7 Stylish Ways To Rock The Tucked Shirt Look

There are many ways to level up your outfit, but the easiest involves tucking in your shirt. As simple as it seems, tucking in your shirt creates a more sophisticated and polished appearance and rides the wave of a current trend. Something as easy as putting extra fabric into your bottoms can elongate your legs and gives the illusion of more height. While the process is just tucking in your shirt, there are plenty of ways and styles to help you go about this. You don't need to stick with just tops, as it can work for any outerwear piece you're rocking, too.

Traditionally, tucking in your shirt was mandatory for school-age children with uniforms. Nowadays, it's an easy styling hack for those wanting to upgrade their wardrobe without splurging. Whether on a budget or not, tucking in your shirt can make any outfit into a polished ensemble that looks more expensive than it is. For those worried about looking too professional or put-together, several methods of tucking in your tops actually create an aesthetic that is chic and laid-back. There's no need to look stuffy or boring because this styling trick is all about working with your outfit to create the perfect balance between dressed-up and street-style ready.

Tuck up

Everyone tucks their shirt into their jeans, so why not switch it up by tucking your shirt up into your bra? This stylish up-tuck creates the appearance of a crop top instead of the original full-length. With the up-tuck, you can get the cropped look without committing to purchasing a crop top. This tucked look is perfect for the warmer months when you want a shorter hem but don't want the added expense of shopping for a new garment.


Instead of tucking in just one item, double up on the layers for more action. Button-ups are easy to style by tucking into your bottoms, but adding a layer underneath adds to the visual interest. Don't feel constrained to just one top garment when you can layer up with two. This is a perfect warm styling trick for the cold weather, so don't forget to tuck both pieces in for a cohesive look.

Messy and cool

While there are many methods of tucking, this styling trick has no rules. If you want the laid-back, cool-girl look, you can messily tuck your top into your bottoms for a natural vibe. Simply tuck your top into your bottoms at the front without rearranging it. You can also insert all edges of the top into your bottoms, as long as you avoid fixing it afterward. The key to this look is leaving it as it is to get the messy chic style.


If getting the perfect tuck is overwhelming, stick with the half-tuck. The half-tuck is as it seems, with only one side of the front tucked into your jeans or skirt. This styling tuck is ideal with button-up tops that will give an off-duty model touch to your outfit. Leave the other side hanging out for a messy, un-done look. There's no need to worry about the perfect tuck since this method is supposed to look carefree and chic.

All-around tuck

It might have traditionally been associated with schoolgirls, but the all-around tuck is a safe styling trick to look more polished. Tucking your top all around will give you a sleek and put-together look, as long as you do it carefully. When going for this variation, you want to pull your top down to avoid gathering in your bottoms, and unnecessary creasing or bunching. Pull out some extra fabric if you want extra volume from your top.

Into the undergarments

Tucking into your bottoms is one option, but an edgier alternative is tucking your top into your undergarments. Since showing off your your underwear became a trend, this tucking trick isn't even that taboo. Just ensure your underwear is Instagram-worthy, like the infamous Miu Miu boxers, and enjoy having a street-style ready look. It's also a good idea to wear low-rise jeans that will show off your chic undergarments.

Blazer tuck

The tuck isn't only for your blouses or tops, but it can also function for your outerwear. Blazers and light cardigans that fit into your jeans will create an interesting visual effect that no one will expect. This outerwear tuck works perfectly with most outerwear pieces, but you should avoid bulkier materials that will cause excess gathering in your bottoms. Tucking in the right outerwear pieces will create a cinched-in silhouette and help bring your entire look into place.