of course. An oxygen facial involves spraying your skin with a pressurized stream of oxygen from a wand-like instrument. It's said to rejuvenate your skin; reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes; and give you glowing skin. It's a treatment offering everything your skin needs to be healthy, so making it a part of your next spa trip should be a no-brainer.


If you're still not convinced, we're here to break down all the benefits an oxygen facial provides along with some tips for caring for your skin after the procedure. So, head to the spa, treat your skin to some oxygen, and witness it glow from within.

Promotes cell turnover

Everyone's skin cells eventually die, and new cells are formed, but as we age, new cells form at a relatively slower rate. Oxygen is responsible for managing the body's cell regeneration process, which means the more oxygen your skin has absorbed, the faster your cells will turn over. And when your cells have the ability to turn over faster, the sooner you'll recover from acne scars.


You can treat your acne with an oxygen facial, as most oxygen facials spray a mixture of oxygen, hyaluronic acid, and other vitamins. The hyaluronic acid in this mixture will aid in tightening your pores. Since clogged pores cause acne, the contraction of your pores will prevent oil, dirt, and debris from depositing themselves in your pores and ultimately blocking them, leading to breakouts. If you are suffering from acne and acne scars, an oxygen facial is a must for your skin.

Stimulates collagen production

Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock on your skin to a more youthful time when it was untouched by wrinkles and fine lines? An oxygen facial can help you do just that. Wondering how a time machine component came to be in an oxygen facial? Well, it's all in the collagen. Oxygen induces and increases collagen production. And the more collagen you have, the less you'll notice wrinkles and other signs of aging. So, to amp up your collagen production, add an oxygen facial to your skincare routine.


Furthermore, these facials are said to improve your blood circulation. Your skin cells will receive a stream of oxygen, which, in turn, increases the blood flow to those cells. When you're experiencing increased blood flow to your tissues, your skin starts to rejuvenate itself, looking smoother and brighter and leaving you beaming with confidence and radiance.

Generates youthful, hydrated skin

An oxygen facial is bound to leave you with hydrated, more plumped-looking skin. The stream of oxygen you'll receive contains hydrating vitamins and other hydrating ingredients for your skin, leaving you thinking that the fountain of youth isn't any better than your spa's oxygen treatment. Not only will your skin look more youthful and hydrated, but it will also look radiant, glowing, and uplifted. You can finally say goodbye to tired-looking skin.


In addition, oxygen facials are responsible for detoxing your skin. Environmental stressors such as smoke, dust, UV radiation, and pollution can take a toll on your skin over time. And the perfect way to harmonize your face and "destress" it is to treat it with some oxygen. The oxygen will detoxify your skin and remove the damage these stressors cause, which include fine lines and wrinkles. You'll leave your spa with clear, radiant, baby-soft skin.

Evens skin tone

While oxygen is the primary ingredient of an oxygen facial, the facial consists of more than just oxygen. The solution sprayed on your face consists of peptides, botanical ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and other vitamins known to give your skin everything it needs to appear healthy and rejuvenated. These components combine to treat your skin's issues, which may include hyperpigmentation and other discolorations. The facial will even out your skin tone and give it a bright and glowing appearance.


In addition to treating hyperpigmentation on your face, the facial will smoothen out your skin's texture. This smoothening effect will make your face look even-textured and devoid of blemishes. Once you're finished with your appointment, you'll be tempted to touch your face, as your skin will feel soft like a baby's. So, for evenly-toned and textured skin that appears poreless and flawless, book an oxygen facial at your next spa appointment.

Suitable for all skin types

The best thing about the oxygen facial is that it does not discriminate; no matter your skin tone or condition, anyone can get it. If you're going to a professional for an oxygen treatment, they'll examine your skin and provide you with the most optimal solution suited to your skin's needs. 


Since oxygen facials don't use any chemicals or harsh ingredients, you most likely won't experience any side effects. However, side effects, such as puffiness and swelling, are possible, especially if you have super sensitive skin. If you have any concerns or allergies to certain ingredients, consult with the professional conducting the facial. You can always ask them to leave certain serums and vitamins out of the solution.

However, if you're thinking of doing your own facial, you can try an over-the-counter kit and decide which one to buy based on your skin type. There are kits specifically designed for dry skin and others for oily skin, so make sure to find one that resonates with your skin type.


No recovery time needed

An oxygen facial also doesn't require any specific recovery period. Since the procedure is non-invasive, there's no need to take time off of work. Once you are finished with the procedure, you can walk out of the spa and go about your day with glowing, radiant skin.


Even though the procedure requires no downtime, there are still some steps you can take afterwards to ensure effective results. Avoid going out in direct sunlight, and stay away from smoke and dirt. If you experience any irritation or redness, it's best to go without makeup for a few hours; wait at least seven hours to perform your skincare routine, and don't book any chemical peels or bleaching appointments for a few days. Make sure to keep your hair out of your face by tying it back in a ponytail or a bun or with a claw clip. You may also want to sleep on a satin pillow case.

Won't break the bank

Although an oxygen facial sounds like an all-healing skincare treat, you'll be pleased to know that it's not all that expensive. Plus, there are safe alternatives that can cost even less, while providing similar results. If a professional is performing your facial, it'll cost you around $75 to $150, though it could be more depending on where you live. While this might seem like a lot, when you compare the cost of an oxygen facial with that of other skincare treatments, it's relatively more affordable and provides major benefits. 


And, if you have a tight budget, you can always purchase an over-the-counter oxygen facial kit, a more cost-effective solution that can still deliver effective results, as we touched on earlier. Just make sure to research the brand and to check the label for the ingredients to find the right facial kit for your skin type.