Dreaming About Candy & Sweets? Here's What It Could Mean, Per Our Professional Dream Analyst

When you wish someone "sweet dreams," you probably don't envision them having dreams about literal candy. But edible sweets are not unheard of in the dream world, and like other frequent dream symbols, such as dreaming about someone in particular, they could have a specific meaning that may reveal hidden truths about our lives. You might assume that it just points to someone who loves chocolate, or someone who is craving a tub of sour gummy worms, but the presence of candy and other sweet treats in a dream can be surprisingly complex.


To really understand why people dream about candy, and what it might indicate when they do, Glam spoke exclusively with professional dream analyst and author Lauri Loewenberg, who confirms that these kinds of dreams are "fairly common." While they may reflect real-life cravings, particularly if you are depriving yourself of sugar in the waking world, Loewenberg says that, more often than not, candy dreams are a metaphoric mirror for the "sweet" things happening in your life.

A sweet life leads to sweet dreams

Though dreams appear to be totally random, they're often believed to occur so we can process things that are happening in our lives. In an exclusive conversation with Glam, Lauri Loewenberg explains that this could be the cause behind those saccharine candy dreams. "Most often, having candy or other sweet treats in a dream happens when something is happening in your real life that brings about the same emotional response within you as a candy store would!" she says. "We often say, 'Sweet!' when we are excited about something. Sweets are also used as rewards when growing up so it can be the way the subconscious is treating us for a job well done in waking life." 


Loewenberg adds that candy dreams can symbolize a sweet person in your life or even a sweet part of yourself. Unlike other food dreams, which generally indicate that you are hungry for nourishment on a subconscious level, candy dreams "symbolize something not necessarily needed but [that] is more of an indulgence or something you might describe as 'icing on the cake' such as an extended vacation or finding out your best friend is moving into your neighborhood."

That said, cravings can still be the cause of these dreams in some cases, particularly if you are eating less candy than usual. "It's the way the subconscious tries to compensate for what you are depriving yourself of," Loewenberg shares. "It settles down in time, though."


What should you do after you dream about sweets?

Understanding our dreams can help us to better understand our emotions and thoughts, so it's always worth keeping a dream journal to find the root of your candy dream. Lauri Loewenberg recommends reflecting on the events of the dream in relation to the events of the previous day and how you felt during both. "You will likely find something from the day that is very similar to your dream and THAT is what your dream is about," she tells Glam exclusively. Your thoughts and feelings in response to the candy are particularly important, as they can reveal clues about the connection to your real life. "Were you excited? What in real life are you excited about right now?" Loewenberg asks. "Did you over eat in the dream? Where in your real life have you recently over done it?"


Similarly, it's important to pay attention to specifics, including how the sweets came to you and exactly what they were. For example, Loewenberg explains that baked goods could represent finances "because of the 'bread' or 'dough' element," while a candy bar you don't like "may be your subconscious telling you that a 'sweet' opportunity in real life just isn't for you." 

In most cases, dreaming of sweets will be a reflection of something going on in your life, so Loewenberg believes the best thing to do is "put on your thinking cap and dig in!"