What You Need To Know About The Lip Cleavage Beauty Trend

Although everyone should have a right to do whatever they want to their body, whether it's body modification through tattoos or piercings, or plastic surgery, there are still some procedures that one can't help but ask, "Is this for real?" It's in these moments that things like "lip cleavage" come into play. Not sure what it could possibly be? Take a look at Angelina Jolie's gorgeous mouth. See that ever-so-slight indentation in her lower lip, which sort of creates the appearance of two pillows? Well, that's a lip cleavage and it's currently all the rage (via Advanced Dermatology, PC).


The lip cleavage is created similarly to traditional pouty lips through the use of fillers. But what makes this procedure different, is that each side of the bottom lip is treated as if two separate, well, fluffed pillows.

"The goal is creating a look of two plump pillows with a subtle shadow in-between," facial plastic surgeon Jeffery B. Wise, M.D. tells New Beauty, adding that the look is natural and subtle, yet still sexy.

The procedure is also called the "keyhole pout," because of how the filler is injected. "Filler is placed strategically to create a gap between the top and bottom lip, accentuating the 'cleavage' for both the top and bottom, so the gap actually resembles a keyhole," says Dr. Wise.


Exactly how it's done

In addition to fillers, the actual cleavage is created by something like a string or dental floss that's pressed in the middle of the patient's lower lip. This will allow each side of the lower lips to be treated equally, but with a vertical line to create the desired look (via Dr. Grover Plastic Surgery). To ensure that the lips look as natural as possible, if your upper lip is on the thin side, the surgeon will also plump that up a bit too.


The results are expected to last anywhere from six to 12 months, but there's no guarantee you'll be in the group that gets six months out of your new lips or 12 months (via Hyaprof).

The reason for this is that fillers can be unpredictable. Not only can they shift, but they can cause swelling and unattractive lumpiness, something you weren't expecting with your new lips. On an even scarier note, fillers can cause allergic reactions, infections, and in extreme cases blindness (via Harvard Medical School). That's why it's extremely important to do your research before getting any sort of cosmetic procedure — no matter where those fillers are going in your body.

What to expect from a lip cleavage treatment

Should you decide you want to get the lip cleavage look, similar to most cosmetic procedures, the results aren't instant. It can take up to two weeks for the filler to settle into place giving you the pouty, lower lip cleavage. Minimal bruising and pain aren't uncommon, and can be kept to a minimum with ice and ibuprofen. Once the swelling has gone down, your doctor will schedule a follow-up to make sure the procedure was a success, and your lips are symmetrical. If they aren't, then more fillers might be needed to perfect your mouth (via Family Proof).


"It concerns me to think back to a time when silicone implants and collagen injections were the standard," facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kay tells Huda Beauty. "Patients should still proceed with caution before booking with someone ... Not every filler is the same and not every patient will have the same goals in mind when it comes to their ideas of beauty."

We've all heard horror stories of cosmetic surgeries that have gone wrong, so try your best not to be one of them. Do your research, be honest with your doctor if you have any underlying health issues, and be realistic about your expectations. Just because you can surgically get Angelina Jolie's lips, doesn't mean you're suddenly going to look just like her and have her glamorous life too. Although, let's be honest, that would be fantastic.