The Best Beauty Sponge Cleaning Hacks

The ultimate makeup tool: the beauty sponge, or, if you're buying the OG, the Beautyblender. This makeup application tool has become a cult favorite over the last 20 years. Invented in 2003, Beautyblender sponges can be used to apply most products in your cosmetic bag. When used correctly, the Beautyblender's power shines far above that of a traditional makeup sponge.

The official Beautyblender's global makeup artist, Aline Elasmar, shares with Byrdie that there are several key reasons that a Beautyblender is better than a traditional makeup sponge. Beautyblenders are meant to be used wet, as this will make your beauty blender soak up the water rather than your product. Another reason people flock to Beautyblenders is because of their bounce. When the Beautyblender bounces on your skin it will seamlessly blend your makeup onto your face without streaks or uneven areas. Naturally, too, you want your new favorite makeup tool to last as long as possible. According to Beautyblender's official website, your sponge should last three to six months. However, this timeline can be shortened if you don't properly care for the tool. Here, we've curated a list of the five best Beautyblender cleaning hacks to keep your favorite makeup tool in tip-top shape.

Wash it immediately after use

Letting your Beautyblender sit out after using it will allow it to dry with the makeup on it, leaving stains, bacteria, and a nasty layer of dried makeup. No matter how you clean your Beautyblender, it is important to at least rinse it out after every use, according to Kelli J. Bartlett, a makeup artist and the vice president of education and experience at Ever/Body (via Byrdie). The faster you get the product off your Beautyblender, the better.

Use products you already own to clean it

While there are plenty of makeup brush and Beautyblender cleaning solutions on the market, you most likely already own products that will do just as good of a job. Any solution that breaks down grease, grime, and makeup should do the trick. YouTuber Kayleigh Noelle made a video in 2019 entitled "How To Clean A Beautyblender" in which she showed herself using pure Castille soap to clean her sponge. Other favorite products used for cleaning Beautyblenders include bars of soap and liquid dish soap.

Store it correctly

If you want to prevent having to throw out your Beautyblender well before its six-month lifespan is up, it's important to store it correctly. This will also prevent you from trying to clean mold and mildew off of your Beautyblender. If you use a Beautyblender with mold or mildew on it, you are opening your skin up to plenty of risks, such as fungal infections (via Natural Beauty Uncovered). To prevent this risk, always let your Beautyblender dry in a wide-open space, rather than a tight, enclosed space. For example, you can let it dry in a reusable sandwich bag.

Throw it in the washing machine

Easily clean your Beautyblender by throwing it in the washing machine. While seemingly unnecessary, it can be much easier to just toss it in the wash if you're a busy person. Simply, grab a mesh laundry bag, put your Beautyblender in it, and throw it in the washing machine (via Red Apple Lipstick). Don't forget to wash it in warm water and on a gentle cycle. You should also always allow the Beautyblender to air dry after coming out of the washing machine.

Try the microwave method

This method is tricky but very rewarding. An effective way to clean your Beautyblender involves your microwave (via Real Simple). The first step is to submerge it in a solution of a few pumps of soap and 2 cups of water, ensuring that the Beautyblender is soaking wet. Then, put this mixture into your microwave for one minute. After removing the mixture from the microwave, allow the water to cool, and then run the beauty sponge under the faucet until there are no suds left. Voila! A clean Beautyblender. However, important to note is that you should never put a Beautyblender in the microwave alone or without water.