Kelli Catana

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New Jersey
Carleton University
New Nail Designs, Beauty Reviews, Fashion Trends
  • As an entertainment blogger, Kelli hosted Twitter parties during major awards shows that would often trend nationwide.
  • She was invited to the set of "A Bad Moms Christmas" with a group of respected bloggers to interview the cast and even film as an extra in the movie.
  • She has also been a regular contributor to local television and radio stations doing award-show wrap-ups, book promotion segments, and a number of different promotional segments, including holiday gift guides and holiday movie reviews.


Kelli has been covering the world of entertainment, pop culture, parenting, and lifestyle for various online and print publications as a blogger and freelance writer for over a decade. She is a mom to four busy teens who keep her up to date on all the latest TikTok trends and beauty must-haves. Kelli has written for sites such as Entertainment Tonight Canada,, I'm Not Obsessed, BabyGaga, Hot Moms Club, Screen Rant, Parents Canada magazine, iRun Magazine, and many more. She loves a good book and is obsessed with Bravo TV.


Kelli earned her bachelor of arts degree in law from Carleton University, located in Canada's capital city of Ottawa. Her time at university helped foster her love of writing which she has applied throughout all aspects of her career. After leaving her sales and marketing role in the high-tech sector she embarked on a successful freelance writing and blogging career.

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