Lily Raine

Chattanooga, Tennessee
LIM College
Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
  • Lily has always been passionate about writing and worked internships in the industry throughout her college experience.
  • Lily's favorite pieces to write are fashion listicles.
  • In addition to writing for Glam, Lily also works in the corporate fashion world.


Lily has always loved writing, but it was an unexpected career path. She always knew she loved writing, but it wasn't until an internship with LadyBossBlogger that she realized that she could make a career of it. Upon starting at LadyBossBlogger, she took more internships in the writing world, working for BellaVitaStyle and Siege Media. After graduation, Lily took on several freelance positions in writing and eventually landed at Glam. At Glam, Lily is able to combine her love for fashion and writing to create incredible content.


Lily earned her Bachelor's degree in business administration from LIM College in December of 2021. She majored in The Business of Fashion and minored in Visuals for Social Media.
Stories By Lily Raine