Hair Accessory Trends That Are Everywhere This Summer

Let's face it, we all love a good accessory. Whether it's a new handbag, pair of sunglasses, or shiny jewelry, accessories have the power to elevate any look. But have you ever tried adding some of that extra glam to your hair? This summer is the time to switch up your hairstyle and bring the wow factor from head to toe. 


As celebrity hairstylist, Zoë Irwin tells Net-A-Porter, "We all want to go out and celebrate – and dramatic hair accents reflect this sentiment." Irwin explains how in the world after the first global lockdown, fashion has taken a turn to celebrate life and art with extra glam. These summer accessories bring a new level to any look and help you get your hair out of your face during the summer heat. No matter the hair length or style you don, these trending hair accessories can go with any of them.

Printed hair scarves

One of the trending hits of the season is the use of printed hair scarves. These hair scarves are typically silk, and the hair scarf trend brings an ode to old Hollywood fashion. The best part of using a hair scarf is the multiple ways you can wear it. Personal Stylist Marcia Crivorot explains that hair scarves can be used in numerous ways depending on your hair length. Typically you can wear a hair scarf as a kerchief or bandana no matter the hair length. Those with longer hair can also use it as part of a ponytail. If you have shorter or curly hair, you can wear a hair scarf as a headband.


If you feel extra adventurous, you can try incorporating your scarf into a braid to add a touch of the unexpected. Fashion Content Creator Michelle Phan shows how a scarf can elevate a simple french braid into something extraordinary. The beauty of hair scarves is that they come in a variety of colors and prints, meaning you can find the perfect one for your style. When you get tired of a hair scarf, they also serve as the ideal addition to your handbag.

Hair claw clips

Probably the breakout star of the hair accessory trends, hair claw clips are making a comeback. Once a '90s staple, the hair claw clips are the prominent item of the season. Thanks to the resurgence of Y2K, these pieces are going nowhere. Product developer of France Luxe, Maddie Borish, tells Vox that much of the popularity surrounding claw clips is due to the massive move to work from home, "I think it coincided with the slicked back hair trend, which looks very good with a sleek giant clip . . . And then with the whole work-from-home aspect, I think people gravitate to jaw clips because it stands out, and it's a fun accessory that makes you look more put together on Zoom calls."


Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have helped this trend explode with their fun hairstyles to match these items. Like hair scarves, claw clips come in multiple shapes, colors, and materials to go with your preference. If you aren't a fan of the Y2K, try a gold hair claw to add glam and shine to your hair. You can also opt for this hair piece as a chic way to get some hair out of your face or try it out in an extravagant new hairstyle.


Thanks to Blair Waldorf, headbands became one the trendiest hair accessories that came and never left. Although headbands have existed for years, their newest refresh for the summer is nothing like what you've seen. With brands like Prada creating new iconic headbands, this hair piece has breathed a new life. Besides iconic tv shows, headbands have been brought again into the spotlight thanks to Ella Emhoff and Amanda Gorman, who both wore statement headbands at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Both of these looks made quite the splash that data from Lyst reported an increase of 123% in searches for headbands immediately after the inauguration.


Hairstylist Laura Polko tells Popsugar, ​​"When you want to dress up your look in a flash, an oversized headband is the go-to accessory for you. I always love a Zoom statement headband that can transform my hair look in a matter of seconds." Polko continues this notion that hair accessories have become an extension of our outfits. Rather than just something we throw on, their purpose is to make everything an event. Headbands are also great for those with short hair who might miss out on creating different hairstyles. They are also great alternatives for other hair accessories that may not be possible with other hairdos, like thin hair that doesn't hold or curly hair.

Bucket hats

Just because hair accessories are chic and trendy, it doesn't mean they can't also be practical. Bucket hats are both unique pieces that can help protect you from the sun. Stylist and co-owner of Astra Salon, Katerina Proko, tells Women's Health that the bucket hat trend is one of the simplest forms of creating a statement look without even trying. The best aspect of bucket hats is that they require no prior work, you can simply slip one on, and you are out the door. Today's bucket hats are your typical early '90s hats. With so many new styles and variations, there is a bucket hat that works for you. Like headbands, the bucket hat is a neat hair accessory that works on any length or style.


Designer Janessa Leone tells The Zoe Report that bucket hats are the must-have design for the season. If you need a hat for the season, you can do no wrong with a bucket hat. Leone also reports that besides being on trend, the bucket hat is great if you look for extra protection against UV rays. Thanks to the wide-brim design on most bucket hats, you can expect to get some coverage no matter how you lay it down.


If you are looking for an accessory with no extra fuzz, a scrunchie is a perfect trend for you to try. Like all the previous '90s trends, scrunchies have come a long way since they first became popular. The fashion editor of The Nines, Lisa Sanchez, tells Instyle that the new scrunchies are nothing like what you used to see. Besides having the everyday scrunchies you use for daily tasks, many new scrunchies are bigger and better. Sanchez explains that while there are many variations for scrunchies, organza scrunchies have become the must-have new item. As well as being great at removing hair from your face, organza scrunchies add a touch of femininity to any look.


Next time you need an ultra-chic and practical hair accessory for the summer, the scrunchie needs to be your go-to item. Even if you aren't a fan of the XXL scrunchies, there are hair bow scrunchie that adds a girly and dainty feeling to any ponytail. The best part is if you later decide to wear your hair down, scrunchies also act as a chic arm accessory when not in use.