What You Should Look For In Your Partner's Birth Chart

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of things to consider. These can include whether you share the same values, beliefs, politics, religious affiliation, and view of the world as a whole. Although some can date people who are across the aisle from them politically or who have a different set of values, a lot of people — if not most people — need to have those components line up in order to make their relationship work. Among the things that you may want to play a role in choosing a partner is one's birth chart.


"Birth charts are like an individual's fingerprints," astrologer Stephanie Powell tells PopSugar. It's not simply about one's sun sign or their rising sign, but so much more, like the impact each planet has on us based on where they fall in our birth chart. "Without factoring in all of these key components, trying to calculate real astrological compatibility is almost pointless," Powell continues.

If this sounds a bit hokey to you, think about it this way: Human beings share 97% of the same atoms as the galaxy (via Space.com). That definitely says something in regard to how we're connected to the universe around us, no matter how skeptical you may be.

Venus and Mars signs

If you're new to what the planets represent and how they influence us, Venus is the ruler of love and love languages. Mars, on the other hand, dictates passion and sex (via YourTango). If you're lucky enough to have your Venus and Mars signs the same or in conjunction with each other, that's a great thing for a relationship. 


"Venus is the symbol of the woman, it's the feminine, and includes what you attract and are attracted to," astrologer Francesca Oddie tells Body + Soul. "Mars is the principal of libido, what sort of things you love and why you get angry, but also how you respond to anger."

Your partner's Venus position will convey not just love but also emotional attraction and devotion. Their Mars position can say a lot about physical attraction, as well as how you get along when push comes to shove. After all, things can get pretty fiery under Mars — in a hot way.

While relationships don't need to be inundated with sex and passion at all times, sex is an important part of a healthy relationship (via Verywell Mind). Because of this, the closer your Mars signs are, the better. Then, once you add Venus' influence into the mix, it's all about having a loving relationship and a partner who respects you. Venus reveals an emotional bond that makes for a successful partnership.


Saturn signs

While your Venus and Mars signs should be similar, or at least in the same element, the same can't be said for Saturn. In fact, having the same Saturn sign will backfire for you.

"When looking for long-term compatibility, it's important for couples to share some type of supportive aspect," Stephanie Powell tells PopSugar. "A Saturn sign conjunction can increase fear and restriction, so it's important to have your charts analyzed by a professional. But if you have strong Saturn contacts between your birth charts, it's likely that your relationship is karmic and here for the long haul."


If you're looking for someone who isn't just in it for a fling or a situationship, then knowing where their Saturn falls is going to be important. When your Saturn signs are in different elements, you can have solace in knowing your relationship is going to stand the test of time — or at least have a better chance at doing so (via Well + Good). 

Sun and Venus signs

We might hear a lot about our sun rising and how it plays a role in who we are and how we behave in certain situations, but when it comes to sun and Venus signs for a couple, it can equal a comfortable easiness. This level of comfort is the result of how the sun and Venus align themselves between two people, creating a partnership that's natural and not forced. Much of this has to do with Venus and its representation of love, affection, and even social attractiveness (via Everyday Health).


"Basically, if your sun and Venus are in the same sign, there's a clear connection between your personality and the types of relationships that you seek out," Jake Register explained for Cosmopolitan. "You're also able to express affection to others more easily. You tend to seek out people who are similar to you, and it's easy for you to tell if a relationship has potential."

Being able to tell a relationship's potential, especially early on, is basically like knowing the future. And if there were ever a time one would want to know the future, it's when it comes to relationships. Oh, and probably the lottery, too. 

Where is Mercury?

When it comes to communication in relationships, whether it's a friendship or a romantic partnership, where Mercury falls in someone's birth chart says a lot. The reason? Mercury is the planet of communication (via Nylon). And as any relationship expert will tell you, communication is the absolute foundation for every relationship. It doesn't matter if all other parts of your partnership are perfect, if you can't communicate, then you really don't have much.


Mercury is also the planet behind our sense of humor, intelligence, and what we find interesting out there in the world (via LiveAbout). Again, all things that are essential to a relationship that works and works well.

Although we often hear about Mercury in regard to Mercury retrograde, it's important to realize that even if your partner's Mercury is in retrograde in their chart, it's not the dire situation that we tend to associate with those times of the year. If anything, it can make for an interesting person, who's extra complex, especially if they're a water sign, too.

The amount of positive and negative aspects

While there are certainly more signs and planets to examine in your partner's birth chart, if you don't want to dig too deep and, instead, just get a feel for what the future of your relationship might hold, you can just check out how many aspects in each chart are positive and negative (via YourTango). Although you don't need to know exactly what the aspects between two planets mean, just noticing if there are more positive or more negative can give you an idea of your relationship. In other words, the more negatives there are isn't the best sign. But at least knowing they're there can help you work through any bumps in the road.


"The bottom line is that you should never dismiss a romantic relationship with someone just by their sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant, because they could have other planets in line with yours," certified professional consulting astrologer Diana Brownstone tells Vogue. "It's a whole science, and the longer you study it, the more quickly and precisely you can come to conclusions."

And when you do come to those conclusions, you may realize we really are the stuff of stardust.