40 Hairstyles For You To Rock Through Wedding Season

Lasting from late spring to early fall, wedding season is the time of year when it feels like everyone's tying the knot, but if you're on more than one wedding guest list, you need to do some outfit, makeup, and hair planning. This includes understanding how to dress as a wedding guest and choosing a wedding guest makeup look, but you'll also need to pick out your perfect wedding hairstyle, too. 

There are a few aspects that make a hairstyle wedding-ready. First, it has to fit the wedding dress code (for example, a more relaxed, wavy blowout suits a casual backyard wedding, while an intricate updo is better for a black-tie affair). It should also pair well with your dress and accessories. You'll probably leave the event with some cherished photos, after all, and you'll want to look like the most elevated form of yourself. Finally, it needs to last all day (although we understand if you need to forego practicality for style points). Ultimately, your hairstyle should be able to weather a lot, from mingling at the reception to boogieing on the dance floor, and these hairstyles, ranging from classic blowouts to braided updos, can do just that.

Braids with flowers

Flowers and romance go hand-in-hand, so when celebrating love, why not add flowers to your look? This hairstyle is sweet and pretty, not to mention very easy to recreate yourself. It starts with trendy, face-framing braids, which will help keep your hair out of your face. Then, adorn your braids with flowers. While real flowers look pretty, they likely won't last all day, so small flower clips are a better choice. You can even make your own with artificial flowers, a hot glue gun, and hair clips.

Deep side part and glam curls

Channel your inner movie star with a deep side-parted hairstyle with bouncy curls. The deep side part gives this look an old-Hollywood vibe that suits formal events. You can style a deep part with straight hair as well, though we think the loose curls in this look make it all the more glamorous.

Voluminous ponytail

Ponytails are practical and pretty, which makes them the perfect wedding guest hairstyle. For a wedding, you'll want to go for a ponytail that's elevated from your everyday gym hairdo. One way to make a ponytail more formal is to add a bit of texture and a ton of volume. With lightly waved pieces and some back-combing, this ponytail looks lush and thick. Leave out some face-framing pieces (with a bit of a curl) to make the style look effortlessly formal.

Half-up, half-down bun with braids

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are another wedding guest favorite, and they're perfect if you don't love ponytails and buns. While a regular half-up, half-down style looks stunning and is already wedding-ready with a few curls or accessories, you can make it even more gorgeous with braids. This style incorporates two braided side pieces, pulled back into a loose bun. For extra volume, pull on the sides of each braid to help give them more oomph.

Add hair gems

Hair gems can instantly make even the most plain hairstyle look glamorous. It's especially beautiful for a nighttime wedding look when you're expected to be even more dolled up. You'll want to consider if hair gems are appropriate for the wedding vibe and if it might bother the bride, especially for pearl gems like in this photo (pearls are usually associated with the bride). Otherwise, rhinestone hair gems are a better alternative that still offers a similar look.

Braided crown

It's a stunning style that's spent its fair share of time on Instagram feeds and wedding Pinterest boards: the braided half-updo with loose curls. This style feels like a classic for both brides and wedding guests. It's so graceful and works with any dress or makeup style. Best of all, this is an easy one to recreate yourself. Join two braided pieces at the back with bobby pins, and then finish the look with loose curls.

Claw clip half-updo

If you choose a nice enough clip, a claw clip half-updo is just as suitable for a wedding as it is in day-to-day life. This hairstyle is best for casual weddings, and you'll want to choose one that looks lovely with your outfit, such as this pink clip with the pink dress in this example — even better if it has a romantic vibe, such as a floral or butterfly clip. A claw clip is also an excellent accessory to throw in your purse so that you can throw your hair up if you start to get hot on the dance floor.

Beach waves blowout

Looking like it's right off the stage of a Victoria's Secret runway show, a beachy blowout is always in style. The end hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful, though it does take a fair bit of effort to achieve. With voluminous roots and loose curls, it's a wedding guest hairstyle that works for both casual and formal events.

Covered in clips

If you're going to a boho wedding, a loose, textured look will fit the theme beautifully. However, if this look feels too similar to your everyday style, you can jazz it up with some cute hair clips. Little flowers, gems, or butterflies are fetching options, and you can either go for a multi-color look or one shade to match your wedding outfit.

Classic updo

You can't go wrong with a classic updo hairstyle, whether you're attending a backyard wedding or a formal party. It's one of those styles that match any outfit, makeup look, or event atmosphere, with plenty of ways to make it less or more formal. Pulled-out wispy pieces can give your updo a more undone look, while an intricate bun and tidy appearance can make it more put-together.

Slicked bun

A slicked bun is ever-trendy, which also makes it a chic hairstyle to wear as a wedding guest. It looks modern, and since it's a tight and slicked-back look, it'll hold up well to all wedding day activities. A long reception and lots of dancing are no match for a slicked bun, which you can easily style yourself to boot.

Textured half-up, half-down bob

If you have a bob, your styling options can feel limited since your hair is too short for a ponytail or bun. However, leaving your hair down like usual can also feel boring, so one alternative is a half-up, half-down hairdo. To give your bob enviable volume, add some loose waves.

Braided crown chignon

It's another style you've probably seen before, and that's for good reason: A low chignon with braided accents is a beautiful choice for both brides and wedding guests. It has the same perks as any bun hairstyle since it keeps your hair back and neat. However, the braided crown makes it feel more elegant and wedding-appropriate.

Romantic hair clips

This is another hairstyle that looks so romantic that it's fit for a fairy tale. If you want to lean into the theme of love, some feminine hair clips can elevate your style. You have a few options, including butterfly clips, but flower clips are also a lovely choice.

Peek-a-boo braid

If you want to wear a version of your everyday style but with a bit more pizzazz, then adding a braid is one way to dress up your tresses. A braid randomly placed in a textured style looks gorgeous but is also rather subtle, blending in with the rest of your hair.

Blingy hairband

Add more glitz and glam to your wedding guest hairstyle with a decorated hairband. This blingy option is so lovely for a formal wedding. You'll just want to choose a fairly tame option, as an overly blinged-out version might upstage the bride, which would be a serious wedding guest faux pas.

Middle-parted ponytail

Another ponytail style, this look is a fabulous one for keeping your hair tied up but stylish. If you don't want to go for a full middle part, you can always opt for a baby part (just parting the very front section of your hair), a style that trends fairly often.

Old Hollywood updo

If you're wearing an old-fashioned glam dress, then you'll want a hairstyle to match. Go the Old Hollywood route with a modish updo. Pin curls give this hairstyle its vintage look, and small floral clips are a pretty cherry on top. For this intricate style, you'll want to use a good amount of hair spray to keep your curls in place.

Pigtail braids

If the wedding you're attending is a casual affair — think a backyard wedding or a beachside party — then a relaxed hairstyle is appropriate. Pigtail braids are a cutesy choice that's lovely for a daytime event. They'll keep your hair neat, and you can make them look extra romantic with a couple of bows.

Dreamy bow headband

Maybe it's their association with presents, but there's something about bows that simply feels lovely. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a bow into your look is in your hair. If you want to make a statement with it, try a large bow headband, which you can buy as-is or make yourself with a large satin ribbon.

Hair scarf

Another gorgeous summer wedding option, using a silky hair scarf will add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit. This style and accessory are perfect when you have super short hair that can't be easily styled. Plus, since you can match it to your dress, it can pull your look together even more.

Braided ponytail

You've probably seen a braided ponytail on your feed lately — it's an evergreen summer style that also happens to be perfect for wedding guests. In fact, this style is suitable for casual weddings when you want to go for a "cool girl" look, as well as one that will keep your hair neat all day, even through rain, humidity, and a dance battle at the end of the night.

Undone updo

If a tight chignon feels too formal for your liking, a relaxed updo is a good alternative that can better suit laid-back weddings. It's also a good choice if you want a more natural look while still appearing put-together. Adding curls makes this hairstyle look more intentional and pretty than your typical topknot.

Loose braid

A loose braid has an air of romance to it that makes it gorgeous for a wedding guest hairstyle, especially if you add an elegant hairband or bow. It's another one that works best for more relaxed weddings, though you can get away with it at some more formal events, depending on your outfit and accessories.

Preppy headband

Preppy accessories come and go in fashion, but they're especially cozy for early fall during back-to-school season. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf — and look just as iconic — with a cute hairband at your next late summer or early fall wedding. A material like velvet or silk can really capture the varsity aesthetic.

Sleek and high half-updo

A high half-updo is the perfect hairstyle for those weddings where you know you might get a little wild — a best friend's wedding, for example. It looks so pretty and wedding-guest-ready, but it will hold up to a whole day of activities, from getting ready with the girls to busting a move on the dance floor.

Piecey bun

A nice, done-up bun screams elegance, especially when you leave out some strategic pieces to make it look extra effortless. This style is similar to a spiky bun, just a bit more undone. Instead of spiking up the pieces coming out of your bun, just leave them be and let them hang loose. Curl any pieces that are long enough to do so to give the overall style a relaxed appearance.

Elegant French braid

A loose French braid with face-framing pieces looks incredibly romantic, as though you stepped out of a classic Disney movie. To achieve this look, use a texturizing spray and tug on the side of your braid to give it a boost of volume. A few face-framing pieces lend to this braid's lovely look, too.

Twisted half-up, half-down

Twisted hairstyles are so gorgeous that you'll find them on almost any wedding hair inspiration list, but doing your own twisted chignon can be daunting (it can be hard to recreate a lot of the intricate styles on your feed). Instead, this simple, twisted half-up, half-down hairstyle captures the pretty look of twists but is easy to recreate. Just twist two sections of hair that you'd usually put in a half-up, half-down style and use a hair elastic to join them together.

Braid with wispy front pieces

If you don't have time for twists and curls, a braided hairstyle is a stunning choice that's low-effort yet practical, nice, and tidy. To give your braid a little more interest (they can be a bit plain, after all), pull out a few wispy pieces in the front.

Low chignon with braided accents

Dress up a low chignon with a few braided details. While we're used to seeing big braids and twists in these types of wedding guest hairstyles, you can experiment with smaller braids for a subtler look. Instead of a braided crown, opt for a handful of very thin braids, which gives the style more texture without making the braids the star of the show.

High ponytail

We adore the versatility of a slicked-back high ponytail. It's a hairstyle you can rock to almost any wedding event, from a night out for the bachelorette party to a family-friendly wedding day. It's tidy, pretty, and fulfills all the major requirements of a good wedding guest hairstyle: Not only will you look good, but your hair will stay in place for all the wedding activities.

Curled ponytail

If you want the benefits of a ponytail but don't love super tight and slick looks, try a looser, curled ponytail instead. Curls take it from your everyday ponytail to a more intentional and put-together look, great for any wedding. To add a little more style, cover your hair elastic with a hair wrap. To do so, take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, securing it at the end with a couple of bobby pins.

Half-up, half-down braid

A half-up, half-down braid instantly gives your tresses a boho vibe, which is perfect if you've chosen this style of wedding guest dress. Gorgeous for relaxed summer weddings, a half-up, half-down braid looks beautiful in photos and keeps your hair out of your face — a win-win, if you ask us.

Messy updo

Sometimes, you can look at picture after picture of updo inspiration, and nothing catches your eye like a classic messy topknot updo. It's one of those tousled hairdos that can look quite casual or dressy depending on how you style it. Add curls and accessories to dress it up, or leave it loose and natural for a relaxed look.

Patterned headband

A headband is an easy accessory to overlook, especially for your wedding guest hairstyle. After all, plain, cotton headbands feel more suitable for the gym than a celebratory event. But if you find the right headband, it can really tie your outfit together. It's the perfect accessory if you're wearing a patterned dress, as finding a matching headband will make you look so nicely put together.

Spiky bun

Spiky buns are one of the most versatile looks on our list. It's a hairstyle you can wear with greasy hair to the gym or to a black-tie wedding event — it's really all in the styling. A neater, slicked-back look, eye-catching jewelry, and a classy outfit make the style extra wedding-appropriate.

Twisted front pieces

Twisted front sections take this hairstyle from plain to wedding-ready, and the process is so simple you can do it yourself. To start, take a section of your hair in the front, and split it in two. Twist the strands around each other, and secure it to your head with a bobby pin, making sure to tuck the ends of the twists under a section of hair. Repeat on the other side, and you're set to go. You can either leave your hair straight or add some bouncy curls to finish the look. 

Simple low chignon

If you feel uninspired by intricate hairdos and need a formal style for your next wedding, it's impossible to go wrong with a simple low chignon. This hairstyle suits any event and any dress. Since it's elegant but doesn't command attention, it's a gorgeous style if you want to show off any accessories or a backless dress.

Braided space buns

If you're going to a casual wedding and want to go along with the more relaxed vibe, braided space buns are a fun and funky style to try. The braids make this style feel a bit more put-together — a plus since messy space buns can feel a tad too informal for many weddings.