Cluster Engagement Rings Are Trending For A Quirky Yet Elegant Look

When picking out your ideal engagement ring, there are various factors you'll want to take into account before choosing the final one. One feature you want to consider is its uniqueness over others on the market. Since your engagement ring is a lifelong commitment, you'll want one that lasts and stands the test of time. The cluster engagement ring is one of the most popular choices on this front. While unique, the cluster ring is a fairly common choice that always seems to differ from the next one. According to Solomon Brothers, the cluster engagement ring is a setting that contains multiple diamonds or gems near each other, often in a pattern. Depending on the ring, clusters can gather anywhere from 5-25 diamonds near each other.

While this gorgeous ring is statement and stylish, it's also a budget-friendly pick for those looking to avoid breaking the bank. With all the variations available with cluster engagement rings, it's possible to get a unique engagement ring that feels personalized for a lower cost than your typical diamond ring. You can also take it to the next level by opting for multi-colored gems to give your engagement ring a unique flair.

Symmetrical rings

You can explore symmetrical or asymmetrical designs when it comes to cluster rings. Symmetric cluster rings are more traditional and offer a balanced look. If you're still looking for a conventional look to your cluster ring, ensure you have a symmetric cluster pattern surrounding the main stone or the small diamonds following a symmetric look.

Pear cut clusters

You can't get anything grander than the pear cut regarding statement cuts. With its particular shape, the pear cut is the perfect shape for your main stone for cluster engagement rings. Since the pear cut demands attention, it's ideal for flanking with smaller diamonds for the cluster effect. Go for a colored diamond like a ruby or sapphire for an even more significant impact.

Round-cut rings

Those looking for an elegant option will find comfort in the round-cut cluster engagement ring. Not only is the round cut a more common option, but it will always be in style. Surrounding your round-cut stone with clusters or going with round-cut diamonds gives you elegance and a hint of royalty. Round-cut cluster rings can also be easier for achieving your desired cluster pattern if you opt for all-round cut stones.

Asymmetrical designs

Unlike symmetric rings, asymmetrical rings offer a more unique take on the cluster engagement rings. This option is perfect for those dreaming of a ring that's a bit more personalized and less traditional. An asymmetric cluster engagement ring will typically have stones of various sizes randomly placed around the band. This "messy" placement gives you an eccentric touch that is difficult to replicate.

Emerald-cut cluster

While it may come at a higher price, the emerald cut is a popular shape for your engagement ring as it's regal and elegant. Due to the more extensive surface area, emerald cuts can be more costly than round cuts but offer plenty of impact. Surrounded by clustered stones, the emerald cut can truly shine against these smaller diamonds. All these factors deliver a quirky ring that still holds plenty of elegance.

One-of-a-kind clusters

There are plenty of ways to give a rare cluster engagement ring you won't find anywhere else. The easiest method is opting for colored diamonds like purples, blues, or reds. No matter what color you choose, going for a colorful engagement ring can feel unique to you and is a chic alternative to traditional engagement rings. Cluster engagement rings offer this benefit as there are many more diamonds that you can play with.