Oana Muresan

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Springfield, MO
Missouri State University
Natural Health & Wellness, Natural Skincare Tips, Eco-friendly Home Life
  • Before writing for Glam, Oana's sights were set on scientific journals, working with national health organizations such as the National Association of County and City Health Officials, creating content for them in different forms.
  • Oana's worked with multiple brands and organizations also in the area of her passion — sustainability and naturopathy — by writing blogs, website content, ebooks, and guest posts for Lucky Vitamin, Ulu Healing, WAMA Underwear, and others.
  • She has edited three non-fiction books in the past three years, all of which are now published.


Writing was something that came quite easily to Oana and a skill that she put to good use even during her high school years. After gaining experience on her newspaper team, she transitioned to journalism in college and then white papers and scientific journals. In recent years, Oana's writing has become less structured and more engaging and she has used her skills to collaborate with national organizations, doctors, business owners, and other authors. She is passionate about spreading the word on health and wellness, sustainability, and what it takes to create a happy home and life.


Oana studied for an undergraduate degree in cell and molecular biology with minors in Spanish and journalism at Missouri State University. She did not complete her degree as life had other plans for her, but her writing experience makes her a good fit for Glam.

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