Keep The 'Tomato Girl' Aesthetic Going Into Fall 2023 With Scarlet Shades

If you scrolled TikTok this summer, chances are that you saw girls embracing the viral "tomato girl" aesthetic. "[A 'Tomato Girl' wears] reds, reminiscent of sun-ripened tomatoes from the local market and the color of the sun," Nicole Adolphe, Head of Style at The ICONIC told Refinery29. She has a carefree and effortless look, but still demands attention. During the summer, her red clothing could have been a bikini, a flowing maxi skirt, or a gingham top. As the days get colder, we are seeing the"tomato girl" aesthetic trend continue with red becoming an essential color for our classic fall pieces.

Red has always been a powerful color in fashion. Luxury fashion expert and stylist Jessie Frances explained to Byrdie that ​​"Scarlet is a power move — it's so forceful." This may be why fashion houses like Ferragamo have included the color in their fall/winter 2023 collections. Keep your carefree and effortless "tomato girl" looks going into fall by adding scarlet to your wardrobe.

Scarlet red bottoms

No, we're not talking about red-bottom heels. Instead, we're suggesting adding scarlet red bottoms like skirts, jeans, and pants to our wardrobes this fall. These bottoms can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For a casual, everyday look, we recommend styling them with neutrals such as a black blazer, button-down, and boots.

Colorful classic sweater

A cable knit sweater is a classic autumn staple that offers a comfortable fit suitable for everyday wear. So why not consider adding a timeless red version to your wardrobe? Embrace your inner Rory Gilmore by pairing an oversized scarlet cable knit sweater with black pants for fall 2023.

Chic lounging

Who says loungewear has to be slouchy? Scarlet loungewear is the hottest outfit to wear in or out of the house. It surpasses the simplicity of basic gray sweatpants and a hoodie. Our favorite look is a bold scarlet red Juicy Couture tracksuit adorned with a bedazzled logo. This ensemble successfully combines the Y2K trend with the "tomato girl" aesthetic for fall.

Scarlet lips year-round

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the "tomato girl" aesthetic into your look is by adding scarlet lips to your makeup routine. Regardless of the season, red lipstick is always a good idea. During the summer, red lips give the impression that you're off to enjoy a picnic on a strawberry farm. In contrast, during the fall, they create the appearance that you're getting ready for a family holiday dinner.

Pop of scarlet accessories

For a subtle take on the "tomato girl" aesthetic in fall 2023, consider adding scarlet red accessories to your outfit. While it may not be as bold and vibrant as wearing a red dress or red pants, it provides an opportunity to embrace the trend. Who knows, maybe you will become the biggest "tomato girl" of all.

Scarlet blazer looks

Elevate your blazer style this fall with a chic red version. A scarlet blazer makes a bold statement and conveys strength and power without the need for words. One popular way to style this piece for autumn is by pairing it with knee-high boots and a plaid skirt.