Proving Skinny Jeans Aren't Dead - No Matter What TikTok Says

It's true: Us millennials can't stop thinking about the brutal TikTok video by @michelle_et_elles, which starts by making viewers believe she's going to teach them how to style a pair of skinny jeans only to throw those skinny jeans down a staircase. Sure, it hurt, but more than anything else, we were furious on behalf of our beloved skinny jeans. But that's just the tip of the iceberg — for years now, many have argued it's time to ditch skinny jeans, declaring those body-hugging denim garments dead in the 2020s. But we have some news for Gen Z: Skinny jeans are not dead and gone.

Skinny jeans will soon be back in style, whether or not you like them. Of course, these figure-hugging jeans have fashion enthusiasts divided, but the truth is that skinny jeans should have never gone out of style in the first place. They're beneficial for everyone and should always be in because they flatter all body types, are easy to style, and feel comfortable to boot.

Skinny jeans look effortlessly stunning on everyone (and it's not up for debate)

Regardless of which jean styles some people claim are "trendier" than skinny jeans, no one can deny that skinny jeans are sexier for those who want them to be. Since skinny jeans offer a fitted design, they hug the body's curves in ways that other jeans can't. This can be played up if you want a sexier outfit or pared down if you don't. (Still, looking sexy isn't "mid," TikTok.) 

Some TikTokers are catching on, too. One user, @patty.ldy, posted a TikTok of herself wearing skinny jeans and captioned it, "When I pull my skinny jeans out of retirement because they flatter my body and Levi's are a classic no matter the cut [I don't care] what anyone says."

Furthermore, skinny jeans having the word "skinny" in their name doesn't mean they're only for people with slim bodies. Skinny jeans look amazing on everyone, including curvy and plus-size people. In fact, @plussizeinseattle posted a TikTok of herself putting together a work outfit, featuring size 18 skinny jeans. They said, "Just because Gen Z said that they aren't cool anymore doesn't mean that you need to rush and get rid of all your skinny jeans... They look great with a button-down white shirt, a pair of pointy flats — it's just such a classic look for work." Moreover, skinny jeans help petite women look sexy and feel confident, too. Whether you're size 2, 12, or 20, you can't go wrong with these pants.

Skinny jeans are more versatile than trendy pairs (we're looking at you, bell bottoms)

Not only are skinny jeans universally cuter than less-fitted options, but body-hugging jeans are also significantly more versatile. While trendy baggy jeans are fun for streetwear-inspired looks, they provide a naturally dressed-down vibe, only making them appropriate for casual looks; they're nearly impossible to dress up. 

On the other hand, skinny jeans are convenient for dressing up and down, so you can wear them with a wider variety of pieces. For instance, TikToker @robynpridmore posted a video teaching viewers different ways to style skinny jeans, including a sexy look with a sleeveless corset-style top, an edgier outfit with a hoodie and leather jacket, and a chic ensemble with a blazer and heels. Many viewers enjoyed the looks, with one viewer commenting, "Skinny jeans are timeless," and another writing, "Anyone who says skinny jeans are out of style is LYING." 

What's more, TikToker @aailat posted a video proving that even a minimalistic monochromatic black outfit can look ultra-chic with skinny jeans. The TikToker wore black skinny jeans with a plain body-hugging black top with long sleeves and black boots, with the video featuring the words, "We [for real] hated on skinny jeans for no d**n reason I look bomb [as f**k]." She does, in fact, look amazing.

Skinny jeans don't fall down like slouchier varieties

One common misconception about skinny jeans is that they're uncomfortable because they're fitted so close to the body. Yes, skinny jeans should hug your body, but if they're tight to the point where they feel uncomfortable, you probably just need to choose a different size, as skinny jeans that fit well should graze your body, not suffocate it. People who frequently wear skinny jeans know that they're more comfortable than other options. Plus, when you wear skinny jeans, you have the insurance of knowing that they won't fall down.

Mom and boyfriend jeans might be trendy, but doesn't their loose fit ever make you worry that they'll fall? You wouldn't feel so cool in those baggy, "modern" jeans if they fell off your body in public, would you? It's stressful to constantly check your pants or to wear a belt every day, but with skinny jeans, you shouldn't have that problem. TikToker @arianeclover posted a video wearing loose, baggy jeans with the caption, "These jeans fall down," with a disheveled emoticon. Just watching the video made us nervous that the jeans would fall off! They still looked cute, but skinny jeans would be stylish, too, and wouldn't pose any risk of falling down.

Ultimately, skinny jeans are stunning, versatile, and reliable, making them your best bet when it comes to jeans. So, although they're controversial, skinny jeans aren't dead, and they should never die.