Some Of Your Favorite 2010s Fashion Trends Are Already Making A Comeback

The trend cycle is real, and the amount of past favorites re-entering our wardrobe proves it. "I think trends will always reference the past in one way or another. The trend cycle is called a cycle for a reason," says Trendalytics Content Strategist Kristin Breakell when speaking to The Zoe Report. With the rise of social media, trends seem to be entering and exiting the fashion scene quicker than ever. It only makes sense that with the speed of trends ramping up, we circle back to some trends from the 2010s.

That said, don't let your 2010s fashion choices haunt you. After all, some of those trends are making a comeback in the best way. While we may not necessarily be dying to break out the donut bun maker or nerd glasses, other trends from the 2010s are making a comeback on our fashion radar. So, break out your old iPod Touch and press play on a fabulous 2010s fashion comeback this season.

Chevron print

The zig-zag shape that forms a chevron print was on every shift dress in the 2010s. While we thought the look was impeccable at the time, we learned quickly that maybe it wasn't the most flattering. This season, chevron is making a comeback in a new way. After all, Sophia Richie Grainge made chevron on matching sets an instant hit when she posted herself wearing the pattern on Instagram.

Skinny jeans

Regardless of Gen-Z's opinion, skinny jeans aren't dead. Fading out of the fashion scene in the early 2020s, it wasn't long before we realized we couldn't live without them. Since the jean style came to the forefront in the 2010s, it has been a go-to when styling the sweaters and tall boots in our wardrobe.

Skater skirts

Wearing a skater skirt doesn't mean you will automatically appear as a 2013 Tumblr hipster. The 2010s skater skirt is a basic bottom piece that completely changes aesthetics based on how it is styled. While many may have styled it with suspenders and a graphic T-shirt in 2013, nowadays, people likely pair the skater skirt with a sweater and boots, especially for fall.

Statement necklaces

Big and bold jewelry was all the rage in the 2010s, with statement pendant necklaces at the forefront. Today, we still appreciate some heavy jewelry around our neck. However, it's styled in a new way. "I happily embrace the statement necklaces but will style it together with more quiet-luxury looks and not with crazy patterns like back in the day," TikTok style creator Viola Bergstrom tells Glamour.

Studded heels

There's nothing that screams 2010s like a pair of studded high heels. Every Tumblr cool girl wore these with her fancy outfits. Today, these heels are perfect for a glam, quiet luxury moment. With Valentino's bestselling Rockstud heels being an easy way to scream luxury without a logo, we are sure we will continue to see the 2010s studded heels trend.

Leather motorcycle jackets

Every grunge girl in the 2010s had to top off her outfits with a leather motorcycle jacket. As for this season, we are all hopping back aboard this trend train. Style your motorcycle jacket oversized with your favorite mini skirt and combat boots for a perfect mix of '10s and '20s fashion trends.