Studded Handbags Are The Accessory Trend Bringing The Grunge Aesthetic To Fall

If you have ever fallen down the social media rabbit hole that is "wearing vs. styling your clothes" videos, you have probably noticed the power of accessorizing. The style of accessories and how you choose to wear them can completely change your look. Take basic to glam with heels, take sleek to bohemian with a fringe jacket, or — as we will be doing this fall — take boring to grunge with a studded handbag.

As the fall season sets in, so does the desire to embrace some of the grunge aesthetic. Dark and gloomy weather leads to moody vibes that need to be expressed through personal style. While our clothing colors become darker and more layers are essential, styling with moody accessories is essential to fully embracing fall style. No matter your main aesthetic, you can give your fall looks a grunge twist when you style your outfit with a studded handbag.

Two trends, one bag

If you are looking for a way to keep the studded handbag classy for more professional settings, try a quilted stud bag. This bag will seamlessly take you from day to night as it provides a twist on the traditional quilted bag for daytime settings and an uptown grunge feel for nights on the town.

A grunge take on your classic flap bag

The flap bag is a staple in many of our wardrobes due to the popularity of the classic Chanel style. Whether it be the classic Chanel bag or one of the hundreds of similar flap bags on the market, a studded take on the item can take your look from frilly and feminine to rockstar chic.

Celestial studs

We often forget that studs do not have to be simple circles and squares. Studs can be any shape and form unique patterns. Celestial studs will form mini galaxies on your favorite bags. Designer brands, such as Rebecca Minkoff, are making the unique stud pattern mainstream with styles like the Edie flap shoulder with celestial studs.

Crystal studs

Another stud style breaking through our Instagram feeds is the crystal stud. Crystal studded bags are a great way to add glam to a grunge look. Try all crystal studs for a fully glam bag, perfect for elevating a dark grunge outfit. If you prefer a small amount of sparkle, a combination of crystal and metal studs on your bag may be best.

Colorful studded bags

A bold and colorful studded bag is a great option for those who want to explore their grunge side without giving up a pop of color in their wardrobe. We love a basic outfit, such as a classic denim jumpsuit, with a bright studded bag for an eye-catching pop.

A more relaxed take on the studded bag

If you are embracing the hygge lifestyle, you probably aren't ready to go glam with a vibrant studded top handle. Luckily, there are other options on the market. For those who prefer a relaxed style, a studded bucket bag slung loosely on the shoulder. The studs provide a touch of grunge to an otherwise comfy style.