Jeans & Heels Never Go Out Of Style. 24 Chic Ways To Rock The Look

Styles change like seasons, and it can be difficult — not to mention expensive — to stay current with trends. That's why we're thankful for timeless looks, a little black dress, a fitted blouse, or jeans and a great pair of heels. No matter where you go, you can find a woman in an outfit of jeans and heels. It's a stunning, classic look that has infinite ways to be worn. And while we're thankful that we can take so many creative liberties with a jeans-and-heels look, the choices can be overwhelming.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the options for denim and heels, we've got you covered. We've gathered a list of 24 ways to wear jeans and heels that'll keep you feeling stylish and never bored. Instead of trying every possible outfit combination you have, use this list to inspire your next chic look when rocking a pair of jeans and heels.

Go for animal print heels

A chic way to style any outfit is with animal print, and this philosophy extends to shoes. For an easy, yet stylish, jeans-and-heels look, grab a pair of animal print heels. Not only are animal prints easy to style, but there are dozens of them, so there's sure to be one that fits your personal aesthetic. Treat animal prints as neutrals, and wear them with anything in your closet, including your favorite pair of jeans.

Rock a cool jacket

Unsure what to wear? Toss on a jacket. A cool jacket serves as the ultimate styling piece, adding structure and interest to any look. This is especially true when wearing jeans and heels. If you're not sure how to complete the outfit, turn to your jacket selection. Leather, suede, tweed, wool, satin — whatever you have can look awesome alongside your jeans and heels.

Colorblock with accessories and your top

The easiest way to add intrigue to an outfit is through accessories. Instead of scouring department stores to find statement piece after statement piece, when wearing jeans and heels, stick to the basics and utilize the easier styling tips at your disposal, such as colorblocking. This can be done with your individual pieces of clothing and with your accessories. Match your purse to your shirt for a fun, assembled look that's effortless to style and easy to wear.

Don't be afraid of denim-on-denim

We demand justice for the Canadian tuxedo. While there is a way to totally botch this look, there are also several ways to make denim-on-denim look totally chic, such as pairing the fabric with a pair of heels. Whether animal print, a solid color, or another pattern altogether, heels instantly elevate a denim-on-denim outfit. Complete the look with a belt to break up any potential monotony or throw a jacket on top for even more diversity. If you do this look right, it's a major fashion moment.

Don a wide-leg pant

We're fortunate enough to live in an era where myriad styles are en vogue at once, so let's take advantage of it. Switch up your pant leg styles when rocking jeans and heels, and be sure to incorporate a wide-leg pair into your rotation. A wide leg will add some shape to your lower half, and, if the pant is long enough, it'll cover the heel so that it ever-so-slightly peeks out below the hem. Paired with a dainty heel, it's a coveted look that proves your fashion prowess.

Throw on a blazer

Gone are the days when a blazer is solely a business-casual piece. Going out for drinks with friends? Put on a blazer. In need of a piece to toss on top of a biker shorts set? Get a blazer. Lost on how to add a little intrigue to a basic jeans-and-heels outfit? You guessed it: Wear a blazer. Blazers now come in all different lengths and colors, so you can easily find something that fits your style. Whether it's an oversized muted blazer or a cropped one in a bold color, it'll be perfect with jeans and heels.

Break out the colorful heels

Adding a pop of color has long been a styling tip, and it's just as useful in a jeans-and-heels outfit as any other. But instead of relying on accessories or a top, try using your shoes as the vessel for color. Nude heels or a classic black pump are well and good, but when you're able to express a little more creativity through your fashion, opt for something bolder. Neons, chromes, and jewel tones are all welcome when it comes to a colorful heel. Style the heels with a basic top and well-fitted jeans if you're worried it'll be too busy.

Put on something preppy

A preppy look was made for a jeans-and-heels moment. Preppy will always be stylish thanks to its roots in tailoring and careful curation, so it only makes sense to marry preppy predilections with jeans and heels. A classic look of a sweater over a button-down looks great with a patterned heel, and the top of a co-ord paired with an acrylic block heel is another way to go. Make sure you nail the preppy makeup and hair and that you properly accessorize, and you'll be nearly indistinguishable from a Ralph Lauren model.

Wear a pair of block heels

If you love the look of jeans and heels but don't want to sacrifice comfort, meet the trend halfway with a pair of block heels. They won't pierce your heels like stilettos, and you won't be tasked with aerating someone's lawn at an outdoor event. If you're worried a block heel will be too clunky, don't be. Plenty of block heels aren't quite as thick but are still easy to wear. It might require some hunting, but, hey, that's fashion.

Get an embellished heel

To keep your jeans-and-heels outfit from looking stale, find heels with a little embellishment. Whether marked by a sleek bejeweling or a smattering of sequins, an embellished heel adds glamour to the look and makes styling the rest of your pieces a breeze. You can keep it simple with a solid button-down or a patterned sweater. And, if you can find an epic coat that perfectly matches your shoes, you can wear that, too (and you should). Make fashion fun, and don't be afraid to embrace a little sparkle.

Create a slight cuff

If your favorite pair of jeans is just a little too long to wear with your heels, or if you want to add some shape and definition to your jeans, roll up your hem for a cuff. This styling trick is as old as the hills, but it's as useful as ever. The key to creating a cuff is proportions — don't roll your jeans to create too prominent of a cuff. Keep it slouchy and casual, and make sure most of your jean remains true to form.

Add some simple jewelry

Though we (clearly) love the look, wearing jeans and heels is by no means a groundbreaking fashion choice. In fact, lots of people can find it tired and dated if it isn't done correctly. The secret to a chic jeans-and-heels outfit is in the styling. One of the best and easiest ways to make an outfit more stylish is by adding jewelry, especially sleek, simple pieces. A few rings and a pair of hoop earrings can do wonders for your outfit, as can a short stack of bangles and a delicate pendant.

Ensure your outerwear is on point

If you live somewhere with four seasons, you know that two-and-a-half of them require outerwear. It's worth your while to invest in some quality outerwear for a variety of reasons, chief among them that it means having an even better jeans-and-heels outfit than you would otherwise. A chic puffer, cozy teddy, sleek trench, or trendy coatigan can all add a cool factor to your 'fit, so find a couple or a few pieces of outerwear that'll carry you through the cold weather in style.

Pair with a fun bag

It bears repeating: The easiest way to add intrigue to an outfit is through accessories. And, if color matching your bag to your top doesn't fit the vibe you're after, take the tip a different way and select a different bag — just make it fun. Because of its functionality and necessity, we often grab the bag that'll hold everything we need and more instead of donning the one that best fits the look. When you can, choose your bag out of style rather than utility, especially when wearing jeans and heels.

Give clear heels a whirl

Fun heels come in a variety of colors and styles. Clear heels are so easy to reach for, especially when pairing with jeans, because they go with anything. Whether you select a pair with a clear vamp or clear heel, the transparency will make your lower half instantly more interesting to look at. A pair of jeans adds the perfect balance, making for a casual, cool, effortless look. It's both stylistically adventurous and safe at the same time.

Put on a pair of distressed denim

To rock a jeans-and-heels outfit without looking too put together, opt for distressed denim. The distress in your jeans will make your outfit casual enough to wear to a laid-back dinner or to catch a movie, even when paired with heels. Cap off the look with a crop top for an even more casual feel, but give yourself full glam to look styled rather than sloppy. Go for an ultra-distressed look or wear a pair with a couple of slits in the knees. Either way, it'll look fabulous.

Look for a raw hem

Another fabulous and easy way to rock distressed jeans with heels is by wearing a pair with a raw hem. This is the perfect compromise for anyone who wants to try the distressed look without feeling too casual (or getting bombarded with corny jokes about the holes in your pants). These days, a raw hem is easy to find from all your favorite retailers, and it goes just as well with a subtle heel as it does a bold one. It'll quickly become your go-to look.

Don't forget your skinny jeans

The war on skinny jeans was ugly for a while. When Gen Z declared the denim style cheugy, many of us ran to our nearest department store to purchase any pair of jeans so long as the fabric wasn't clinging to our legs. But don't give up on your skinny jeans for good. They're still a closet staple that can be styled numerous ways, and they'll come back in style soon enough. Plus, you should wear what you love despite what's trendy. If you love skinny jeans with your heels, wear them. You'll still look great.

Rock some OTK books

Case in point for keeping your skinny jeans: over-the-knee boots. The heels you pair with jeans don't have to stop at your ankles. A sleek pair of OTK boots is a welcome option in the fall and winter, keeping your wardrobe from boring you. They're versatile, too, pairing well with a sweater, bodysuit, or structured top. And, if you're going to wear OTK books with denim, skinny jeans are your best option. That bit of denim that shows when you're wearing the boots won't look quite as mod from a pair of dad jeans as it will your trusty skinnies.

Don't restrict yourself to blue denim

We fault no one for a love affair with blue denim, but don't neglect other colors. We're not suggesting you purchase a pair of jeans in every color of the rainbow, but black or white denim is always on trend, and both match great with a heel. A black or white pair of denim is incredibly versatile, too, so you shouldn't have any trouble styling either piece. No matter the cut, a different color of denim will be a welcome respite from your standby blue jeans, and it'll give your heels a chance to stand out.

Wear a pair of mismatched heels

Even the most basic of jeans can be made fashionable with a pair of mismatched heels. It's a play straight out of Carrie Bradshaw's book, and it's a simple technique that makes your outfit stand out. Just make sure you're doing the look correctly. Don't wear two completely different shoes: Pair different colors of the same style (or something awfully similar), so it looks fashionable, not frenetic. This style tip can get a little pricey, but a couple of pairs from Payless will suffice if you don't have the budget for Manolos like Ms. Bradshaw.

Slip into a bootie

Heels are so much more than just sandal heels and pumps. If it's too cold to bare the tops of your feet, you can still rock the jeans-and-heels look with a bootie. A simple block heel will be easy to wear and open you up to boho and Western styles, too. Keep the leg on the slimmer side if you're worried you'll look bottom-heavy, but a culotte jean can look great with a bootie, too, especially one in a lighter color.

Adopt the split-hem trend

Hems were meant to be split. That's a saying, right? Confirmed adage or not, the sentiment stands. To further fascinate your look, pair your heels with split-hem denim. It adds shape and draws the eye to your feet (which you want when wearing heels). Hems typically split on the side or in the front, so tailor your heel choice accordingly and let the shoes' best feature peek through the hem. Or, if you'd rather, let them stand alone and wear a more subdued heel. With a split hem, you've got options.

Experiment with washes

We all have a favorite wash of denim, but there's no reason we must remain loyal to said wash, especially when wearing heels. If the heels warrant a light wash, wear a light wash. If they favor something darker, by all means, put on a darker wash. Keep multiple pairs of jeans on hand in different washes, and swap whenever necessary. Style with your favorite top or employ some eye-catching accessories. Remember that a change in denim wash is like a change in scenery: welcome and refreshing.