Cinched-Waist Blazers Are Coming To Replace Your Oversized Looks

Fashion trends over the last few years have gravitated back toward the boxy, oversized look, but that all might be starting to change with the rising popularity of the cinched-waist blazer. A blazer can be not only a statement piece but also a tying force that brings your whole outfit together. So when you're trying to send a message, having a go-to blazer in your closet that alludes to the trends of the day can be quite persuasive.

The nipped-in blazer doesn't just stand on trend alone, though; this piece is quite attractive on most body shapes, as it creates the effect of an hourglass figure. Still, it's nothing new. This fashionable blazer was very popular in the 1980s and '90s and has been a pretty standard staple of the Balenciaga lines for many seasons. The blazer features not only a tucked-in waist but also strong shoulders and a longer length on the hem to really give it a streamlined look.

To help you make this trend your own, we've rounded up not only inspirational photos but also a good handful of blazers from different brands, stores, and fashion lines to help you find the perfect blazer for your style. Sure to be a closet staple for a few seasons yet to come, these blazers will become your go-to pieces for rounding out your outfits and creating seamless silhouettes.

The staple colored blazer

Go big or go home, right? Blanca Bleis starts us off just right with a cinched blazer (and matching pants!) that gives off just the right amount of personality and business know-how. The striking color is just a bonus to this beautiful blazer which can pair well with many outfits and suits even though it does have its own pant. 

The company-wide blazer

A company that's built on blazers will definitely know about any trends coming up. True to their beginnings, L'eskizzo shows off this 100% wool blazer that's as work-wear ready as it is party-ready. The chocolate-smooth color will have you relaxed and blissful at any event, especially during cooler months when the wool material will come in handy for chilly days or nights. 

The boldest blue blazer

Check out this beautifully blueish-purple blazer that's cinched in all the right places from River Island. It will have you making more than one turn in the mirror to admire yourself. It comes with a straight hem and built-in front pockets and the metallic buttons give it that extra little snap. 

The metallized stunner blazer

Aptly named, the Liu Jo Metallized Cinched Blazer will be the star of your closet and your outfits. It's not even as hard to style with it as you might think; throw on some dark jeans and a white button-up, and you've got an outfit that can easily go from day to night. Or, layer it over a lace dress to create a softer look. In any case, this blazer is sure to turn some heads when you head out with it.

The dapper blazer

You better believe that women run the world, especially now that we've stolen "dapper" from the men. Nicole Kidman beats out all the guys in this three-piece suit that includes a snug-fit blazer (perfectly cinched at the waist), vest, and suit pants which she paired with a button-up white blouse. The tweed-like pattern even gives us "Downton Abbey" vibes. It's dapper yet feminine.

The ambassador blazer

Ambassador Designs, a company based in Nepal that's making strides in women's fashion there, recently showcased this gorgeous blazer. With a feminine waist and pearl buttons, this blazer encompasses what the whole trend is about — a woman that's just as serious about business as she is about fashion. 

The princess blazer

You can copy the Princess of Wales' style by simply adding this chic and timeless blazer to your repertoire. A cream-colored blazer will complement most outfits and the softly-suggestive feminine style will exude class and charm. Catherine Middleton paired hers with a white blouse and navy pants but you can opt for an all-monochrome look or switch it up with more color such as going for pink or green pants to really make the top stand out. 

The beautiful in any color blazer

Not just another cream blazer! But wait! This blazer is not only on-point with the current trend with its wonderfully sculpted shoulders, pulled-in waist, pleats along the sides, and elongated hems but it also comes in five different colors. So, if you really love it, you can just stock your closet up with these beauties and worry about nothing else. We're only half-kidding.

The monochrome blazer

Sometimes keeping it simple is all it takes to create a sexy outfit. Black on black, for instance, creates a streamlined silhouette that emphasizes her curves in all the right places. This is also an easy way to style your blazer; just create a monochrome outfit and instantly everything works together. The cinched blazer works both for warmth and as a fashion statement. 

The tie-waist blazer

Here's something a little bit different. Instead of the usual buttons, this blazer creates the cinched waist look by making use of an elastic tie around your waist. Both functional and trendy, this Calvin Klein blazer is sure to be a staple in your closet should you make its acquaintance. Plus, if you're not a fan of the business-like style of the blazer, this is a more casual look for you to try.

The other Calvin Klein blazer

What can we say? Calvin Klein really knows how to make a good blazer. This second piece from its line is more classic in the sense that it uses a button to cinch in the waist, but the brand didn't waste the opportunity to have some fun with the sleeves. A little bit ruched and with a slit on the side, the sleeves look pretty normal when your arms are down but show their potential as you move. What's that saying? Business in the front, party at the arms?

The luxury black blazer

While H&M might not be a luxury brand, this simple yet stunning cinched blazer begs to make a case for the brand. The pleats along the sides serve well to pull the waist in and the stand-out rhinestone button makes a statement. Easy to style for work or going out, this blazer can help you stay in style and in your budget.

The attitude blazer

This blazer sure can give you attitude! A sharp hem combined with the cinched waist and tuxedo-like lapel make this blazer a sure-fire tool for getting your way. Plus, it comes in seven colors and 11 sizes! You know that meeting that's coming up where you have to make your big presentation? This is what you're wearing.

The vintage blazer

This "vintage" Dolce & Gabbana blazer just serves to prove that all styles come back into fashion sometime. Take inspiration from this blazer: the sharp collar, even but elongated hemline, contrasting buttons, and muted color all work together to make this a timeless piece. It's easily styleable with a white blouse and dress pants and is the perfect complement to a business wardrobe. 

The most unique blazer

Want to know what's really unique? Taking a trend and really making it your own. This black blazer from Revolve does just that and will make all your friends jealous of your fashion style. The cinched waist trend really stands out on this piece and can also work in your favor if you have more of a straight body shape. While other cinched-waist blazers might not pull you in as much, this one can be tightened to your desires.

The belted blazer

Sylvie Mus is a style icon in this timeless outfit. A denim midi skirt paired with a button-up white blouse and a black blazer (even an oversized one that you can easily DIY cinch with a belt) is all you need to copy her style and be your own muse. This outfit looks so effortless, timeless, and classy that no one will say you spent more than 10 minutes throwing it together. 

The white blazer

Elsa founded the brand Helsa, a company that is built on sustainability and simplicity, and even though her fashion sense is rooted in the classics, this waist-cinching blazer trend has found its place in her wardrobe. With more than eight million followers on Instagram alone, we can safely say that many are following her example. This is one of Elsa's recent date night outfits and we can agree that it would be a wonderful and, dare we say, comfortable way to spend a night out.

The casual blazer

This option isn't like the other typical blazers on this list, and that's a good thing! You can easily take this Free People blazer to (almost) any event. Complement the distressed look with some jeans and a tight-fit t-shirt and you've got an easy outfit that's just as fashionable. If business casual isn't your thing, this blazer can keep you on-trend and still let you do your own thing.

The orange blazer

The up-and-coming House of Jacqui knows where the trends are, and it has a leg up on the competition with this stunning orange pantsuit. The suit features a luxuriously smooth fabric, a shawl collar, and gold button details. No wonder the House of Jacqui has named this suit "A-List!" It doesn't even need an undershirt, as the blazer alone is a gorgeous top by itself.

The side tie blazer

A one-of-a-kind fitted jacket, the Side-Tie Crepe de Chine is attention-grabbing and comfortable too. Classic lapels and hemlines are combined with a novel side tie to bring the modern trend to the humble suit jacket. If you don't like having buttons poke you every time you bend over, consider this the blazer for you.

The sleek blazer

With a curved lapel and an obviously gathered waist, this Elie Tahari piece is certainly fitting the new trend. The jacket is complete by opting for no lapels and a hook-and-eye closure to maintain as sleek a look as possible. And for those of you wary of white, it does also come in black.

The velvet blazer

Gigi Hadid pulls off this trend perfectly in a matching blue velvet suit at the 2022 WWD Honors Awards ceremony. Paired with a simple white button-up, the velvet blazer needs no help to be stylish, gorgeous, and right on-trend. The velvet material was perfect for fall (and winter!) and the entire blazer was covered in it (including the buttons) to make for a seamless look.

The winter staple blazer

First glances might make you think this blazer is nothing special, but just look closer. The embossed gold buttons, the double-breasted front closure, the viscose material that is oh-so-soft. This Zara blazer is the perfect addition to your closet for fall and winter, and its simplicity will mean that you can almost literally wear it with anything. 

The bridal blazer

We're not saying you should wear this as a bride, but we wouldn't stop you either. The truly gorgeous blazer from Express has us all aflutter with the added details of peplum ruffles along the hem and collar. A button snap closure and padded shoulders make this piece an easy choice for a rehearsal dinner or your flight out to your honeymoon. Or, you can wear it just because you love it — who're we to judge?

The comeback blazer

Shay Mitchell wore this little stunner way back in 2018 but that doesn't mean that it's outdated now — quite the opposite, as we think Shay was just ahead of the curve in the trend department. Gorgeously green and with satin edging to class it up even more, this blazer has everything you could want and more in a statement piece. The blazer is closed at the waist with hook-and-eye closures, but the waist accents are our favorite. 

The pinstripe blazer

Another celebrity that knows how to see a trend coming from far off is Kim Kardashian. At her KKW Beauty pop-up shop, she stunned in this pinstripe suit that had everyone looking her way. A snatched waist and pinstripes helped to make this otherwise all-business suit sexy and feminine. Pinstripe blazers are relatively easy to find so you can too copy Kardashian's style by opting for a blazer that is form-fitting and wearing it sans blouse. 

The color-block blazer

Color-blocking hasn't gone out of style, and when you combine it with the cinched blazer, you get quite the pair. These two trends joined forces in Target's Peter Pilotto collection back in 2014. Although this particular blazer might not be around in stores anymore, you can still copy the style with confidence. Just let the blazer speak loudly by complementing it with an all-black ensemble. 

The sexy blazer

You might think that a blazer is just not your style, but don't be so quick to pass on this trend just yet. You might be surprised at what you can find, like this blazer from Bella Lima Jeans, for example. Sexy, colorful, playful, and completely out-of-blazer-character, this blazer features cutouts and striking color to make its mark. It's the perfect blazer for the girl who is still young at heart but has business to take care of. 

The spring blazer

Ready for spring? You are now! Dolce and Gabbana's poppy collection includes this stunning blazer that follows the cinched waist trend. Elegant and sophisticated, this blazer will have you feeling all the feels with its exquisite fabric and just-so fit. A classic shape with just enough print to make it both timeless and modern.

The DIY blazer

Just because the cinched waist is coming back in style doesn't mean you have to go out and buy any. A looser coat or even a suit jacket that doesn't have a waist button can easily be cinched together with a stylish belt. Layer it up with an ultra-feminine piece — like a lace dress — and you've got yourself an outfit to impress. 

The plaid blazer

Plaid definitely does not have to be synonymous with plain. This blazer is actually created of all upcycled or recycled materials and the plaid pattern sure isn't anything to scoff at. Paired with a monochrome dress or top and pants, this blazer can take center stage in your closet over the winter months. 

The closet-staple blazer

If you're to have just one blazer in your entire closet, this should be it. A classic fit and classic pattern (with a peek-a-boo pattern as well!) is emphasized by the one-button closure at the waist and the curved hem — both decidedly modern accents. Wear it closed to your business meetings and leave it loose thrown over an LBD for a night out on the town. This blazer can quite literally go with anything and will serve you well from January through December.