What Does A Supermoon Signify In Astrology?

If you've spent any amount of time studying astrology, you'll quickly understand the power and significance the moon holds over the collective. Everything about the phases of the moon holds a major significance in your astrological energy, from the moon phase you were born under to how the moon transits influence your birth chart. And as astrologer Robert Hand wrote in his book "Planets in Transit," the real purpose of moon transits is to make you experience your own unconscious attitudes toward yourself and toward the aspects of your personality from which you usually hide.


And there's no time more anticipated to tap into that energy and switch things up than when a supermoon illuminates the night sky. Unlike a regular new moon and full moon, which are famous for bringing change and abundance with them, supermoons add a boost of luck, good karma, and energy to the universe when they occur. When a supermoon graces the night sky, it offers up the chance for you to release the things that are holding you back. "Super moon periods are energetically known to be extremely powerful, intense, and strongly felt, much like eclipses are," explains astrologer Natalia Kuna

So, if the energetic shifts that occurred during the new moon and full moon cycles weren't enough, the supermoon is here to shake things up even more. But what exactly is a supermoon, and how can you use it to manifest?


What is a supermoon in astrology?

While their name might suggest something cosmic and otherworldly, there's actually an astronomical reason for why supermoons occur. A supermoon can occur under either a new moon or a full moon, so long as it occurs within the moon's perigee, which refers to the time of the month when the moon is at its closest point to Earth (via Almanac). The effect in turn causes the moon to appear to be larger and brighter than normal, which translates to an energetically charged time that is more potent than a regular full moon. And with that comes amplified mood shifts, personal revelations, and emotional release.


And if you're wondering about the rarity of these lunar events, they're actually more common than you might think. On average, there are two to four supermoons every year, with some months having multiple supermoons occur in the same 30-day span (via AstroPixels). Don't let the commonality of the supermoon destroy the hype, however. These moon-y moments are still powerful events for manifesting and aligning your life.

What's the spiritual meaning of the supermoon?

In order to determine how the supermoon will affect you, it's best to start by looking at the zodiac sign the supermoon is occurring in to find the overall theme and energy signature. Next, you'll want to determine if the supermoon is occurring under a new moon or a full moon. This will inform whether you want to manifest or release under the supermoon energy. If you're still confused, you might be interested to learn about moon mapping, which is a manifesting system designed to align your energy with the eight phases of the moon (via Today). Not only will this help keep you on schedule with the important lunar events but it'll also teach you how to get the most out of your manifestation sessions.


The new moon symbolizes a cycle of growth and new beginnings. It's common during this time to set new intentions, plant seeds for the future, and make your wishes and desires known to the universe. The full moon represents releasing and detoxing from the things that are no longer bringing joy to your life. "Moon mapping offers a lunar energetic blueprint that provides insight into scheduling and planning out what our weeks and months look like," astrologers Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg tell HelloGiggles. When you manifest with the monthly moon cycles and learn to harness the energy of the supermoon, you'll start to see your ideas and creations come to life.

How to manifest under a supermoon

Many astrologers believe that supermoons carry healing properties that can lift away negative energy from your life. "Throughout history, the moon has been strongly associated with making magic," astrologer and author of "Moonology" Yasmin Boland explained to Vogue. "In moonology, we work with the new and full moon, setting intentions at the new moon and releasing them up to the divine at full moon." Some of the best rituals for tapping into the full moon supermoon energy involve reflection and resetting your energy. If you're looking to take advantage of the next supermoon in your own spiritual practice, here's how to do it.


If the new moon supermoon could include candle rituals, clearing out your sacred space, and taking yourself out on a self-care date. If the supermoon is occurring during a full moon, you'll want to focus on refocusing and releasing your energy. "It's a very intense time. The moon teaches us about how things transform, and the full moon is the peak," astrologer Gabriela Herstik tells MindBodyGreen, "It's like you're plugging into the energetic outlet of the universe." The supermoon can provide additional clarity to your mind, which makes it a potent time for seeking out answers and truths. These rituals will allow you to clear out your life of stale energy and make room for something new.