Braided Ponytails Can Work With Any Outfit & These 37 Examples Prove It

There are so many reasons to love a sleek, braided ponytail. Not only does the style look trendy with any outfit, but it keeps your hair out of your face and neatly in place. Braided ponytails are the perfect style for those active days and nights, whether that's a summer music festival or a night out at the club. You can style them a little more loose and piecey, which looks especially pretty if you have bangs, or slick all of your hair back with hair gel for that super sleek finish. Best of all, braided ponytails are perfect for second- or third-day hair when you need to conceal greasy roots.

A braided ponytail looks fabulous with pretty much any outfit, from your favorite gym ensemble to formal dresses and jumpsuits. They're easy to do, too; you just need medium to long hair. Start with your usual ponytail (low, high, or anywhere in between — it's up to you!). Then, instead of stopping there, braid the ponytail section and tie it off with another elastic. You can style your braided ponytail with all sorts of accessories; barrettes, ribbons, and bows are some of our favorites. We promise this versatile style looks good with almost anything. Sporty, chic, casual, formal, and more — here are some outfit suggestions that look stunning with a braided ponytail hairstyle.

With a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a summer staple for when you want to wear a dress but prefer to feel a bit more covered-up. But with all that extra fabric, they can feel hot on those sweltering summer days. One solution to combat the heat? Tie your hair up. A braided ponytail will help you stay cooler (and look cooler, too). And since tied-up hair can make long gowns look extra elegant, this style will show off your dress all the better. Pair this look with a statement necklace to draw attention to your collarbone area.

All dolled up

Though braided ponytails have a casual feel to them, it doesn't mean you can't pair them with a special event outfit. In fact, the hairstyle adds a kind of trendy air to a look when you're all done up. Gaudy accessories are the star of the show in this outfit, but the braided ponytail makes the outfit feel modern, while still showing off the flashy necklaces and earrings.

With a summer dress

Braided ponytails are a perfect hairstyle for summer. They keep your hair back and neat (which is especially useful on those humid days — a puffy ponytail isn't the look!). Plus, since they're usually slicked back, they won't look bad if they get a little sweaty, either. Pair a braided ponytail with any of your favorite summer dresses. They just plain look adorable together.

Dressed for going out

For many of us, slicked-back styles are a go-to for a night on the town. If you're bored of your usual sleek bun or ponytail, make it braided instead. There's something sultry about a slicked hairstyle with a slightly revealing outfit. With your hair pulled back, it really draws the eye to your clothing, which is exactly what you want when you're wearing your hottest outfit for a night out.

With a denim jacket

Every closet should have a classic blue denim jacket. It goes with pretty much all your casual wear, including more denim (we just can't help but love a Canadian tuxedo). Paired with headphones, which are just as much of an accessory as they are functional, this double-denim look with a braided ponytail looks effortlessly trendy.

With a button-down shirt

Tasteful, versatile, and excellent as a cover-up against the summer sun, a linen button-down shirt is a closet staple. It's one of those items that immediately captures that "clean girl" aesthetic, but it can sometimes feel a bit plain. If you want to dress up a button-down shirt outfit, one way is with a trendy hairstyle like a braided ponytail. Add a few dainty jewelry pieces, and you'll look even more put-together.

A flashy tank top

Slicked-back hairstyles are a good choice for when you're wearing a shirt you want to show off — it takes the focus away from your hair and puts it on your neck, collarbone, and especially the top of your outfit. If you have a sparkly tank top or blouse that you want to be the star of your outfit, pair it with a braided ponytail.

With a sleek leather jacket

If you're going for a cool girl look, a stylish leather jacket never misses. Rock it with a braided ponytail and you'll look even more on-trend. The sleekness of a leather jacket matches a slicked hairstyle, pulling the whole look together beautifully. Matching jewelry and a colorful bag are eye-catching accessories to add to this otherwise simple outfit.

A trench coat

Some variation of the trench coat is always in style, holding up its reputation for being fashionable and mysterious. A braided ponytail lets others know that you're a trendy woman of mystery. When styled with chunky Dad sneakers, a tote bag, and this relaxed hairstyle, this trench coat outfit is casual and cool.

Denim on denim

Take double denim and make it all the more trendy. This denim outfit takes inspiration from Y2K fashion, with its low-rise cut, peek of midriff, and accessories — it's a far cry from your traditional Canadian tuxedo. The small shoulder bag, hoop earrings, and long braided ponytail look fabulous together for an early-aughts inspired look.

With a sleek formal ensemble

Braided ponytails have graced the red carpet plenty of times in recent years. If you have a special event coming up where you want to look just as cool as you are sophisticated, this trending hairstyle is one way to pull this off. It can pretty much take any formal outfit from tasteful to chic. It works especially well to show off accessories around your neck, such as the scarf in this example.

A warm winter vest

A braided ponytail is a practical summer hairstyle, but that doesn't mean it's not suited for other seasons as well. It's really a year-round style for keeping your hair out of the way, particularly useful for those days when you're running errands with a coffee in hand. When paired with an insulated vest, this hairdo looks comfortable and cozy.

With jeans and heels

We love recent fashion trends towards stylish and comfortable, like pairing a dress with sneakers — or in this case, loose jeans with high heels. A trending hairstyle like the braided ponytail makes this outfit look more suitable to wear to your Friday night plans. Whether that's a date or a bar night with friends, this look strikes a balance between relaxed and chic.

A structured blazer

In the office and out on the street, a structured blazer is the jacket of choice for a range of settings. Oversized blazers are the right call lately, with boxy, structured silhouettes trending. To offset the loose look of a large blazer, go for a sleek braided ponytail as your hairstyle. This style is also suitable for casual workplaces, so it's the one to choose for a day-to-night look.

With your favorite fall shacket

There's a playful element to braided ponytail styles, maybe because they remind us of some of our favorite youthful hairdos. Rock a braided ponytail with one of your classic fall outfits, like boots, jeans, and a cozy shacket. With this look, you'll be ready for all sorts of fall activities, whether that's a cozy coffee date or visiting the pumpkin patch.

A tomboy-ish outfit

Tomboy outfits always have a place in current style — they're a good choice if you don't gravitate towards traditionally feminine outfits. With baggy silhouettes trending lately, there's even more in the forefront. One way to play with your style expression is with your hair, which can make an outfit feel less or more androgynous. A braided ponytail is a pretty neutral option that is less feminine than loose beach waves, for example. If you want to make your braided ponytail more feminine for contrast, add an accessory like a ribbon or bow.

Classic blue jeans and a shirt

It's the classic combination that works with any and all hairstyles: blue jeans and a cute top. If you're not sure what outfit to wear a braided ponytail with, this is a foolproof option. If you want to elevate the look, do so with your accessories. Eye-catching earrings, a cute purse, and a dainty hair ribbon make this outfit more distinctive, even if its base is just a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Two-piece set

Two-piece sets look glamorous and also take the stress out of creating an outfit; if all else fails, you know this one will always match. If you also want to take the stress out of doing your hair, try a ponytail braid. It's a style that works on clean or dirty hair, and for almost any occasion.

A monochrome set

A monochrome outfit instantly gives you that cool factor, and the best way to make sure your colors really match is by getting a monochrome set. This sage green ensemble is a gorgeous color for spring, and the pink accented accessories are just a cherry on top. A braided ponytail is the right choice for this trendy outfit, and the pink bows tie it nicely with the rest of the outfit.

A cozy jacket

If we haven't already proven that a braided ponytail works for all seasons, then maybe this is the outfit to sway you. When it's a little too warm for pants but a little too cold for a t-shirt, a transitional outfit will keep you cozy. A braided ponytail is a neutral style that works nicely with those outfits that straddle warm and cold weather.

Athleisure outfit

A ponytail is the go-to hairstyle for working out, but if you're wearing a workout outfit in your day-to-day life, you might prefer a trendier hairdo. A braided ponytail has that bit of oomph that makes it more stylish, while still fitting in with the athleisure vibe. It's practical, too, so it's a hairstyle you can wear to the gym as well.

With a puffer jacket

Winter clothes and accessories can have an annoying side effect: For some of us, scarves and jacket collars can cause tangles in our hair. One way to combat these annoying knots is to tie your hair out of the way. A regular ponytail still has the potential to get all twisted up, so braid it instead to keep it extra neat. Plus, this style looks cute, too.

Classic all black

You can't go wrong with an all-black outfit. Depending on how you style it, it can have a sleek or a grungy look. Both aesthetics work perfectly with a slicked-back braided ponytail. It can make an already sleek outfit look more put-together and chic, or take an edgy outfit to the next level with its modern vibe.

Tucked through a baseball cap

Fashionable and practical, this braided ponytail hairstyle looks sporty-chic and keeps your hat in place. This hairstyle looks great with jeans and a jacket, but you can also wear it to the gym, a hike, or the tennis club. To get the look, tuck your ponytail through the back of a baseball cap, then style your braid. This is a good way to make sure your ponytail is in the right place before you go through the effort of braiding.

With a schoolgirl skirt

Girly outfits look a little more edgy with a braided ponytail, and this picture is a good example. It takes this classic feminine look from the school to the streets, especially with a multi-braided look, which stands out from the regular braided ponytails on our list. Styling this hairstyle is a similar process: Start with a ponytail, then add as many braids as you'd like, tying them off with mini hair elastics for a smoother look.

Pink and yellow girly outfit

We've covered tomboy outfits on this list, but braided ponytails work just as wonderfully with hyper-feminine outfits. The pink and yellow colors, bows, jewelry, and bustier top design makes this outfit look girly, and the looser ponytail braid fits right in. Go for a more voluminous braid for a similar look by tugging on the sides of your braid a little bit once it's tied. The two bows are also a must with this look, to make it just a touch more feminine.

Bike shorts and sneakers

Though braided ponytails have found their way into almost every facet of style, they really make the most sense with workout clothes. This bike shorts and sneakers outfit is a great example: It's a hairstyle you can easily pull together for your hot girl walk or a casual hang with friends.

A wintery ski hill outfit

For a day of hitting the slopes and other active winter shenanigans, a braided ponytail is a stylish way to keep your hair out of your way. While a high ponytail might work nicely for your après-ski activities, you'll probably want to opt for a low ponytail braid for the actual skiing (or skating, tubing, and whatever other winter activity strikes your eye). A low ponytail will fit under a helmet, and we always have to put safety before style!

With a miniskirt

A braided ponytail has a cutesy look that is even more adorable when you add hair bows and pull out some face-framing strands. This braided ponytail look is lovely for your girlier outfits. It's sleek and a bit sultry, so it looks stunning with a miniskirt and a lacy shirt, like in this outfit.

A summery shirt and jean shorts

Just like a shirt and jean shorts is a throw-it-on-and-go summer outfit, a braided ponytail is an easy and low-maintenance hairdo. It's a good one to have in your hair styling tool belt for those warm days when you're rushing out the door. All it takes is two hair elastics (and hair gel if you want that slicked look), and it's a style you can pull together riding on transit or in the car.

A balletcore look

Balletcore has taken over our feeds in recent months. Whether you take ballet classes or you just want to look like you do, a ponytail braid helps to pull your hair out of your face. Some days, a ponytail feels too casual, and a real ballet bun too severe. Land somewhere in the middle with a braided ponytail, which is suitable for the streets and a casual ballet class. Just don't whip yourself in the eye when you're practicing your pirouettes!

With a fur coat

It doesn't really matter what you wear it with — a fur coat pretty much always looks dressy. If you want to tone down this luxe look, go for a relaxed outfit like jeans and sneakers, as well as a relaxed hairstyle like a braided ponytail. These elements make an eye-catching fur coat look a little more informal, so you can rock it as part of your day-to-day wear.

Cute and casual

A braided ponytail looks cute with any casual outfit, but especially when you're styling with sneakers. They both have an athletic feel, so they work nicely together. If you don't want to go full athleisure, opt for a dressier outfit like this one, which pairs a button-down shirt and skirt with high gym socks, vintage sneakers, and a slick braided ponytail.

A stunning dress

Summer events are so fun, but when the weather is sweltering, they're not always comfortable. To battle heat and humidity, sometimes you need to choose a smart hairstyle. A braided ponytail works with all types of formal outfits, from pantsuits or cocktail dresses. With extra face-framing braids, this hairstyle makes a rather simple dress feel so much more trendy — and your hair will stay neat throughout sweat and humidity.

With a bathing suit

Along a similar vein, braided ponytails are an excellent beach day hair style. They'll keep your hair tidy and away from your face and shoulders, where a ponytail might be prone to sticking to sweat and sunscreen. Just make sure to put sunscreen on your ears as well, since this hairstyle will leave them exposed to the sun.

A cottagecore dress

Braids are a popular hairstyle for the cottagecore aesthetic. When done loosely with flowy details, they just look so pretty and idyllic. This braided ponytail is a perfect example to capture the vibe. Start with a looser and lower ponytail (even better if you have bangs or pull out some face-framing strands). Create your braid and give it a gentle pull on each side to make it look fuller. Finish with a bow or ribbon.

Summery linen outfit

There's probably no better feeling than getting back to your home or hotel room sunkissed and glowy from a day at the beach. If you need to throw on a quick outfit for dinner or drink plans, a summery linen outfit is the comfortable but fashionable pick. Pair it with a braided ponytail, and you're all set for a night out after a big day — no hair wash needed.