The Real Reason Crocs Are Blowing Up In Fashion Right Now

Everyone has seen a pair of Crocs at some point in their lives. Whether you have a pair, own multiple pairs, or know someone who has some, those hole-covered, rubbery-looking shoes have been around since the early 2000s. According to Crocs' website, this niche footwear brand has been around since 2002, and to be honest, we thought these easily recognizable shoes would fade out after the early 2000s. Oddly enough, we couldn't have been more wrong.


Believe it or not, Crocs are back in style now, and they're trendier than ever. For instance, when you search #crocs on Instagram, over two million posts pop up, where you'll find people flaunting their Crocs and getting creative with decorated and bejeweled Crocs. As if these casual shoes weren't having a big enough moment, even the iconic designer brand Balenciaga has a collaboration with them and is selling Balenciaga Crocs on its website.

We know what you're thinking: How did this random trend happen?

People want to be comfortable

Five years ago, we wouldn't have believed it if someone had told us that Crocs would be the prominent fashion trend to take over the 2020s. But here they are, dominating the footwear industry. The reason why is more simple than you probably would have guessed: People are craving comfort.


According to Today, many people have been purchasing Crocs because they offer comfort without breaking the bank, and they're super convenient for everyday life. After all, think of all the sky-high heel trends we've seen over the years. As glamorous and fashionable as those pumps and platforms look on the models, how practical are they for realistic daily activities such as commuting to work, walking around a grocery store, or picking your kids up from school? On the other hand, Crocs let real people handle these real-life responsibilities in comfort. Furthermore, Today noted that nurses tend to enjoy wearing Crocs, likely because of their long and demanding work shifts, which see them on their feet for seemingly endless hours.


This desire for comfort is also a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. USA Today explained how the pandemic inspired people to start dressing more casually, opting for loungewear instead of formal clothing. Comfortable yet casual Crocs fit in with this more laid-back style, especially with people working from home. No one can see your shoes on Zoom!

In addition to comfort, the revival of Y2K fashion has been contributing to Crocs' popularity. When you search #y2kfashion on Instagram, over a million early 2000s-inspired outfits pop up. Considering how Crocs were introduced in 2002, they easily fall within the category of that trending era.

Our favorite pairs of Crocs

Are you interested in buying a new pair of Crocs? We know some great options for you to check out! If you're searching for a classic pair of the iconic clog design, you can't go wrong with the Classic Lined Clog, available at for just below $60. Or, if you like the clog design but want a pair with some pizzaz, you should consider buying the Pastel Gem Pack, which comes with colorful gems to embellish the Crocs and is available for right under $90.


If you want something a bit more summery, you should look into the Classic Crocs Sandal, selling for around $40, or the Classic Crocs Slide, in stock for about $30. On the other hand, anyone on the hunt for something appropriate for winter should check out the Women's Classic Neo Puff Luxe Boot, available for around $100, or Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot, selling for just below $50.

While traditional Crocs aren't too expensive, those looking to splurge on a designer pair should look into Balenciaga's Crocs. For instance, the Women's Crocs Madame features a surprising heel for a head-turning twist on these traditionally casual shoes and are available at Balenciaga for $625.

So, are you ready to jump on board the Crocs bandwagon?