Split-Hem Jeans Are The Cool-Girl Denim Trend For Fall 2023

Denim is essential in any fall wardrobe. This season, many people are taking their denim game to the next level with extra cool pieces, with jean jumpsuits and denim maxi skirts popping up across Instagram. If you're not ready to fully commit to the denim renaissance yet but don't want to miss out on the fun, you're in luck — split-hem jeans can elevate your everyday looks in a way basic denim could only dream of.

Split-hem jeans make a big statement despite not being that different from traditional jeans. In fact, one might easily mistake them for regular jeans before seeing the slit at the hem on the front or side of the pants. The slit adds a touch of personality that influencers are particularly loving this year. YouTube fashion influencer Anna Reid lists split-hem jeans as one of the hottest denim trends of 2023, stating that they should have taken off years ago because simply put, "they're a really cool look." Ultimately, whether you're searching for a way to break your basic denim streak or simply show off your shoes more, split-hem jeans are the cool-girl denim trend you need this fall.

Elevate your everyday style

For those who live a busy lifestyle, finding ways to spice up everyday looks in a way that's still casual and comfortable can be challenging. Luckily, split-hem jeans are just the spice you need. Replace your everyday straight-leg denim with a pair of split-hem jeans and immediately see a fashion-forward difference. Even J-Lo has approved the look, so who's to say these jeans aren't stylish?

Model-off-duty aesthetic approved

Sneakers and oversized blazers are the unexpected combination that models seem to reach for when casually strolling, yet bottoms are often left up to personal preference. Split-hem jeans are a no-brainer if you want a bottom to pair with the classic model-off-duty combo. They're an it-girl piece in themselves, making them perfect to pair with other cool-girl essentials.

Wear with heels

Jeans and heels are a timeless outfit combination, and, you guessed it, split-hem jeans are one of the easiest denim styles to wear with heels. The split-hem detail allows you to show off your heels in a way that doesn't distract from the rest of the outfit. Your heels are often hidden with traditional flare denim, while straight-leg denim may bunch at the ankles. However, split-hem jeans provide the best of both worlds. Rock the tucked-shirt look as the outfit's finishing touch.

Leather sandwich

Sandwich your split-hem jeans between pieces of leather for a casual grunge look. For the top part of your leather "sandwich," wear a leather coat. Then, the middle of the "sandwich" will be your split-hem jeans. Finally, the bottom of the "sandwich" should be leather boots. Combining denim and leather is already classic, but the split-hem makes it extra modern.

Trendy flats look

Flats are the trendiest shoe style this season, so pairing them with this chic denim style only makes sense. Split-hem jeans and flats worn together are the perfect look for anyone who wants to remain fashion-forward but in a pretty effortless manner. We love the look styled with a breezy top, such as a white blouse or an oversized button-down.

Day-date appropriate

If you're looking for a way to amplify your basic day-date look, try trading your traditional jeans for denim with a split hem. While still casual, the detail gives the appearance of extra effort. Finish the look with your favorite patterned blouse and heels for the perfect casual date 'fit.