25 Beachy Bridal Hairstyles For A Wedding By The Ocean

When thinking of a romantic wedding location, it makes sense that many people would want to tie the knot on the beach. The sun, sand, and laid–back atmosphere make a perfect scene for a beautiful wedding. Of course, one of the most important details at any wedding is the bride's dress, but let's not neglect the rest of the bride's look — namely, the hair. 

At a beach wedding, there are a few extra factors that hairstylists, and the brides, have to take into account. There's likely to be lots of humidity, wind, and seawater spray from the ocean, so any bride's hairstyle has to find ways to deal with those potential problems. Ultimately, most beach hairstyles will gravitate towards the completely loose style that can be wind-whipped and still look good or towards an extremely tight style that will stay in place even after several hours of humidity and fun in the sun.

No matter what style you're going for, there's a beachy bridal hairstyle out there for you. And the good news is some of the best hairstyles can even be tweaked or modified to your style to make it perfect for you and your special day.

A tight bun

Supermodel Heidi Klum can always be counted on to impress with her hair, and her 'do at the 2006 CFDA Awards is a perfect example of how to style your updo for a beach wedding. Tight, slicked, and put together, this braided bun is sure to last all throughout the day and into the night. It's equally classic, modern, and just elegant enough for a high-class wedding on the beach. 

A sparkly chain

At her 2015 wedding to Patrick Tatopoulos, actress McKenzie Westmore accessorized her otherwise pretty simple hairdo with a diamond chain that added just the right touch of sparkle. Copy her style by gathering beach waves at the nape of the neck in a loose, low ponytail and finding your very own special hair chain to add on top. This style works well for a country-style or laid-back beach wedding. 

A loose updo

Simple is always a good place to hedge your bets. This stunning updo with lots of loose tendrils makes not only for a soft and romantic look, but it's also quite easy to put together and will be manageable during your beach wedding. Wind and surf spray? Bring it on — it'll just make this hairstyle even more picture-perfect. 

A bubble ponytail

There are plenty of casual hairstyles for you to rock through the wedding season if you're a guest, but even a bride can go casual if she wants to. Consider the fashionable yet subdued bubble ponytail. It's endlessly customizable to your style or preference and can even save you money on a hairstylist — because it's that easy to do yourself! Up the ante on the simple hairstyle by tying extra ribbons around each hair tie, accentuating each with a brooch or clip, or even wrapping each hair tie with something sparkly.  

A half fishtail braid

What's cuter than a flower crown for a beach wedding? This hairstyle makes use of not one but two trends to create a hairstyle that's stunning to look at and not even that hard to execute. Pair a loose fishtail braid that ends at the nape of the neck with a flower crown and leave the rest of your hair loose (or go even further and have it curled!). 

A double braid

What's more appropriate than braids on a beach? These might have started out as old-fashioned pigtails, but they get a major modern update when you leave them loose and run them all the way down your hair. You can opt to have them separate as two distinct braids or pin them together in the middle to make it look like one giant braid. Having highlights in your hair will make these braids stand out even more. 

A simple flower

It's never a bad thing to emulate Jennifer Lopez. Even though this hairstyle might be the simplest of the bunch, it's still romantic and elegant and can work with just about any kind of dress style. Depending on your preference, you can choose a real flower or a fake hairpiece and pick from hundreds of colors — or just go with something simple and white to match your dress.

A mermaid flowing braid

Beaches and mermaids are a match made in heaven, so creating this flowy braid similar to what we imagine a mermaid would wear on her own wedding day is perfect for a beach wedding. Pair your loose and flowy braid with an off-the-shoulder dress to maximize the mermaidcore style, and you're good to go. 

A braid with flowers

Sometimes you just want to go easy. A quick French braid can be quite adorable when done right and in the right conditions — and adding some tropical flowers to your braid will give it just the right amount of oomph for your special day. Go for a flower that will hold up to the heat if you're planning on a longer service or reception time to avoid having wilted flowers in your hair.

A flower crown

We mentioned flowers in the hair, but there's nothing quite as classic and beautiful as a full flower crown on loose hair. This example takes the trend one step further and uses a more fall-themed flower crown — which could also suggest that a beach wedding doesn't have to be only during the summer months. 

A double rosette

How perfect is this double rosette for a bridal hairstyle? We love this style's braided design, which involves making two sets of braids and then winding them around each other to create two wonderful-looking rosettes. This style is quite tight and refined, so it works best for an elegant wedding style. Bonus? If you're battling humidity, this hairstyle will have you covered

A crown braid

Wrap this beauty of a braid around your head, and you won't even need to worry about choosing the right wedding veil. You can make this braid either loose or pretty tight to keep it in place throughout your event. It's a great style to keep the hair off your neck, which can help keep you cool even when the ocean and heat raise the humidity levels.

Two half braids

If you can't decide between two styles, consider this hairstyle that starts with two braids down either side of your head but ties them off at the nape of the neck, leaving the rest of the hair loose. You can opt for beach waves or more defined curls and even add embellishments to your braids or around the ties. 

A round braid

There's only one word to describe this beautiful braid — wow. It works best for long hair (or if you get some extensions for your big day) so that you can create a long braid that is then wound around and around your head to create this intriguing spiral. 

The bottom braid

This hairstyle is equally put together and loose — the braid on the bottom holds your hair tight and in place, while the bun on top can be left more loose and flowy. This versatile style is pretty easy to put together and goes well with a more casual wedding or can be styled for something more elegant. 

A half updo

Half-up, half-down hairstyles get the best of both worlds — you can customize an updo with sparkles, ribbons, or hairpins while displaying your beautiful hair in braids, beach waves, or curls. While this example might be simpler, you can add some hair accessories and give your hairdo a bit more oomph.

A quick ponytail

Quick and pretty are two of the best words to describe this hairstyle. Ponytails might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a hairstyle for your wedding day, but this pony is not your typical one. Leaving some loose wisps of hair around your face and curling the hair past the hair tie create a soft and romantic look. 

A side bun

Kate Middleton's most regal looks were definitely about the clothes, but her hair brought all of the ensembles together. The princess certainly did not disappoint with this side bun that she wore on day one of Royal Ascot in 2019, and we think you should use her hair as inspo for your beachy bridal updo. This bun is made up of multiple strands of hair that are wound around and then pinned close together to make the illusion of one big bun. 

Beach-ready fishtail braid

If you're going mermaidcore for your wedding day, this beach-ready fishtail braid is the finishing touch that you need. It's relatively simple and doesn't even require an expert. Leave the rest of your hair down in loose beach waves, and your hair is all settled for the day. 

A modern French twist

If you love the French twist but don't want to be quite so formal for your big day, consider this modern update on the classic hairstyle. By leaving some hair out at the bottom, in a ponytail fashion, you can make the usually formal hairstyle more casual. You can also choose whether you want to leave your hair loose or tighten this style up and have it cleaner. 

A romantic bun with embellishments

Another take on a bun could be this variation that is a bit more loose and casual than the previous one. A messy bun is framed by a braid crown and made even more special by adding a few hair accessories. A few pulled wisps of hair around your face, and you're good to go. The great thing about this style is that you can swap out accessories to match your style.

A pony and hair band

These gorgeous beach waves are accentuated by a beautiful hair band — all tied together in a voluminous half-up ponytail. This is a pretty simple hairstyle that will still look just as great even through hours of partying and celebrating your love with sand between your toes.

A side 'do

Take a page from supermodel Adriana Lima's hair book and keep it simple, letting your hair shine all on its own during your wedding day. A side-swept hairstyle is one of the supermodel's signature looks, and you can copy it for your big day by using pins or hairspray to keep your hair to one side and lightly curling it. 

A flower crown of hair

This hairstyle is truly unique and not something that you'll likely see repeated often, so it's perfect if you're searching for a hairstyle that is outside the norm. Dainty flowers are made around the top of your head to mimic a flower crown while the rest of your hair is left down. It's a good balance between up and down — plus, you can choose to go straight or curl your hair underneath the flowers. 

A ponytail with braided end

And, of course, we're sending you off with a showstopper. This stunning hairstyle uses three different elements — a ponytail, a hair accessory, and a braid. They're also combined in such a way to make this hairstyle unique but also surprisingly functional. The end braid keeps your hair in place and will secure it for the whole day.