60 Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Longtime Love

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The middle of February might be cold and dreary for most of us but Valentine's Day can certainly serve as a reminder of all that is good at that time. With only a few weeks left to spare before we're all in a rush to find the perfect gift, wouldn't it be grand to be able to sit back and relax this year, knowing that your gift is already on the way and is going to be so bomb too?!


We've got a complete list of some of the best gifts out there for people in relationships — but especially for those that have been longtime loves. We're all suckers for a good romance and Valentine's Day seems to bring that out of us even more. Spoil your partner with decadent sweets, elegant gifts, or even destination packages. Do you know why? Because they're worth it, that's why. Besides, they say that giving always makes you feel better than getting and what could be better than seeing your partner's face light up when they unwrap the perfect gift?

How we selected gifts

Valentine's Day gifts don't always have to be red or pink, but they should always be thoughtful. To bring you the best-curated selection of gifts for your longtime love, we delved deep into all kinds of categories. We read hundreds of reviews, analyzed products from every angle and every aspect, looked at the way they were made and how they hold up to use, researched how satisfied customers were with the products based on their reviews, and found which similar products were also recommended or have been popular lately.


To bring you the most unique and insightful gifts, we not only relied on big-box retailers. We have also found options from boutiques and small businesses alike. Some of our recommendations can also be personalized or customized to your liking, so keep that in mind when ordering a particular gift because wait times for delivery might be longer.

Best for a bathtime loving valentine

Japanese Hinoki Spa Bathtub Tea is a delightful twist on bathtime that was inspired by onsen, natural hot springs found in Japan (via Japan-guide.com). Available in a pack of four, the tea features a natural woodsy scent from Japanese hinoki trees and each sachet can be used up to three times when allowed to dry out between uses. (This also makes it double as a bathroom deodorizer!) The tea is made of hinoki leaf oil, hinoki wood flakes and chips, hinoki dry leaves, and washi paper.


Buy the Japanese Hinoki Spa Bathtub Tea from Etsy for $20.

Best for the wine enthusiast valentine

Created by a wine enthusiast himself, Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses are the most convenient way to aerate your wine without having to decant a bottle. Your wine-loving lover will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift — it's not another wine bottle! If you add a cube of ice to the middle compartment, you can also use these glasses to chill whiskey without watering it down. The glasses are dishwasher safe and made of durable pyrex glass.


Buy the Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses at Uncommon Goods for $50.

Best for the valentine with a green thumb

So your partner likes plants? Gift them the ultimate Valentine's Day plant: the Birkin Philodendron. Also commonly known as the Sweetheart Hoya or Valentine's Hoya, this non-variegated variety of plant is easy to take care of and would make a perfect addition to anyone's growing home greenhouse or plant hoard. Many reviewers were impressed with the quality of the plant that arrived, so don't fret that you're buying it online and not in person.


Buy the Birkin Philodendron from Amazon for $15.

Best for the valentine with a black thumb

If your valentine is constantly killing the flowers you get them, opt for a set of these gorgeous Handmade Felt Flowers & Eucalyptus Bouquets. Each stem and flower is hand-cut, stitched from felted wool, and made fair trade by female artists in Nepal. Alternatively, you can put together your own bouquet by buying individual stems and flowers that your love would like the most, choosing from alliums, eucalyptus leaves, jade stems, lotus flowers, peonies, sunflowers, tea roses, tulips, and more.


Buy the Handmade Felt Flowers & Eucalyptus Bouquets at Food52 for $70-$125.

Best for the valentine with sensitive skin

They've got jade rollers and derma rollers and even ice rollers, but does your valentine have these adorable globes? Meant for keeping in the fridge and using cold, the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes can calm your skin after shaving or waxing, soothe and tighten it after a treatment, eliminate fine lines, and reduce under-eye puffiness. Available in seven delightful colors, they come in a pair and are easy to clean. Reviewers also stated that they used them to treat sinus pain and pressure.


Buy the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes at Amazon for $32.

Best for the valentine who wants to be smudge-free

Does your valentine constantly reapply their lipstick or gloss during the day? Surprise them with the Covergirl Outlast All Day Top Coat stick so they can continue to show off their style and be smudge-free. The top coat goes on clear so it can work with any other color or even by itself to keep lips moisturized. Plus, Covergirl is Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International, which means they don't test any of their products on animals anywhere they are sold.


Buy the Covergirl Outlast All Day Top Coat at Amazon for $4.

Best for the musical valentine

What could be more special than your very own song? No, not the song that was playing when you met or the one that played at a significant event of yours, but a Made-to-Order Personalized song that takes your memories and milestones and creates a one-of-a-kind piece. Available as a one-minute or three-minute composition, you provide 15-25 different details about your relationship, and David Morgan, a musician with 30 years of experience, will create the most memorable Valentine's Day gift for you.


Buy a Made-To-Order Personalized Song at Uncommon Goods for $100-250.

Best for the soap-collecting valentine

A gorgeous statement piece, the Caswell-Massey Beatrix Rose Bath Soap is more for admiring than washing your hands. If your valentine is the type to always have soap for every kind of occasion or just loves collecting the pretty ones, then this is the route to go. Available in six colors, each with its own particular scents, such as rose, honeysuckle, and lilac. 


Caswell-Massey has been creating soap for decades and their products perfectly balance classic and modern inspirations.

Buy the Caswell-Massey Beatrix Rose Bath Soap at Amazon for $14.

Best for the valentine who loves fruits

If your valentine is more into food than flowers, consider the Berry Bouquet from Edible Arrangements, which offers the best of both worlds. Not only will you be able to give them a super cute bouquet but they can eat the berries and reuse the gorgeous cup that it comes in. Now isn't that a better use of $50 than if you'd spent it on a bouquet of flowers that wilts and dies within a week? 


Buy the Berry Bouquet at Edible Arrangements for $55.

Best for the long-distance valentine

While most of the gifts on this list can be retrofitted for a long-distance couple, the Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set from Uncommon Goods takes the cake for the best instant connection. Once both you and your significant other are wearing them, simply touch yours to have the other one light up and vibrate so that they know you're thinking of them. The set is waterproof and made of silicone so it's easy to wear and doesn't chafe. Recharge them every night and you'll always feel close to your partner even when they're not nearby.


Buy the Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set at Uncommon Goods for $138.

Best for the sleepy valentine

A great gift for both of you, these 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases from Zimasilk are great for helping you get a good night's sleep and keep your skin pristine too. Both sides of the pillowcase are silk and the set comes with a hidden zipper so it doesn't get in your way. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you're sure to find one that fits your home's aesthetic and design. The pillowcases are also available in standard, queen, king, and even body pillow sizes.


Buy the Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase at Amazon for $40.

Best for a native New Yorker valentine

Okay, you don't have to be from New York to enjoy this adorable NY Food Heart Puzzle from Food52. In the shape of a heart and chock-full of New York's most loved foods, this puzzle can be a great Valentine's Day activity for anyone. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to help hospitality workers in need. Bonus points for you, though, if your partner actually hails from New York and loves the food as much as they love you.


Buy the NY Food Heart Puzzle from Food52 for $38.

Best for the valentine needing a caffeine fix

Coffee, tea, and matcha drinkers who are also avid collectors of mugs will love this lovey-dovey set. The Kissing Mugs from Uncommon Goods are a unique way of declaring your love for your loved one and supporting them in their drinking habits. And their mug-collecting habits. Besides, have you seen these things? They're so adorable!


Buy The Kissing Mugs from Uncommon Goods for $65.

Best for the valentine with cold feet

The Ultraideas Women's Cozy Memory Foam Loafer Slippers are just what the doctor ordered. If your valentine constantly finds themselves with ice-cold feet, these wonderfully plushy slippers might be what they're missing. Available in nine different colors and patterns, these shoes are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, due to their rubber soles, and have high-density cushions to ensure that all-day walking won't be a problem. They're machine washable too but the listing does warn buyers to size up as the extra cushioning and microfiber filling make them a tighter fit.


Buy the Ultraideas Women's Cozy Memory Foam Loafer Slippers at Amazon for $25.

Best for valentine with cold hands

Got a partner whose hands are always cold? The orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer is a wonderfully convenient, rechargeable hand warmer that is also double-sided and comes with an easily-transportable lanyard. It comes in five different patterns so you can customize it for your love and its size is perfect for adding to a purse or pocket. It holds three to four hours of hand warming time on a full charge and takes just two minutes to heat up to a steady temperature of 107 degrees.


Buy the orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer at Amazon for $30.

Best for the chocoholic valentine

If your significant other spends all year looking forward to their Valentine's Day chocolates, do them justice with this trio of Raaka Chocolate. This trio of gourmet dark chocolate bars comes in flavors such as Bourbon Cask Aged and Coconut Milk. They are made at single-origin chocolate facilities utilizing cacao from trusted farmers. Raaka is also USDA Verified Organic and their cacao is unroasted to bring about a truly unique flavor. Customers recommended them as some of the best dark chocolate bars around so you can be sure they'll satisfy your partner's (bitter) sweet tooth.


Buy the Raaka Chocolate Best Sellers Trio, at Amazon for $18.

Best for the clean-eating valentine

With the new year comes new resolutions so if your love has sworn off processed sugar or is currently trying to eat healthier, consider opting for a Sanniti Fulmer All Natural Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb. Made by bees in Hungary from the pollination of black locust tree flowers, the honey is lighter in color and has a sweet, floral taste. The honeycomb is available in two different sizes but each is just as rich in antioxidants. Pair it with a cheese board and some wine and you've got a five-star Valentine's Day in.


Buy the Sanniti Fulmer All Natural Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb at Amazon for $15.

For the competitive valentine

Your gamer valentine will tear their eyes away from the screen once they lay eyes on the beautifully detailed game of The Fox in the Forest. This two-player, trick-taking card game by Renegade Game Studios takes about 30 minutes to play and is easy enough to learn on the first go-'round. Customers complimented the game's artwork and called it simple, low-pressure fun.


Buy The Fox in the Forest Card Game at Amazon for $16.

For the creative writer valentine

If you've got a partner that finds it easier to write down their thoughts rather than share them out loud with you, consider a compromise. The Our Q&A Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People provides one question every day with enough space for two people to write down one or two sentences of their thoughts. Your partner will appreciate a gift that shows you are aware of how they communicate. Plus, the daily prompts can help you both learn more about each other and grow in your relationship.


Buy Our Q&A Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People at Amazon for $15.

Best for the valentine that needs a massage

What could be better than having your own device at home to get a relaxing massage? The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager can perform deep tissue massage with soothing heat and can be positioned almost anywhere on your body. The massager runs for 20 minutes at a time before automatically shutting off. The ultra-slim, ergonomic design means that it is also easy to travel with it, although you do have to be mindful of the fact that it is not wireless.


Buy the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager at Amazon for $60.

Best for the adventuring valentine

If your partner loves to get out in nature and walk the trails around your home, gift them AllTrails+, a yearly subscription that will help them stay in the know about all the walkable trails in your area. The app subscription makes it easy to gift as you simply pay for the year and email your gift to your partner. Plus, the app comes with lifeline and off-trail notifications so your loved one is always safe and can find their way back to you.


Buy the AllTrails+ year-long subscription at AllTrails for $36.

Best for the at-home cook valentine

An all-in-one workhorse, the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is on most home cooks' wish lists. If your partner hasn't gotten theirs crossed off yet, Valentine's Day might just be the time to do it. With seven different functions, this upgrade comes with its own app and over 800 recipes for your significant other to try out. With over 150,000 satisfied customers on Amazon alone, this will quickly become a kitchen staple in your home too.


Buy the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker at Amazon for $100.

Best for stressed valentine

If your valentine has had a particularly rough day (week? month? year?), the gift of Spa Day Packages for 2 will be just what they need. Virgin Experience Gifts offers a variety of spa day packages for you and your love. How does a relaxing bubble bath — with bubbly! — sound? With some packages starting at just $20, you don't even have to break the bank to enjoy some alone time with just the two of you.


Buy a Spa Day Package for 2 at Virgin Experience Gifts for $20+.

Best for the dainty valentine

This precious Tiny Heart Couple Initial Ring is a sweet way to show your devotion to your valentine. Personalized with laser engraving, you have a three-character limit option to engrave your initials together or your partner's initials. The ring is hypoallergenic and is quite delicate with a simple gold or silver band that focuses on a heart. The ring is easily stackable so your partner can also mix and match it with any other rings they might wear.


Buy the Amyo Tiny Heart Couple Initial Ring at Amyo for $42.

Best for the nose-in-a-book valentine

"Love Poems" by Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda caused quite a stir when it was first published anonymously in 1952. Written on the island of Capri, Neruda describes love with words steeped in nature and sensuality that will undoubtedly captivate your valentine. Coax them to read it out loud to you and you'll both be enjoying the fruits of your longtime love.


Buy "Love Poems" by Pablo Neruda at Amazon for $10.

Best for the moody valentine

Rather than flowers, fill the home with the scent of them instead with the Diptyque Scented Candles from Bloomingdale's. Available in a few different floral scents such as roses, lavender, or lilies, these candles are sure to be a hit with your significant other. Created by France's legendary perfume house, Diptyque, these candles will burn for hours on end and customers rave about their ability to truly infuse a room with their scent.


Buy Diptyque Scented Candles at Bloomingdale's for $120.

Best for the athletic valentine

Available for both men and women, the Allbirds Wool Runners come in 14 different colors and multiple sizes, and are made of cozy Merino wool to give your feet a truly comfy experience. The shoes are also machine washable and have a cushioned midsole to give them all-day wear comfort. The Merino wool is also naturally thermo-regulating, which means you can wear them throughout the year and not be too worried about your feet sweating.


Buy Allbirds Wool Runners for men and women at Allbirds for $110.

Best for the old-school valentine

If your valentine is yearning for the good ol' days, gift them the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, an adorably retro camera that is sure to remind them of years past. Available in three colors, the camera does have some modern features. It automatically detects brightness and adjusts for it and optimizes the shutter speed for the best quality. There are four different modes on the camera to choose just how you want to capture your moments and you can easily buy replacement cartridges for the camera.


Buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera at Amazon for $265.

Best for an extravagant valentine

Virgin Experience Gifts comes through once more with a destination date that is sure to impress. Rent a yacht for a truly unique day together and you don't even have to break the bank to do it! A lunch or brunch yacht cruise can be found for just $85 per person. While the experiences are not available everywhere — mostly east coast city ports and a few west coast cities — it can definitely be something that is a one-of-a-kind experience for Valentine's Day.


Buy Yacht Rental Dates at Virgin Experience Gifts for $83+.

Best for the valentine who loves fresh flowers

If your love just loves to have fresh flowers around, gift them the beautiful and unique FJS Ceramic Face Vase. It's able to make a statement all by itself but looks even more striking when paired with a bouquet of fresh flowers. It can fit into a plethora of styles and aesthetics due to its shape, color, and texture. It will definitely be a talking point for guests who visit your home and will bring your valentine joy for many years to come.


Buy the FJS Ceramic Face Vase at Amazon for $30.

Best for the gamer valentine

If your significant other loves all things gaming, especially retro games, these matching Pacman Couple Shirts might make them squeal with happiness. They're simple enough to make them easy to wear with just about anything and also won't be a complete giveaway that you spend your nights playing Fortnite. With ten colors and multiple options in unisex and female sizing, these shirts are sure to become your go-to outfit for a cozy night in, just playing and chilling.


Buy the Couple's Pacman Shirts on Etsy for $10 (for one).

Best for the artistic valentine

The Custom Pencil Portrait, available on Etsy is sure to become a favorite of you and your partner. Available in six different sizes and on multiple types of canvases, or as a digital download, an artist will create a rendering of your photo as a pencil sketch. Once you approve it, it takes up to a week for your creation to be shipped, so keep that in mind for ordering ahead. Reviewers recommended the canvas prints as they turned out the best.


Buy the Custom Pencil Portrait from Photo on Etsy for $15+.

Best for the valentine who loves the rustic look

This Personalized Couples Name Sign will make a great addition to your home. It's almost infinitely customizable with six different kinds of wood and three different letter colors. Customers raved about the shipping speed and the friendliness of the seller as well as the fact that the wood was beautiful and clean. The sign also comes with sawtooth hangers and rubber bumpers on the back so that your partner can display the sign any way they want.


Buy the Personalized Couples Name Sign on Etsy for $64+.

Best for the valentine who loves to cuddle

February can still be pretty chilly so you can't really blame your valentine for wanting to be cozy. The Sofia Pure Cashmere Throw Blanket from Naked Cashmere is sure to keep them nice and cuddly. Ultra plush and uber soft, this versatile throw blanket comes in three colors and has a fringe trim to keep things interesting. It is made of 100% pure cashmere and customers were impressed with not only the lifetime craftsmanship of the blanket but that it was airy and breathable. 


Buy the Sofia Pure Cashmere Throw Blanket at Naked Cashmere for $365.

Best for the candle collecting valentine

So your mate loves candles but you've already bought one for every holiday? Time to switch it up. Consider these Decorative Matches from Benevolence LA. Made of kiln-dried pinewood, they are long enough to not make your fingers nervous as they burn. They're also easy to light, as a few customers made a note of, and the striking pad is on the bottom of the bottle so that it stays out of sight. The bottle is beautiful and can easily be displayed with your love's candles for a pleasing and gorgeous showcase.


Buy the Benevolence LA Decorative Matches at Amazon for $45.

Best for the promiscuous valentine

If your valentine only has thoughts of getting it on for Valentine's Day, electrify their night with the Maude drop. The private massager is tiny enough to carry with you, comes in two different colors, and its shape easily lends itself to whatever fun you might want to get into with your partner. It's made of platinum-grade silicone and has three vibrator modes as well as a battery indicator light to let you know when it needs to recharge. Additionally, the drop comes with a natural canvas sack for easy transport or storage.


Buy the Maude drop at Maude for $49.

Best for the ultra-competitive valentine

If your partner has made sports and athletics their life, gift them the Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage. Available in four different colors (or five for the more expensive Horizon style), the ring is designed to keep track of sleep, heart rate, activity levels, menstrual cycles, and overall health. Used by professional athletes and trainers alike, the little device has a battery life of about seven days and can be charged in just 80 minutes. Your partner will love the duality of this ring's style and usability.


Buy the Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage at Oura for $299.

Best for the cookie-loving valentine

Let your love indulge in sweets this Valentine's Day. Specifically, the Food Network and Rachel Ray approved Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company. The six giant cookies are nestled in a cute gift box, ready for your love to enjoy. Reviewers rave about the softness of these cookies as they're baked and shipped on the same day. Whether they're your love's favorite already or they're something they've never tried, you can bet on them appreciating these yummy treats. 


Buy the Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies at Famous 4th Street Cookie Company for $25.

Best for the valentine who appreciates sweet thoughts

If your partner is not into material gifts and would rather see actions from you or gifts of service, consider bundling that together in this adorable Personalized Coupon Booklet from Personalization Mall. A total of 12 coupons are tied together with white organza ribbon and personalized with the sender and receiver's names. The sides are perforated for easy removal as your love redeems each coupon. Get creative with your offers and you'll see just how much your partner appreciates the thought you put into this gift.


Buy the Personalized Coupon Booklet from Personalization Mall for $11.

Best for the quirky valentine

If you are ready to spice up your Valentine's Day (or just want to do something different) try Chocolate Body Paint. You're sure to keep your love talking about this unique gift, especially as it can be personalized with your names on the jar. The chocolate is fine French chocolate and customers agreed that it did indeed taste good. Sold with a small brush for application assistance, the eight-ounce jar's directions are to heat to 98 degrees then apply liberally. Ooh, la, la!


Buy the Chocolate Body Paint at Personalization Mall for $22.

Best for a daily valentine's reminder

Make your partner smile and laugh every day, not just on Valentine's Day, with the Message in a Bottle gift that delivers them a new quote or endearing word from you for 100 days. This bottle comes with 100 different pill-shaped capsules and blank paper for each one so you can personalize your gift as you like. Each piece of paper is secured with a tiny, metal clasp inside the capsule and is made of durable paper so that your words can stick around for a long time.


Buy the Message in a Bottle at Amazon for $13.

Best for the calm valentine

What could be more calming and relaxing than a soft-glow night light that is personalized for your relationship? The Personalized Night Light for Couples is made of plastic and wood and has a simple aesthetic that will fit any style or home. It contains a white LED light source and can be customized with your and your partner's names.


Buy the Personalized Night Light for Couples on Etsy for $30.

Best for your forever valentine

If things are getting serious between the two of you, make it official with the Couples Affection Contract. As a show of affection, personalize the contract with your names and signatures, frame it, and hang it in your home for everyone to know that you're committed to each other. This equally serious and playful gift can become one of your most cherished possessions.


Buy the Couples Affection Contract on Etsy for $10.

Best for the valentine who rules the road

Most of us drive on a daily basis, but there are those of us who really drive. If your love puts in serious hours on the road, consider this gift to remind them that you're thinking of them every moment they're away from you. The Drive Safe Keychain is a small but meaningful token that can become your partner's favorite on-the-road accessory.


Buy the Drive Safe Keychain on Etsy for $9.

Best for the valentine who love personalization

Your significant other already has a bag, a hat, and a windbreaker with their name on it, and loves finding their name on those keychains at souvenir stores and travel rest stops. So add to their collection a truly unique, personalized statue. The Dylan & Rylie Hand Casting Kit for Couples comes with everything you need to create a mold of you holding hands and you can make wonderful memories in the process. You can even paint your cast once it's set.


Buy the Dylan & Rylie Hand Casting Kit Couples at Amazon for $40.

Best for a multiple date-night valentine

Ever wanted to just go and do something crazy but didn't know what to do? The Adventure Challenge Couple's Edition book has got you covered. There are 50 different exciting, adventurous dates on the pages. You can either flip through them in random order or start from the beginning and go one by one. There are sure to be options for every kind of couple — plus, some that will push you outside your comfort zone.


Buy The Adventure Challenge Couple's Edition book at Amazon for $60.

Best for the bubbly valentine

We all need some relaxing time every now and then. Buy your valentine the Queen V Pop the Bubbly Bath Bubbles that are sure to become a luxurious favorite. These aren't your ordinary bath bubbles, they are pH-balanced, microbiome friendly, and free of parabens. Made with green tea, mango, and chamomile scents, they also smell absolutely divine.


Buy the Queen V Pop the Bubbly Bath Bubbles at Amazon for $8.

Best for the matchy-matchy valentine

Skip the eye-roll-inducing matching red shirts this year and gift your darling an OLEVS Couple Pair Watch instead. The stainless steel his-and-hers watches are waterproof and basic enough to match with any outfit. Available in nine different colors and band styles, the watch is sure to become a favorite daily accessory for both of you.


Buy the OLEVS Couple Pair Watches at Amazon for $50.

Best for the tea-sipping valentine

If your valentine is a fan of proper English tea, gift them something they'll be ready to use immediately: a tea basket. This Afternoon Tea Gift Basket is about as adorable as it gets and will instantly have your partner reaching for the pot of water. In addition to a teapot, the basket contains Earl Grey and Breakfast blend tea, a scone mix, a jar of clotted cream, strawberry preserves, and chocolates.


Buy the Afternoon Tea Gift Basket at English Tea Store for $26.

Best for the stay-at-home valentine

Another great gift basket is the Romantic Evening for Two Basket for couples that want to stay home and cuddle. Champagne, white chocolate pretzels, truffles, cheese, salmon spread, crackers, and pecan pralines, plus even more goodies come together to give you everything you need to settle down, dig in, and forget about the world outside your door.


Buy the Romantic Evening For Two Gift Basket at English Tea Store for $75.

Best for the separated-for-now valentine

Valentine's Day got you down because you won't be able to see your love? If they're unfortunately away for the holiday, surprise them with Letters to Open When.... This adorable bound booklet features a collection of thoughts, pep talks, and overall good cheer that you write down for them. Each letter can be read individually or the booklet can be read as a whole and will make your love feel like they're just a little bit closer to you.


Buy the Letters to Open When... at Amazon for $12.

Best for the valentine who is a coffee addict

Gift your love something different this Valentine's Day by showing up with a pair of Vintage Silver Plate Coffee Spoons. Each spoon reads, "Let's have coffee together forever" and is a testament to your loyalty to your partner. You can choose either a teaspoon or tablespoon size and each spoon is an antique (meaning they've had a life of coffee stirring already). They're individually stamped on an antique kick press when they're ordered.


Buy Vintage Silver Plate Coffee Spoons at Etsy for $18 each.

Best for the foodie valentine

If your darling is more into eating food than making it, consider a perfect night in with a personal chef. Book an In-Home Chef Experience to give your honey the kind of gourmet dinner that they crave without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus, having a chef all to yourself means that they can easily customize your dinner for any allergies or intolerances and the conversation will be that much more sparkling.


Buy an In-Home Chef Experience at Virgin Experience Gifts for $140+.

Best for the sexy valentine

Whether you're already quite the sex virtuoso or want to step your game up a notch, the Sexy Truth or Dare game will bring some spice to your life. You'll be directed to "confess steamy secrets" and act out "undiscovered desires" to keep the game going. The size of the tin is just small enough to toss in your bag for a weekend getaway.


Buy the Sexy Truth or Dare at Amazon for $14.

Best for the classic valentine

If all your darling wants for Valentine's Day is the classic bouquet of flowers, do one better this year and get them a bouquet that will last them forever. The Melissa Andre Petite Bloom Box will have you outdoing all your past (and future) gifts with its gorgeously designed box with beautiful blooms preserved inside. The expert packaging is a plus.


Buy the Melissa Andre Petite Bloom Box at Melissa Andre for $139.

Best for the valentine who has a bath ritual

Ah, the instant relaxing feeling of slipping into a tub of warm, bubbly water. But, oh no, the annoyance of not having anywhere to rest your head! If your partner has been enjoying baths of late, gift them with the relaxing Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bath Pillow. As a spa-like bath head and neck support, the pillow fits both straight and curved bathtubs and comes in three sizes and six different colors.


Buy the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bath Pillow at Amazon for $35.

Best for the valentine who is feeling nostalgic

Take all those photographs out of the closet and display them properly to have all those memories at your fingertips. This Scrapbook Album from Artifact Uprising is the perfect binding for all your prints and comes in four different styles so that you can display it on your coffee table with pride. Quality materials will make sure that it lasts for years to come.


Buy the Artifact Uprising Scrapbook Album at Artifact Uprising for $99.

Best for the valentine you share a home with

We all know to stay away from vacuum cleaners and toasters for Valentine's Day, but what about a two-person porch swing? For the couple that shares a home, it's a chance to create a new place for cuddles. The functional gift will encourage your loved one to sit out in nature and enjoy the times passing with their favorite person — you!


Buy the Vineyard 2 Person Porch Swing at Wayfair for $349.