Everything You Need To Know About Mutable Signs

Many people don't realize that choosing to take the journey of educating yourself on astrology involves much more than simply reading about your sun sign — that is, until they begin to dig deeper into how astrology works and how different aspects of a person's birth chart make up the bigger picture. While there are a million things to study in astrology, breaking things down can really help make the chaos a bit easier to wrap your head around.

One zodiac aspect that isn't talked about too often is the modalities: the fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs. It's likely that you've heard the words "cardinal signs" floating around in zodiac chat, though their counterparts — mutable and fixed signs — don't always seem to be as popular. The truth is that cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs are a team, and each sign in the zodiac belongs to one of these three modalities. According to twin astrologers the Astrotwins, the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs can be comparable to a record deal (via Astrostyle).

Cardinal signs are the celebrity acts, or the "trendsetters" as the Astrotwins explain. They're the Beyoncé of the deal. But where would Beyoncé be without her amazing team of producers, AKA the fixed signs? Fixed signs are the patient, steady, and driving forces needed to produce something remarkable. Finally, everything is tied together and perfected by mastering and remixing specialists: the mutable signs. These signs bring changes in each season. In fact, the word mutable happens to come from the Latin word "mutare," which translates to change — exactly what mutable signs are all about (via Astrology.TV).

Mutable signs end each season

The signs that belong to the mutable category are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. They earned their places as mutable signs due to the timing of where each sign begins in the year. Pisces season begins at the end of winter, Gemini season begins at the end of spring, Virgo season begins at the end of summer, and Sagittarius season begins at the end of autumn. "This 'ending' energy," the Astrotwins explain to MindBodyGreen, "makes mutable signs adaptable, good with change, and almost like the "editors of the zodiac."

The twins further disclose that mutable signs "take all the ideas, systems and information that other signs have built, and perfect it, getting it ready for prime time." This is exactly what makes these signs the master remixers in the record deal; they are the ones that finalize everything and have it shining like a diamond for the world to see.

Because each one of the mutable signs ends each season, this means that they come with the equipment needed to bring on the changes for a new season. Thus, this is the reason why mutable signs are known for being extremely adaptable and open to change. But their comfort with change doesn't necessarily always mean what you might think. Each sign and its corresponding element play a major part in what type of change each sign deals with best and how they are able to deal with it so well.

Pisces as a mutable water sign

Each sign uses its specific element to work with its adaptability. In Pisces' case, they are in tune with changing emotions — just as the flow of water changes with the ever-moving chaos or tranquility of the way the wind blows. "They are concerned with subtle emotions and have a sixth sense when it comes to other people," astrologer Lesley Hale tells Women's Health. "A Pisces is an artistic healer that can shine important insight necessary for change in their own life and the lives of others."

On Pisces' level of empathy, Astrology Zone explains that a Pisces is just so loving, caring, and sympathetic to others that they almost "become" the person they're attempting to help; things begin to get very foggy when trying to decipher if a Pisces' current emotions are their own or someone else's. If you were to ask a Pisces how they deal with change, they might be a bit confused at first when you tell them their sign is known for their adaptability to change. But when you explain that it's their empathy that allows them to transform their own heart into the heart of another person, it all begins to make sense.

One important note for Pisces to remember, per Astrology Zone, is for them to remind themselves that carrying the weight of others' emotions can be very hard on a Pisces. It's always good for Pisces to get closure in a situation that they've been helping in. If they don't, their caring hearts will continue to carry this load until they know the issue is resolved.

Gemini as a mutable air sign

Because Gemini is an air sign, their adaptability comes from their sense of communication and ability to speak quickly on their toes, per MindBodyGreen. According to the Astrotwins, Gemini are clever and comical; thus, Gemini can make fantastic "journalists, provocative writers, thought leaders, and wordsmiths," the twins note.

Furthermore, strologer Lisa Stardust discloses that while most people think of Gemini's two faces as a negative thing, it actually means that they can multitask quicker than any other sign (via Bustle). "You always do the work of two people," Stardust says in regards to Gemini's work style during the pandemic. "Now, your workload is tripling, giving each twin a workout for their money." In other words, Gemini's mind is constantly working faster than we can imagine, so change will come quite easily to this air sign. Their wit and intelligence are able to process things in a way no other sign can.

Adding on this, astrologer Susan Miller explains via Astrology Zone, "Seriously, being an adaptable Mutable sign, Gemini's mind is always going at the speed of light. They can put various pieces of information together in a multitude of ways, and this makes them quite good at figuring things out, be they instructions to the VCR, the facts of a murder case, or the intricacies of the Congressional budget." She then adds, "Gemini can change their position as quickly as they assimilate new information, remaining at all times objective."

Sagittarius as a mutable fire sign

"[Sagittarius] are known to be adventurous and can adapt to just about any location or environment they find themselves in. However, a shadow tendency is that they can be overly blunt and preachy. It's important for them to learn to be tactful when sharing their opinions with others," astrologer Jacquelyn Son tells Bustle.

Moreover, Sagittarius are known for having a deep curiosity for the underlying morality and ethical standpoint of current events happening, so it's no wonder their unconventional ways of leadership are what drive their need for change, per Astrology Zone. Additionally, "Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility. This perfectly reflects the archers' [the symbol of Sagittarius] deep-rooted desire for change. Sagittarians are born to explore and it is critical that these archers have the freedom to roam," professional astrologer Aliza Kelly tells Allure.

A perfect real-life example to describe the mutability of a Sagittarius would be Jay-Z. Born on December 4 (via IMDb), this larger-than-life rapper has, on multiple occasions, used his star power and voice to deliver notable charity works and even his own scholarship, per Look to the Stars. Jay has arguably brought change to both the rap world and the moral world, and his rags-to-riches story has inspired millions. Though these mutable signs don't have the notable world-class leadership that cardinal signs are famous for, it's their drive for action that will move others to take action, thus inducing change.

Virgo as a mutable earth sign

All the great detectives in literary history have something in common: they each plummet deep into their minds to weave a solution to a mystery, piecing tiny detail by tiny detail together to fit the pieces of a puzzle into one big picture. Their eyes lock with thin threads of details barely visible to the human eye — details most people would never notice — unless, of course, you're a Virgo.

Due to Virgo being an earth sign, this causes them to be hardworking perfectionists, which is what allows them to quickly change up speed for projects they're working on (via Astrology Zone). Virgo need to feel productive in this world in order to soothe their sense of belonging and bring their knack for adaptability forth through their handy organizational skills and planning talents. Like Gemini, they can easily balance multiple tasks at once, but the difference with Virgo is that they tend to master the fine details a bit better. There's nothing a Virgo will miss when it comes to the details.

Expanding on this, the Astrotwins explain to MindBodyGreen that Virgos are extremely structured, making them fantastic coaches who can aid others in teaching them sustainably good habits. "[Earth energy comprises] the pillars of our lives," the twins add, and Virgos are the ones who excel in making these pillars bigger and better.

Mutable signs are the deep thinkers of the zodiac

Imagine: in a group chat among friends, the pals are discussing planning a trip. Three members of the chat are full-throttle and ready to go, making the big plans and taking charge of the overall aspects of the vacation. Another three are focused on getting the work done, like buying tickets and working out the itinerary. The final three, however, have a more calculated approach to the trip. These three are smoothing over the final details, thinking through what could go right or wrong, even in extreme situations.

If you guessed that the third group in the clan were the mutable signs, you guessed right. These guys are known throughout the zodiac world as the philosophers of the zodiac, as Lisa Stardust tells HelloGiggles. Being a philosopher means expanding thought processes on theories and concepts, and mutable signs love to do just that. As a result of these philosophical ways, it can take them a bit longer to form an opinion or decision — not because they don't have one, but because they're thinking through the details in such a calculated and profound way — like in our group chat analogy.

Mutable signs focus on the facts and need to be confident in a decision before making one. Because they tend to get lost in their thoughts, they can sometimes become moody and irritable (via Trusted Astrology).

How ruling planets play a part for mutable signs

Like mutable signs, the ruling planets are things that aren't talked about as much as they should be in astrology; ruling planets have a major effect on a person's overall cosmic makeup. "Every sign has a ruling planet, and this planet is the most significant planetary influence of a sign," astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang tells Well + Good. "This planet influences how the sign is expressed, and it gives us insights into the personality traits inherent within the sign. To draw those connections, you would look at the archetypal symbols for that planet's associated god or goddess, as well as the qualities of the planet."

There are two planets at the forefront of this modality. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, while Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, per Cosmopolitan. Communication, ideas, and information are the main contributors to Mercury (via Cafe Astrology). Mercury is known for being unemotional in its approach to understanding and conversing, and instead relies on curiosity and analysis to make sense of things. "Mercury is one of the planets that still rules over two zodiac signs in modern astrology — so while Mercury's communication-focused side comes through in Gemini, its analytical side gets to shine in Virgo," astrologer Nina Kahn writes for Bustle.

On the other hand, Jupiter is connected to luck, philosophy, big business, and higher education (via Cafe Astrology). Technically, Pisces is ruled in modern days by Neptune, but traditionally it was ruled by Jupiter along with Sagittarius, according to astrologer Stephanie N. Campos (via Woman & Home).

Who do mutable signs get along with?

The mutable signs are known to get along well with each other, but as The Astrotwins explain to MindBodyGreen, mutable signs can experience plays for power due to each of the four signs being opposite of each other on the zodiac wheel. However, if they each "stay on their turf," the twins note, "they make incredible duos; they can be very complementary." The emotional intelligence of mutable signs allows them to put themselves in others' shoes; they will stop at nothing to be able to comprehend someone else's point of view, per Zodiac Fire. This allows mutable signs to both care for others and gain their trust for advice, no matter which sign they're helping.

Moreover, according to Compatible Astrology, because mutable signs don't feel the need to constantly create change in the way that cardinal signs do — or to constantly stay fixated on one viewpoint in the way fixed signs do — their most harmonious and balanced relationships are likely to be with cardinal or fixed signs instead of other mutable signs. But at the end of the day, due to mutable signs' easy-going and down-to-earth nature, they tend to get along with almost anyone.

Negative sides of mutable signs

Because mutable signs are masters of shapeshifting and adaptability, they can switch things up on the flip of a dime. They're crafty on top of that, so fooling others can be one of their many talents, per Cosmic Cuts. Often, because mutable signs are so empathetic, they can use their cunningness to avoid hurting the other person. So, while deception might not be a malicious thing in the mind of a mutable sign, it is something to look out for.

Additionally, these powerhouses of signs love to use their abilities to the ultimate limit. They tend to "bite off more than they can chew," the Astrotwins share with MindBodyGreen. This pushes them to the point of becoming too overwhelmed, so those with mutable signs need to take caution in finding out what their limits actually are. While anxiety is often a side-effect of these habits, per Cosmic Cuts, the Astrotwins explain that having other modalities in the life of a mutable sign can work wonders. Cardinal signs can give a mutable sign the leadership energy that mutable signs may lack, thus helping them to push through and see a project to its finish, while fixed signs are excellent at "cutting through the BS and the fluff of indecision" (via MindBodyGreen). Having great friends is truly a gift in the life of a mutable sign.

How mutable signs thrive

Because mutable signs are so easy-going and accustomed to change, they can genuinely thrive in any environment, any situation, at any time. "They can adapt to pretty much any situation as they thrive off change," Jacquelyn Son explains to Bustle. "They're down for any type of activity that is suggested," and they have accepted the notion "that things are never set in stone."

However, according to astrologer Theresa Reed, each of these signs has a sense of "wanderlust" in them, meaning "they always have their eyes on a new horizon," she says via Bustle. This type of restlessness can set each of the signs back in different ways: Gemini's need to for constant stimulation can cause insecurities in relationships, Virgo's need to stay busy can hinder their social lives, Sagittarius can often neglect responsibilities because they're always on the move, and Pisces will always be off in another world daydreaming. In order for these signs to truly thrive in life, they need to figure out ways to stay grounded.

In fact, this wanderlust is directly correlated to the change that mutable signs thrive on and reflects exactly how they operate. Always needing something new or different or basing their goals on their dreams are the types of changes that motivate mutables. "They embrace change with their whole heart, are incredibly flexible, and are never fazed by new encounters or life changes," astrologer Tara Bennet notes to Bustle.

Mutable signs in love

Mutable signs have an interesting relationship with love. "Within these modalities, the signs that are on opposite sides of the zodiac to each other will find themselves both attracted and repelled at the same time. This is because of polarity; opposites attract but their likeness repels each other," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. More specifically, Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites, while Virgo and Pisces are opposites.

"The problems could start when one starts becoming less available for the other. In circumstances where social norms or financial circumstances force them to stay together, their hurt feelings don't have an escape and naturally accumulate. This is when things can become toxic between them," Mckean says in regards to Gemini and Sag pairing together. They initially may find themselves hot and heavy when it comes to their shared sense of curiosity and adventure-lust; having these things in common can make the pair extremely creative and fun when it comes to dates. While it may take a lot of work to keep the relationship heated after this initial fun wears off, this pairing is by no means doomed.

On the other hand, Virgo and Pisces are slightly different. At first, a Virgo may find a Pisces completely alluring and different from what they're used to, while a Pisces may find a Virgo very structured. "The problems could start when the Pisces feels that the Virgo is being overly critical," Mckean shares. "Virgos have a tendency to be particular. Pisces likes to roll with the flow which drives the Virgo nuts." However, Mckean reminds us that both signs are very emotionally aware people, so this usually means they can read each other from the start.