10 Outfit Ideas For The Most Stylish Showing On The Pickleball Court

We haven't seen a rise in the popularity of a mash-up sport like pickleball since everyone and their dog began playing ultimate, a game that combined the elements of frisbee and football. Pickleball — a mashup of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong — has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the United States, and people of all ages are enjoying it.

Although there is a professional pickleball league, many are picking up the sport as a great way to simply have fun with old friends, meet some new ones, and get some exercise at the same time. The sport has become so popular in recent years there are even pickleball influencers like Sydney Steinaker, Michele Stroyek, and duo Frankie and Natalie, who provide tips and tricks about the game while also serving some fire fashion choices for the court.

Whether you're new to pickleball, a pickleball pro, or just eager to learn, you'll want your pickleball outfits to be on point! Sure, you can wear anything if it's comfortable and easy to move in, but if you want to look the part of a pickleball pro and serve up some looks on the court, we've compiled 10 outfit ideas for the most stylish showing on the pickleball court to inspire your next shopping trip.

We love a black and white moment

Tennis whites may not be a thing anymore, but influencer Sydney Steinaker shows that they still look great on a court. To look like a pro, pair a cute white pleated skort with a white cropped tank. The black piping on the tank adds a nice contrast without being distracting. Sydney's partner, Hannah Johns, is showing us another take on black and white on the court with contrasting separates.

Matching visor

You're going to want to up your visor game if you're going to be playing pickleball because they're a key accessory when it comes to keeping the sun out of your eyes during a match. Visors are super cute and fun to match to your pickleball outfit, so have some fun shopping for different styles and different colors. 

Color coordination

Get creative with your fashion choices and embrace color and patterns when it comes to your pickleball outfits. These cute and colorful skirts will put a little pep in your step before you even step onto the court. A solid color tank lets the skirt stand out and makes it easy to color coordinate with your partner. Add a matching visor or baseball hat for added coordination and sun protection.

Take a fashion risk

If the word "understated" isn't in your vocabulary, this is the look for you. Stand out from the crowd rocking this daring two-piece set. Cropped leggings and a cropped top feature cutouts down the side for a fun and functional outfit that is sure to turn heads on the pickleball court.

The brighter the better

This gorgeous coral is a staple color of the summer and looks fantastic when paired with a skirt in a complementary shade. This vibrant purple also looks very pretty worn with a tropical print skirt. If neutral shades and solid colors aren't for you don't be afraid to wear a lot of color. The brighter the better when it comes to pickleball fashion!

Classic crop and shorts

If you're a less-is-more kind of person, you can't go wrong with some neutral basics when you hit the pickleball court. In fact, basic doesn't have to be boring. Grab a cute, cropped sports bra or tank in a solid color and wear it with a contrasting pair of solid-color shorts and a matching visor for a classic look that works both on and off the court.

Polo shirts and pleats

Sure, pickleball is a fun way to get some exercise with friends, but it can also be the perfect excuse to buy a super cute outfit to match your bestie, too. We love how these players chose a cropped polo shirt and paired it with matching pleated skirts for a preppy court look. It's giving us country club vibes all day long.

Pickleball whites

Move over, tennis whites; pickleball whites are here! Look the part of a pickleball pro by wearing bright white from head to toe. For example, check out this cute dress that features a pleated skirt and polo collar with solid white shoes and socks for a monochromatic look. Layering a white eyelet jacket is ideal for cooler mornings or to keep yourself warm between matches. Who knew a chic tennis skirt can be elevated to the nines so easily?

Shine bright in yellow

These matching yellow shirts are sure to stand out on the pickleball court, but the skirts' pattern is the true star of the 'fits. If you look closely, you'll see rows of lightning bolts alternating between skull and crossbones images. This outfit is sure to let your opponents know that you mean business!

Monochrome 'fit

If you're a pickleball newbie or aren't ready to invest in a dedicated outfit, grab a monochromatic athleisure outfit from the closet and hit the courts. A matching cropped top, shorts, and hoodie will make you look like a pro, and you probably already have everything you need to pull this look together. It won't be long before you're shopping for some fun new pickleball outfits, and a monochromatic look like this lets you mix and match different pieces as a starting point. Capsule wardrobe essentials for the win!