20 Double French Manicure Ideas To Upgrade Your Basic Mani

All hail the French manicure. This clean and minimalist look is once again trending but this time nail artists are getting a bit more creative with their designs. Although the classic French, which features a natural-colored nail with a crisp, white tip is the gold standard of manicures, the double French manicure is gaining in popularity this season.

The double French manicure features a second line of polish painted below the traditional tip, giving the appearance of two lines. Emily H. Rudman, founder of makeup brand Emilie Heathe, explained to NewBeauty that the look is created by a nail artist painting "two lines that essentially outline the area that would normally be completely filled in with polish at the tip of the nail."

Many nail artists are getting even more creative and putting their own spin on this look. From glitter polish to experimenting with color, the double French manicure is one way to have some fun and put your own spin on a classic look. Check out these double French manicure ideas that will help you upgrade your basic mani.


C'mon Barbie, let's go party! These two-tone pink nails are fully embracing the Barbiecore trend, and we are here for it! These long, almond-shaped nails are the ideal canvas for this soft and feminine manicure. The pale pink tips are outlined not just at the base of the tip but around the top as well for a fun spin on the traditional double French manicure. 

Spring vibes

You don't have to skip the nail art when choosing a double French manicure.  Although we typically see the double outline at the tip with this trend, these bright spring nails take it in a different direction by painting the half-moon in red with a blue outline, with bright green tips. This simple nail art works well with the bright colors for a standout manicure.

Neutral tones

If you prefer neutral shades for your mani but get tired of the traditional white and pale pink, why not opt for something like these warm, autumnal shades? Worn on short, squoval nails, this mustard yellow and burnt orange polish may make you want to grab your pumpkin spice latte and go apple picking, but these colors work any time of the year and are a nice alternative to the more typical look.

Simply elegant

Black polish will always make a statement, especially when you wear black tips, but adding a line of gold chrome polish makes these nails stand out in a crowd. We love how the almond shape of the nails elongates the hand, but it's the gold polish that really makes this look pop. This look is subtle enough for everyday wear, yet striking enough for the red carpet.

A touch of glitter

A short, round manicure will never go out of style, especially for those who love a minimalist girlie vibe. But sometimes, you want to add just a bit of sparkle to your otherwise basic manicure, and this is how you do it. Silver glitter polish is painted in a thin line at the tip and around the half-moon for just a touch of shimmer.

Side French

The side French manicure is an updated take on the classic version of this trend. Instead of painting the tops of the nail tips, you paint on an angle, creating a side tip. This is a fun way to update a classic look, especially when you use different colors. This trend also looks great when you add a double line as it highlights the negative space on the nail. 

Subtle for spring

Calling all minimalist manicure lovers! Here's another example of the double-side French manicure but instead of the double line below the tip, it's painted on the opposite side of the cuticle. The pale spring colors are perfect for someone who prefers an understated look, while the opposite outlines create a fun balance on the nail.

Naturally negative

Get creative with your double French manicure and skip the tips! Instead of painting the tips in a solid color, this nail artist chose two simple outlines in a rosy pink polish. Medium-length almond nails provide plenty of space for these lines to stand out. The best part about a manicure like this is how easy it is to do at home. All you need is a steady hand! 

Clean and classic

The French manicure is a classic for a reason, and that's because it is simply stunning. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need long nails to wear this trend either. This nail artist created a clean and classic look on short, oval nails by creating a micro tip and painting another thin line of white polish just underneath the tip.


We admit it, we're a sucker for a romantic mani! We're getting total Valentine's Day vibes from this pink and red double French manicure, and we're not mad about it. If you're looking for a soft, sweet look for a special night out, why not try this classic color combination for your next manicure?

Chase the rainbow

If you subscribe to the belief that manicures should be fun then this is a look for you! Rounded nails look eye-catching when you experiment with color, so why not choose them all? This nail artist mixed and matched multiple different shades to create a unique double French manicure on each nail and the results are incredible and unique.

A touch of sparkle

Add a hint of sparkle to a traditional French manicure with some silver glitter polish. A thin line of silver glitter polish outlines the classic white tip for an unexpected update on this otherwise simple and clean manicure. The rounded lines of the glitter polish offset the square French tip drawing more attention to the nails. 

Beautifully basic

Elevate your micro French mani with a double line. What makes this look so beautiful is its simplicity. Two thin white lines are hand painted on a neutral, almond-shaped nail for a Pinterest-worthy manicure. Although we're partial to the clean and classic colors used here, you can get creative with this style and choose a different polish color to change things up a bit.

Red and gold

Red is one of those classic polish colors that people either love or stay far away from. If you've been wanting to wear red but feel it's a bit bold for your manicure, why not try a red French tip? A gold glitter outline adds a nice sparkle and makes this look perfect for the holidays.

Glam green

French manicures are a great way to wear a bright-colored polish without it feeling overwhelming. While you may shy away from wearing a full manicure in this bright Kelly green, it's gorgeous as a French tip. Add a bit more personality without taking away from the bright green by adding the white outline. This makes the green pop even more and creates a nice balance between the colors. 

Skittle nails

Skittle nails are a creative way to wear multiple polish colors at the same time for a cool, funky look. We love how this nail artist combined the double French manicure trend with the Skittle nail trend by adding outlines to the tips in monochromatic shades. Such a fun look to usher in the spring season. 

Bold and beautiful

Black is a quintessential polish choice when you want to add a bold color to your nail, but this manicure might convince you to swap your trusty go-to dark hue for navy blue instead. The addition of the pale blue outline allows this navy micro-tip to really stand out.


There's nothing quite like a classic, double-French manicure. Long, almond tips are painted a bright white with a white underline that gives just a hint of negative space. This look is for all those who love the clean and soft manicure aesthetic but still love to be on trend!

Get tipsy

If you find the traditional French manicure boring, remember that your tips don't have to be a solid color to pull off this trend. This nail artist combined a soft red and blue polish to create some fun nail art on the tips and used the same soft red to create the underline.

Not so basic black

Black polish is anything but basic in this double French manicure. The jet-black tip is perfectly highlighted by the micro outline done on just two accent nails. This doesn't overpower the finished result but creates some dimension through the negative space on those accent nails. The finished look is both subtle and chic.