The Best Sites To Get Gently Used Designer Goods On A Budget

Shopaholics, rejoice! Now you don't have to pick and choose between your favorite designers, staying within your budget, saving the environment, or even shopping on one continent at a time. You can have it all just by shopping (and saving!) with these 13 amazing companies that have made it their mission to provide sustainable, closed-loop, luxury fashion to the entire world. From all-inclusive private seller sites to rentals to white-glove concierge services, everyone will be able to find designer goods to fit their budget and style.

We know that used goods might not seem like your cup of tea, but bear with us. Most of these companies provide new-with-tags items as well as hardly worn, excellent condition, good condition, and sometimes even defective luxury goods. This means that you can filter items down to just what you want and get a better deal than if you were shopping in-store.

One of the biggest concerns is authenticity, especially when it comes to luxury brands you're dropping Benjamins on, but most of the sites listed below have in-house experts that authenticate each item to make sure you're getting what you pay for. To top it off, you can find items that you normally wouldn't see in your neck of the woods. Many of these sites have global customers, meaning Emily from France's cashmere sweater could still be yours without ever leaving your couch in California.

The RealReal

With the largest collection of shoppers out there on the internet, The RealReal is known for its rigorous authentication process, overseen by a team of experts in-house. Since the company's inception in 2011, it has sold more than 26 million items and has accrued a base of 28 million customers. You do have to create an account to browse the site, but it is free and well worth it to be able to find that steal of an item you've been coveting.

Their categories are expansive and include men's and women's fashion, kids' fashion, jewelry, watches, and homewares. They also run a warehouse sale on the regular so you can save even more money on your favorite luxury items. You can also search the site by designers, which include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Cartier, Burberry, and more.

The RealReal also offers an extra $25 credit when you sign up for an account and even has 19 retail locations now. The site is dedicated to closing the loop on fashion and has made great strides in creating a sustainable environment for its company. They've saved over 59,000 metric tons of carbon and three billion liters of water! The company also partners with more than 80 brands to help them unload items that have passed the season and would have otherwise been discarded.

Vestiaire Collective

Home to the second largest selection of used luxury goods on the internet, Vestiaire Collective adds thousands of new items every week. About 3 million shoppers use the site regularly and their selection of used designer goods includes Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Coach, Dior, and Jimmy Choo. Men's and women's fashion is rounded out with children's clothing, vintage items, watches and jewelry, and bags.

As it strives to do its part for sustainability, Vestiaire Collective also gives you the option of shopping locally — although that is somewhat of a stretch here as 'local' is set to your entire country. You can also buy direct from sellers that are registered on the site or from items that the experts at Vestiaire Collective have sourced themselves. Their authentication department, headed by luxury expert Victoire Boyer Chammard, authenticates each piece so that you know you're getting just what the listing is supposed to be.

One of the features available on the site is email alerts, which let you set up notifications for items that you're looking for if they're not currently in stock or selling. The site also hosts regular sales and promotions so you can get your favorite designer goods without breaking the bank.


More than any other site on this list, 1stDibs has a large selection of designer goods — not just apparel, shoes, and accessories. They have an extensive inventory of furniture, decor, lighting, art, jewelry and watches, and even NFTs! The featured designer goods aren't just limited to the last few decades either. You can find clothing from the 1940s and even 18th-century furniture. The idea of the site was to "capture the magic of the Paris flea market" (per 1stDibs).

1stDibs only features items from vetted and trusted sellers and they also hold auctions on all different kinds of items on their site. If you're lucky, a great piece can be sold for a bargain at an auction if there are few bids, as compared to buying it outright. You can also negotiate prices on pieces as you're buying directly from the seller, with 1stDibs only acting as an intermediary.

Don't let that put you off though — 1stDibs has a comprehensive promise that ensures each of their customers, and sellers, are completely protected, and supported, which makes the entire process all-around worry-free. The promise includes a price-match guarantee (if the particular seller has listed the same items somewhere else for a different price), buyer protection, vetted sellers, and a trusted global delivery system.

The Luxury Closet

Originally founded in Dubai in 2011, The Luxury Closet has now expanded to encompass most of the world. Their team is comprised of more than 150 individuals from more than 16 different countries (per The Luxury Closet) and each one is dedicated to helping you find your next designer piece in your budget. The site sells men's and women's fashion, handbags, watches, and jewelry. The site has a global community of over 15 million so you'll never run out of new-to-you items to buy.

The Luxury Closet is known for its exceptional white-glove concierge services, wonderful customer support, and trusted authentication process so it's no wonder that it has become one of THE places online to shop for designer goods. The downside to that is to not expect to get any super thrifty pieces — a perusal of their inventory revealed that you'll be hard-pressed to find anything with less than a $100 price tag. Even lesser-known brands and clearance items still stood at $100 to $150 after discounts.

On the other hand, the site is one of fewer that has a return policy in place which can be initiated within three days of delivery. The Luxury Closet is certainly not one to overlook, especially if you're picky about the condition of your designer goods and want to ensure your purchase is always protected.


Cudoni was founded on the idea of elevating the resale process for luxury items so the site is somewhat more seller-friendly than buyer-friendly, but don't let that steer you away. Treating each of their sellers as VIPs means that as a buyer you're also getting the best of what the site has to offer. Cudoni handles all of the professional photography, pricing, and shipping for the seller so you'll never have to squint at a photo to get the 'actual' color of an item or hassle with the price of shipping.

Cudoni promises impeccable pieces for both their women's and men's selection, due to their authentication process and in-house experts. Unlike most websites though, Cudoni doesn't have an option to switch currencies to your current country so everything is listed in British pounds. While not anything most of us aren't familiar with, it can be somewhat of a chore to convert currencies if you're not using pounds so that you know how much you're spending.

Overall, Cudoni can be a good website to find some staple pieces. They do offer an "earn as you shop" feature that credits you back about £50 for every £250 you spend. There are also regular flash sales and promotions that can save you quite a bit — for instance, we found a Michael Kors skirt for £5 and a Dolce & Gabbana men's dress shirt for £6.25!


Not a strictly luxury brand resale site, Depop also caters to a younger crowd and has listings for Nike, Adidas, and Levi's along with high-end brands like Dior, Alexander Wang, and Balenciaga. The site is entirely seller-direct which means that you interact with the seller directly during the buying process and throughout shipping and delivery.

Being a seller-direct site does not mean that Depop shouldn't be on your radar for finding designer goods — especially if you're on a budget. You can find many a diamond-in-the-rough item from the selection of men's and women's wear, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. Depop also has a smaller collection of art, decor, books, magazines, sports equipment, and kid's fashion. Additionally, unlike most sites, they also sell beauty items such as luxury fragrances and skincare.

The site has previously collaborated with Ralph Lauren on a vintage collection of its pieces (via Harper's Bazaar) as it tries to cement itself as a staple in the world of luxury resale. Also, it has quite the following on social media and aims to create a sustainable environment around its brand online and off.


Another site that doesn't strictly sell luxury items, Poshmark has only recently ventured into the resale space. The site (and now app!) began as a place for sellers to list their unwanted goods in "closets" and quickly grew from there. There are now fashion pieces for women, men, and kids available, as well as home goods and a special luxury section. Each seller can be listed as an individual closet or as a boutique, which opens up opportunities for small businesses.

Poshmark also employs a "like" feature for each listing. Once you've 'liked' an item, the seller gets a notification. They can then opt to send out offers to individuals or to all those that have liked their item. These offers can be for discounted shipping or for a discount on the item itself. As a buyer, you can also make an offer on an item — if the seller accepts your bid, the purchase is automatically processed and the seller has a few days to send out your package.

If you're comfortable with meeting the seller in person, you can filter your results to your location, down to the city, and save some money on shipping, which currently stands at $7.99. Just as with Depop, because Poshmark is not a luxury-only marketplace, you can potentially find some great deals on certain brands and pieces, in comparison to other sites.


Luxury resale store hewi. stands for "hardly ever worn it" and it runs similar to eBay in terms of selling. The site exclusively sells new or barely-worn designer goods. You can watch items, follow sellers, make offers on items, or buy them outright. As a seller, you can also list items yourself or opt for the VIP service and have the site take care of everything for you — you just have to choose how you get paid.

Although the company is based in London, the site does allow you to set your currency preferences. Unfortunately, the prices for each item won't be displayed in your preferred currency (unless that's pounds) but you can see the total in your bag before purchasing. All items that are sold through the site are authenticated in-house and hewi. will also authenticate items digitally for seller-direct items. You can also ask them to re-verify the authenticity of an item once you've purchased it.

If you sign up for their email list, you'll get a special discount of 10% on a first-time buy and the site has plenty of budget-friendly pieces. And because hewi. works with a variety of charities, you can also choose to donate a portion of your sale to a worthy cause.

Selfridges & Co Project Earth

Selfridges & Co, a luxury department store based in London, is making waves in the resell section of luxury goods with Project Earth. A permanent fixture of its site, Project Earth helps to close the loop by providing customers with previously loved luxury goods at discounted prices. Clothing, makeup, jewelry, and homewares are all available on this special section of Selfridges' parent site and you can either buy items curated by Selfridges or from private sellers.

A quick survey of the items available included Sami Miro vintage dresses, Bucherer-certified pre-owned watches, and a drool-worthy collection of vintage radios in their Home and Tech category. Prices range from $35 for a Susan Caplan rose gold-plated bracelet to over $27,000 for a pre-loved Breguet watch (a steal when you consider that a new Breguet is 10 times that!).

Even with all that, Project Earth is still somewhat limited in its scope of pieces since it is not a free-standing business but a branch of another. It only carries about 275 to 300 pieces in its collection at any given time. But due to the department store's long reach, it has been successful and you can find unique and heirloom-worthy pieces. To top it off, Project Earth has also implemented rental and repair services for all kinds of designer goods, so you can try without buying or keep hanging on to that favorite piece that just needed a few stitches.


Rebelle boasts a 48-hour turnaround time for their concierge services which include authentication and delivery of your item. They also have five stars on Trustpilot and a 100% authenticity promise. The founders, Cécile Wickmann and Max Schönemann, created the Germany-based site on the idea that fashion never goes out of style and the desire to help people always have something new in their wardrobe.

Rebelle helps you not only buy but also sell your luxury goods on their site. They hope to create a closed loop for fashion so that pieces are continuously loved and taken care of instead of being discarded. Available in multiple countries, Rebelle has a great selection and also regular sales events that will help you save some cash.

Chanel, Balmain, Gucci, and Hermès hold regular slots in their inventory — and even in their sales! — with mid-luxury brands such as 7 For All Mankind, Ralph Lauren, and Guess rounding out their selection. They authenticate all of their pieces and even accept returns on a select number of their items if you don't love them.


The first of its kind on this list, Rites is a luxury rental as well as a resale platform. Each item available on its site — from brands such as Gucci, AJE, Prada, and Reformation — can be either rented for a minimum of four days or purchased. The maximum rental time is 20 days.

Be forewarned though: because pieces are pre-owned designer items, Rites may not necessarily have an item you love in your size. For instance, there were only eight items available to rent in size six, another eight in size eight, and only two in size 10. The site is based in London so their clothing, and prices, are also in UK sizes and pounds, respectively.

Rites also hold special charity sales so that sellers can donate a portion of their sales to a worthy cause. Finally, they do offer a 10% discount for signing up for their newsletter so if you find that perfect piece you've been dying to try, you can save some money on it that way.

By Rotation

By Rotation is another rental site for luxury goods but it comes with a twist — rentals are directly from the owner of the piece so the site just serves as a go-between. Therefore, it has a much larger selection of designer pieces than Rites. Commonly spotted brands include Reformation, Vampire's Wife, and Needle and Thread.

Having been featured in multiple publications for being a great site to rent from, By Rotation has recently ventured into resales as well. If you rent a piece and love it, you can make the owner an offer to purchase it yourself. Each purchase or rental is made through their app, although you can browse items on their website.

By Rotation has also partnered with Blanc, a company that offers eco-friendly cleaning and repairs for your clothing items or shoes. This means that you can use their services, including a 20% off discount for first-timers, to keep your clothes in tip-top shape if you're the renter of a piece. It should also give you peace of mind knowing that By Rotation's renters are encouraged to take care of and clean their items regularly.

Cocoon Refresh

Cocoon Refresh is run by the luxury handbag site Cocoon and it allows customers to purchase pre-loved luxury bags at a discounted price. The company wanted to create an avenue for their clients to rotate their luxury handbags without creating waste — and let others enjoy them! Sellers receive either cash or credit toward a membership on the Cocoon site. You don't have to be a member of their rental site to purchase bags on the Refresh side and they even offer extra discounts sometimes.

You can shop the bags by designer, which include Louis Vuitton and Chanel, or just browse the entire page. Each bag is listed by 'Grade' going from AA+, which means never used and still with tags attached, to D, which means the bag has obvious damage or visible defects. The more pristine each bag is, the higher the price tag. So if you're not fussy about a few marks or stains where they are not visible, you can save some serious cash on a great designer handbag.

Our collection of designer resale sites spans many countries and has something for every style and budget. Ready to shop?