Here's How You Should Style Black Jeans In Fall 2023

Versatility and chicness are two key factors we take into consideration as we add to our fall wardrobes each year. While some pieces may be stylish, they can often only be styled in one way or for special occasions. Other pieces, such as a pair of blue jeans, are versatile but often lack chic appeal. Luckily, there is one bottom piece that combines the best of both worlds and takes the cake this fall as a closet staple: black jeans.

Black jeans are a fan-favorite for their ability to be both wearable and polished. "Every woman should own a pair of black denim," style expert Brooke Jaffe tells the Los Angeles Times. The piece pairs well with almost any top and shoe you can imagine, allowing it to easily be dressed up or down. Whether running errands, heading to the office, or anything in between, black jeans are the piece we plan on styling on repeat this fall.

The classic all-black look

Black is the neutral color we find ourselves reaching for over and over again. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to style an all-black look that are far from boring. According to YouTube fashion expert Kim Bedene, textures "can really make or break your look" when wearing all-black. Pair your black jeans with unexpected fabrics like leather, faux fur, and nylon for a show-stopping look.

Black skinny jeans with a cozy sweater

Gen-Z may tell us to ditch our skin-tight denim, but skinny jeans aren't dead yet. Black skinny jeans will never go out of style due to their versatility. They are tight enough to take the place of leggings, yet they are considered far from athleisure. Pair the jeans with a cozy sweater and boots for the ultimate fall outfit.

Styled for the office and beyond

While blue jeans are often too casual for the office, black denim gives the same comfort with a different appeal. Black jeans can often be a dupe for trousers when you are looking for a business casual look. It is all about how you style it. Next time you reach for your black jeans, pair them with a blazer and heels for a look that will take you to the office and beyond.

It's all in the red details

The tomato girl aesthetic has slowly transitioned to fall, with shades of scarlet being implemented in all of our favorite fall looks. Luckily, red is the perfect color to brighten up your black denim looks for fall. We love red being included in a look via shoes and accessories for a small touch that makes a big difference.

Minimalist sweater and boots

Nothing screams fall like a casual sweater and a pair of boots. A neutral sweater and boots can be paired in many ways throughout the entirety of the season. One of the most casual bottom options for this look is black jeans. These bottoms will elevate the look in a way blue jeans cannot, yet still provide an overall casual feel.

Add blue denim to your top half

Give a new meaning to denim-on-denim when you pair your black jeans with a blue jean jacket. "Blue denim looks great over black outfits; it's a combination that I go for often," YouTube fashion influencer Emily Elizabeth May shared in a video. Swap out your traditional black leggings with black jeans and a black top. Pair the look with an oversized brown tote bag to fit the fall vibes. 

Preppy accessories for a feminine feel

Black jeans can often be passed off as too "grunge" by those who appreciate feminine style. Yet, like any piece, what you pair with your black jeans will be the ultimate defining factor of your overall look. If you prefer a more feminine feel, try pairing preppy accessories with the outfit, such as a pink tweed coat and white heels.

Keep it comfortable with a T-shirt and sneakers

Some days call for a comfortable look, but wearing athleisure may not be in the cards. Luckily, black denim can give the classic T-shirt and sneakers look the fashion-forward factor it was missing. For chilly fall days, try the Gen-Z-approved "big pants, little shirt" look, complete with a tight, long-sleeve T-shirt, baggy black jeans, and chunky sneakers.