Double Denim Is Trending. Here's How To Elevate The Canadian Tuxedo Look

Double denim, known lovingly as the Canadian tuxedo, is having a moment yet again. This is a look that has never really gone out of style thanks to the versatility, comfort, and accessibility of denim. 

Over the last few decades, celebrities have done their part to make the double denim look happen. It's been over 20 years since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake first graced the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards in a fully coordinated denim outfit that made the Canadian tuxedo a household name (again). Recently, Bella Hadid was seen rocking an elevated double denim look on Givenchy's runway, while Emily Ratajkowski wore the oversized double denim look on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Most recently, Dakota Johnson was seen wearing triple denim to the Sundance Film Festival, proving that this style is one of 2023's hottest looks.

If you're ready to give this look a try but aren't sure how to pair your denim together, we're here to help. Double denim is trending, so we've compiled some looks to show you how to elevate the Canadian tuxedo look and provide you with endless styling inspiration.

Strapless mini dress

Outfits like this show us why denim is so hot right now. You may think of only jeans when you think of denim, but you shouldn't! While technically this adorable strapless denim dress is just one piece, it still gives the illusion of double denim, proving just how sexy the Canadian tuxedo can be. A simple pair of heels and a cute belt bag are all this look needs.

Mini skirt with jacket

Thanks to Y2K fashion trends becoming popular again, the denim mini skirt is back! Sure, longer skirts are trending this year as well, but the ultra mini will never go out of style. Wear your denim mini with a classic denim jacket layered over a basic tee or even a turtleneck. A pair of white ankle boots make this look perfect for day or night.  

Denim blazer

When we think of a denim jacket we tend to think of the classic jean jacket, but you shouldn't overlook the denim blazer! This fitted blazer worn over a white blouse looks gorgeous on its own but looks even better worn with a pair of distressed denim jeans. The embellishments on this blazer really make this a piece that can be worn on numerous occasions. 

Raw edge and tailored

Here is a look that screams casual chic. Creator Chery Sparks proves that the Canadian tuxedo can be for both work and play. The combination of a lighter pair of raw-hemmed, straight-leg jeans with a fitted denim blouse is nice, but adding the popped collar, rolled-up sleeves and bold jewelry make this outfit smart and sophisticated while still being casual.

The jumpsuit

You can pair denim separates for that classic Canadian tuxedo look or go for a jumpsuit for something a little bit different. Adding a belt gives this jumpsuit the illusion that this could be separates while also creating a bit more shape. You could wear this jumpsuit with chunky boots for a casual look or a sleek heel for something more formal.

Overalls with long sleeves

Overalls are another '90s staple that is making a big comeback thanks to celebrities like Blake Lively, Jennifer Garner, and Camila Cabello, who have all been spotted wearing this comfy trend. If you want to elevate the look of your overalls, pair them with a long sleeve denim shirt and a cute pair of strappy heels.

Corset and dark denim

Dark denim always looks great for a night on the town. These low-rise, straight-leg jeans have a large silver belt buckle that provides a nice contrast from the dark denim corset top with a peek-a-boo neckline. We love how this look is paired with a long trench coat for added drama.

Monochromatic denim with a contrasting coat

Monochromatic double denim always looks great, but it can sometimes look a bit too casual. Adding an oversized coat and handbag really takes this look to the next level. The black coat also provides a nice contrast to the monochromatic shades of denim while keeping the look minimalist.

Oversized fit

Create the perfect layered look with this oversized jacket and baggy jeans. This look is not only stylish but comfortable too. A simple white tee under this jacket provides just the right amount of color to contrast with the denim. You can wear this look with a great pair of white trainers for a daytime look or add a pair of boots or heels to dress it up a bit.

Black denim

Don't be afraid to take things a bit darker with black denim. The Canadian tuxedo look doesn't have to be all about blue denim. This black denim mini skirt with heart detailing would look cute by itself but paired with a fitted, cropped denim jacket and a red shirt to give it a pop of color, and this outfit instantly becomes something that would look great for a night out. 

Full skirt and fitted shirt

Add some personality and a touch of femininity to your double denim look with this very on-trend and floor-length denim skirt. This looks so good when paired with a classic denim blouse in a slightly lighter shade of blue. A basic shoe paired with a bold belt completes this look that can be worn anywhere. 

Go vintage

The best part about denim is that it never goes out of style. Whether you're borrowing your mom's old jacket or you've hit up your local thrift shop, double denim looks amazing when you're pairing older items with new ones. We love how this vintage jacket looks when worn with these classic Levi's.

Cargos with a handkerchief top

Go for the triple denim look with this stunning street style. Pro hockey player Saroya Tinker wears a denim handkerchief-style top with a pair of straight-leg denim, cargo-style jeans. Proving you can never wear enough denim, she added an oversized jean jacket and colorful trainers to complete this look.

Oversized jean jacket with halter

Denim on denim should look easy, and effortless, and that's exactly the vibe we're getting from this look. The bright white cropped halter worn under the oversized denim jacket looks fashionable yet simple. Pairing this look with jeans in a similar shade of denim gives the minimalist look you've been dreaming of.

Fitted and fabulous

One of the best things about wearing double denim is you can pair different colors and shades of denim and you'll still look amazing. We love how this darker, fitted short-sleeve top looks with a pair of light denim jeans. This is a preppy look with just a touch of sexiness thanks to the unbuttoned neckline.

Patterned denim

We often talk about mixing shades of denim for a unique look, but if you're really looking for something different than the norm, try patterned denim. We love the vibes that this gray patterned denim outfit is giving. The wide-leg jeans balanced the fitted corset top perfectly, while the leather trench coat is the perfect outer layer for this edgy look.

Cropped with cowboy boots

The Canadian tuxedo but make it fashionable. Fashion creator Bethany Ekezie looks stylish in her Levi's and cropped denim jacket, but the addition of the white cowboy boots and white handbag really complete this outfit. White is always a great accent color when wearing denim because it provides just the right amount of contrast without overshadowing the denim.

Denim and white

This is another example of how well a bright, white shirt looks when paired with double denim. A vintage denim jacket or vintage jeans will always be in style and gets new life when paired with a crisp white shirt. Whether you choose lighter denim like this or darker denim, a white accent will always work.

Go for layers

If you thought a denim bustier wasn't for you, maybe you weren't giving it a chance. We love how this bustier is layered over a cropped white blouse to give this outfit more coverage and versatility. Black boots and a large black tote are the perfect accessories, and a big, bold belt is all the jewelry you need.

Extra-large chic

The oversized look is very on-trend this year, which is why we love this look so much. This extra-large denim shirt, worn with more tailored raw-edge jeans, looks sleek and stylish without looking baggy. A high heel worn in a bright color gives a great contrast to the matching denim, while a great pair of sunglasses is a chic addition to this outfit.

Camel accents

There's something rugged yet preppy about this outfit that we love. Pairing a fitted shirt with wide-leg jeans gives this outfit the balance it needs, but the addition of a camel-colored accent adds a chic vibe. We love how the belt, boots, and bag all coordinate in this gorgeous camel color, but the addition of the scarf is an unexpected finishing touch.

Denim boots

One thing we love about denim is its versatility. Because it can often be difficult to perfectly match your denim, wearing contrasting shades is a great way to style your double denim. In this case, a darker indigo denim boot is worn with a black bodycon dress and dropped jean jacket in lighter denim. When mixing your denim colors there are no rules, so feel free to get creative.

The sleeveless shirt

A white button-down goes with almost everything, including a great pair of jeans. But if you wanted to mix things up a bit, we love how this look layers a sleeveless denim shirt over the white button-down. This works great if you love the look of double denim but want to break it up just a bit.

Cool and casual

Y2K styles are seeing a huge resurgence this year, and that means faded denim is back in style. (But did it ever really leave?) Pair a faded, distressed denim shirt worn untucked with lighter, straight-cut denim jeans for a cool and casual look that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Denim and leather

A denim vest is another great way to wear the Canadian tuxedo look without feeling overwhelmed by denim. A denim vest can be worn over a leather jacket as we see here, but you can also layer it over a tee shirt, tank top, or sweater or even wear it with a dress.

Outdoor perfection

This double denim look is ideal for running errands on those cooler days or simply adding a bit of warmth when needed. By layering a colorful, quilted vest over a classic chambray shirt and raw-edge jeans, you can add a nice pop of contrasting color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. It's just a small addition of color, but it makes a big impact.

Big but not baggy

We love how this double denim is styled! The Canadian tuxedo is often worn more casually but this shows how easy it is to elevate the look. Simple jewelry and a square-toe mary jane-style shoe are the perfect accessories to this outfit. We love the cropped hem of the pant and the crisp styling of the chambray shirt.

Street style

In case you haven't heard, skinny jeans are so 2022, and baggy jeans are where it's at this year. These baggy cargo jeans look super hot worn with a cropped white tee shirt and coordinating denim jacket. Add an oversized, full-length coat and ball cap to give this look the ultimate street style flair.

Skinnies with a sweater

Baggy jeans may be having their moment in 2023, but that doesn't really mean you have to ditch your skinnies forever. In fact, wearing faded skinny jeans with an oversized, faded denim jacket is the perfect way to stay warm on those cool, winter days because you have enough room to wear a sweater or hoodie underneath.

Belted jacket with cutoffs

Don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to styling your double denim. We love how adding the belt to this outfit gives it a bit more structure while the boots make this look dressier than it would have been otherwise. Sometimes just a few accessories can transform your look from casual to chic.

Long and faded

The return of the long denim skirt is here. Another fashion staple from the early aughts, the maxi denim skirt is very on trend right now and can be styled in a variety of ways. Pair your maxi skirt with a soft denim shirt in a similar shade for a sexy and effortlessly cool look. 

Blue and white denim

The secret to styling baggy jeans so they don't look sloppy is all in the proportions, according to stylist Thomas Christos Kikis. "The key to oversized jeans is they need to be really big throughout, except for the waist," he told Vogue. The proportions on these jeans are perfect and look great when worn with a fitted tank and oversized jacket. We are obsessed with pairing white and blue denim together!

Fitted and faded

This look is everything. This is another example of how choosing the right accessories can totally elevate a traditional Canadian tuxedo look. By simply adding a belt, heels, and a handbag in coordinating shades, plus a great pair of large earrings and some cool sunnies, this look goes from simple to sophisticated.

Chic and wide leg

The double denim look is becoming so popular that you're no longer limited to the traditional denim shirt. We love this drop-shoulder shirt with wide sleeves for an unconventional denim look. The jeans are wide-legged but perfectly tailored so the look doesn't look too big. Chic jewelry and great shoes complete this look.

Cropped jacket with ripped jeans

Faded denim, baggy jeans, and cropped denim are all back in style this year, making this outfit on-point. The cropped jacket perfectly balances out the straight-leg jeans and is interesting enough on its own thanks to the scalloped shape of the hem. While coordinating denim colors isn't always easy, it looks amazing when it happens.

Not so basic black

You don't have to wear traditional blue denim to rock the Canadian tuxedo. We love how this black denim outfit looks casual yet stylish. This look still manages to look tailored while embracing the oversized trend that is so popular this year. Wear this with a cute pair of shoes for daytime or pair it with a more dramatic heel for a more formal look.