20 Refreshing Ways To Pull Off A Maxi Skirt This Spring

If you're looking to update your wardrobe this spring, you may want to tuck those mini and midi skirts away and stock up on maxi skirts. The long, often billowy skirts are one of this season's hottest trends and people everywhere are applauding! Not only are maxi skirts versatile but they're also comfortable.

"Sometimes, trends are hard to jump on when you feel like you have nothing in your wardrobe to go with them, but the maxi skirt is a great way to apply a trend to an everyday wardrobe," personal stylist and image consultant Christina Stein told InStyle. "You name it, you can find a maxiskirt that can quickly become a part of your personal style," she says.

Many people are familiar with wearing maxi skirts for casual wear during the summer or while on vacation, but we're here to help you style your maxi skirt with outfits for every day and evening wear. Before you start shopping check out these 20 refreshing ways to pull off a maxi skirt this spring and start planning your outfits now.

Chic and sophisticated

Once upon a time the maxi skirt was associated with a more bohemian vibe or at the very least, a casual look. This styling shows you just how chic a maxi skirt can be. A long black column skirt worn with a fitted white tee, contrasting blazer, and black boots give this skirt an edge that we don't normally see with maxi skirts. Minimal jewelry, sleek sunglasses, and a coordinating handbag complete this look.

Double denim

We've already told you that the denim maxi skirt is one of 2023's hottest trends, and embracing the double denim look is one way to style this must-have wardrobe piece. A thin black turtleneck gives just the right amount of contrast when worn under a faded denim jacket and denim maxi skirt in a similar wash. The lighter denim is the perfect choice for spring.

Pastel vibes

Lighten things up a bit with contrasting pastels. If you're going for a flirty and feminine vibe, a layered maxi skirt in a pastel blue is a great choice. Whether you choose a patterned or solid color skirt, pairing it with a cropped pastel pink cardigan allows you to showcase the full length of the skirt.

Go monochrome

One of the benefits of wearing a monochromatic outfit is it takes the stress out of choosing what you're going to wear. Another benefit is that it looks amazing. Choosing monochromatic pieces to match your maxi skirt is an easy and stylish way to create a lewk. This street-style outfit pairs a maxi skirt, bandeau top, jacket, and boots all in coordinating shades.

Show some thigh

Don't let anyone tell you that maxi skirts can't be sexy! Choosing a maxi skirt with a high slit lets you show off a little (or a lot) of leg and looks stunning when worn with a gorgeous pair of thigh-high boots. A belted shirt and statement jewelry make this look perfect for a night on the town.

For an event

If you're looking for something to wear to an event like a wedding or shower but don't want to go with a full-length dress, a maxi skirt is a perfect alternative. This ombre-colored maxi with a sheer overlay is paired with a strapless corset top for a look that is dressed up but not too formal.

With classic trainers

Once you find that perfect maxi skirt you may find it quickly replaces those jeans or joggers that were once your go-to pieces for a daytime casual look. A maxi skirt like this trendy light denim skirt can be styled just like your favorite pair of jeans. Wear it with a casual neutral-colored top and pair of classic trainers for a chic, everyday look that you can wear day to night.

Soft and feminine

Pleats and ruching can turn a typical maxi skirt into something to talk about. We love the color of this stunning skirt, and when paired with a classic white blouse you have a look that could work for the office or date night. The pleats give the skirt depth and dimension while the cropped hem of the blouse adds just a touch of sexiness.

Get coordinated

Matching coordinates is always a good look because, like monochromatic outfits, everything just goes together. With this outfit, the coordinates work so well together because the short-sleeved top is fitted enough that it balances out the full length of the skirt and doesn't overpower the outfit. The contrast stitching also provides just the right accent to this all-black outfit.

Go for tulle

A fit-and-flare maxi like this one with a tulle overlay can be worn in so many different ways. Thanks to the neutral color scheme of the skirt it really is easy to find coordinating pieces, but looks so good when paired with a simple, neutral-colored top. This is a look that can be worn year-round and paired with a basic tee or tank top for spring.

Classic fit

A striped denim maxi skirt, a plain white tee, a black sweater, and pair of kitten heels is all you need to recreate this smart and tailored style. You can throw your sweater over your shoulders and layer it on if it gets cool. Add some color with a cute handbag and you've got a classic outfit that can be dressed up or down.

Vacay vibes

If you're headed on vacation this spring make sure you pack a variety of maxi skirts. Light, flowy maxi skirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple for any tropical vacation because they're so easy and versatile to wear. Throw them on over a bathing suit as a quick cover-up or with a tee or tank for a cool and cute outfit. Opt for a skirt with a vibrant pattern and more movement in the skirt for the ultimate vacay look.

Color block

We love the spring because it's that time of year when you can ditch the heavy coats and jackets and wear a simple sweater instead. If you love color blocking you can pair a timeless black turtleneck with a khaki maxi skirt for a timeless look. Accessories like a pair of black loafers and sunnies complete the outfit.

Bold and beautiful

Solid maxi skirts are lovely and versatile but a bold print in a bright color will help you stand out in a crowd. What we love about a skirt like this one is you can wear it with something as simple as a graphic or plain tee because you want the skirt to be the focal point of your outfit.

Minimalist moment

You can embrace your love of minimalism by pairing your maxi skirt with complementary pieces. This full maxi skirt in a natural nude looks great when worn with a cream top, but it's the matching hijab that really completes this look. Strappy sandals and contrasting handbags are the perfect accessories.

Casual Friday

The beauty of a piece like this layered khaki maxi skirt is that it can be worn for multiple seasons. A cute strapless top and strappy sandals are all you need for a warm weather look, while you could wear this with a denim shirt and tall boots in the cooler months.

Make a statement

Spring is when all the flowers begin to bloom and the world is once again filled with all the different colors of nature, so why not embrace the change with a bright pink maxi skirt? Naturally, wearing all black — from your top to your long duster to your boots and accessories is the best way to make this bold color really pop while still looking chic and sophisticated.

Go sheer

Leather pants were everywhere last fall so it's not surprising that the leather maxi skirt would become one of this spring's hottest looks. Leather can be a bit intimidating if you're not used to wearing it but you'll be sure to make jaws drop if you choose to wear your leather maxi with a black sheer top layered over a beautiful bra with a cropped blazer. This is an outfit that is sure to stop traffic.

Mix and match

This outfit shows just how versatile a maxi skirt can be. You can dress up your denim maxi skirt with a pretty, strapless ruffle shirt and matching pumps, or dress it down with something more casual. This look manages to be both casual and chic at the same time thanks to the combination of fabrics and the addition of some well-chosen accessories.


Embrace color, embrace fullness, and embrace patterns when you choose your maxi skirt! You don't have to stress about what to wear with a skirt this stunning because it doesn't need any accessories and looks best with a neutral, basic top. Enough is going on with the skirt that you don't need to overpower it by adding anything extra.