Oana Muresan

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Missouri State University
Health & Wellness, Sustainability, Home & Gardens
  • Oana started her love of journalism and all things writing in her teens. She read long hours and developed her creative writing skills by joining her high school journalism team and writing her own fictional novel on the side.
  • While studying for an undergraduate degree in cell and molecular biology with a minor in journalism at Missouri State University, Oana also improved her writing by adding journal articles, technical whitepapers, content creation, and SEO skills to her repertoire.
  • Across the last five years of writing professionally, Oana has created content for brands such as Ecovita, Lucky Vitamin, WAMA Underwear, and Ulu Healing and has worked with the National Association of County and City Health Officials and Charisma House on projects.


Oana knew writing was what she wanted to do from when she was a teen. As a news editor for her school newspaper, she learned valuable skills that would be built upon as her writing developed at Missouri State University. She then took her skills to the freelance world and worked with doctors, healers, national organizations, and even influencers. Oana has created e-books, blogs, website content, and edited non-fiction books and national conference content, and she is even more passionate about spreading the word on health and wellness, sustainability, and what it takes to create a happy home and life.


Oana studied for an undergraduate degree in cell and molecular biology with minors in Spanish and journalism at Missouri State University. She did not complete her degree as life had other plans for her, but her writing experience makes her a good fit for Glam.
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