10 Eveningwear Trends Set To Elevate All Of Your Spring Special Events

Spring has officially sprung, and that means it's time for a wardrobe refresh. There's nothing better than putting those dark, heavy sweaters and pants in the back of the closet and reaching for the bright colors and patterns that signal the change of seasons. Spring is also the season for celebration. From baby and wedding showers to galas, proms, formals, and even that destination wedding you've been invited to, it seems that once the nice weather begins, we can't wait to get dressed up for a night on the town.


Now that life is pretty much back to normal, it's exciting to attend events again, but you may be looking to update your eveningwear style to something a bit more current. Dresses are a fashion staple that will never go out of style, declares Vogue fashion features editor, Laura Hawkins. "A white cotton dress, for example, will outlive any catwalk fad, and is a great wardrobe investment piece," she said, adding that the key to a great dress is the fit "Whether it's nipped in, maxi, mini or oversized." Before you start shopping for your spring fling, make sure you check out these 10 eveningwear trends set to elevate all of your spring special events.

The asymmetrical line and cut-outs

One way to take a dress from simple to stunning is by adding a cut-out or two. Cut-outs in dresses and tops have been in style for a few seasons now, and this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Cut-outs are a sexy way to show a little skin while giving you the power to decide just how much you want to reveal. You can choose single, larger cutouts or multiple smaller cut-outs, depending on the event. Side cut-outs are a popular choice, but we've also seen keyhole cut-outs and even stomach cut-outs gaining popularity.


Another current trend that is still going strong this year is asymmetrical lines. Whether it's a neckline or a hem, asymmetrical lines add an unexpected element to your dress. It also allows you to accent those parts of your body that you want to highlight. An asymmetrical neckline will draw attention to your shoulders or cleavage, while an asymmetrical hem can draw attention to your legs. 

Both of these trends together allow you to create a look that is a little bit sexy while still being demure, and give you the option to show as much or as little skin as you want. You don't have to choose one or the other, with many dresses combining these two trends for gorgeous results.

Add some fringe

You may have once associated fringe with retro, '20s fashion, a more bohemian style, or maybe even a Western vibe, but fringe fashion is going to be huge this year in both casual and evening wear. This is one style you're going to want to embrace. If you need more convincing, celebrities like Viola Davis, Harry Styles, Jennifer Lopez, and Sydney Sweeney have all been spotted rocking the fringe trend on the red carpet recently.


Adding fringe to your outfit is sure to draw attention since it accentuates and highlights movement. If you like to be the center of attention, you may want to opt for a lot of fringe, but if you prefer to be more understated, a little can go a long way. Emma Chadwick, a New York City movement director explained to the Wall Street Journal that "fringed pieces add an echo to whatever movement the wearer chooses." Not only will fringe elevate your eveningwear this spring, but it will also separate you from the crowd and make you stand out. Introverts need not apply when it comes to wearing fringe because this is a style that will draw a lot of attention. 


After so many years of wearing sweats and staying home, it's no surprise that fashion is leaning towards ultra-feminine styling this year. Lace has always been a popular fabric, but we're seeing it more now than ever for eveningwear, in both long and short dresses this spring. Stylist Chelsea Volpe told Byrdie, "expressing your softhearted side is in, with fabrics like lace and tulle being at the forefront of spring trends," while stylist Liv Schreiber echoed that sentiment, adding that "romantic pieces are definitely in for spring — and what's dreamier than lace?"


From intricate designs to more extravagant laser cutouts, lace is being worn in a wide range of colors and designs. Wearing lace lets you lean into those current feminine trends like balletcore and regencycore while still wearing a classic look. But don't be fooled by lace's innocent reputation — lace can be sultry and sexy too. No matter the occasion, there's a lace look that works for it. Whether you choose an all-over look or simple lace accents, you can't go wrong with lace.

Sleek suits

Dresses will always be a fashion mainstay for eveningwear, but this spring we're seeing the rise of tailored and sleek suits, too. Not only can this look often be more comfortable for the wearer, but it can be more interesting and versatile. This is a look that gives you endless options, from color choice, to fit, to accessories. "I think it's so sexy when a woman can wear a suit and a tie and not show a lot of skin, but still have an edge and sex appeal," celebrity stylist Kat Gosik told Byrdie about this hot spring trend. "I always find a girl in a suit mysterious—I want to know more."


Suits are so customizable that they can be worn for any occasion and also allow you to repurpose items you may already have in your closet. You can wear a suit with a crisp white button down for a look that's office appropriate or take that same suit and pair it with a sequin top or corset for a look more suitable for an evening out. Oversized blazers are very hot this year and can be worn with a great pair of tailored trousers for a chic eveningwear outfit. There are no rules when it comes to suits for eveningwear, so have fun and get creative.

Cobalt blue

Spring means the return to color, and we couldn't be happier about it. Sure, we love the deep hues that we often see in the cooler months, but nothing is more exciting than breaking out those lush, bright colors that match all the new spring blooms. This year cobalt blue is the star of the show, and one look at this stunning shade of blue and you'll know why. Cobalt blue is a deep blue with a hint of green that will instantly lift your mood. It's vibrant and energetic and one of this spring's hottest trends.


"Saturated blue cobalt offers options for those who want to carry on with the dopamine dressing trend," Nordstrom's Women's Fashion Director Marie Ivanoff-Smith told Marie Claire. If you want to wear something that will make you feel good and look amazing, cobalt blue is a great color choice. Whether you choose a gown, dress, or suit separates, this is a color that works for everything.

Moveable fabric

Although we may be eager to dress up and go out again after spending so much time at home, we still want to be comfortable while looking amazing. That means wearing fabrics that move with our bodies. As the experts at Nordstrom point out, "Whether tucked, gathered, crimped or ruched, manipulated fabrics are bending the way we see this season's must-have dresses."


Wearing flexible fabrics doesn't mean that your outfit isn't tailored to you, it simply means that it can hug your curves without being stiff or rigid. Manipulating fabric with tucks or ruching allows you to add a subtle element to your outfit that has a significant impact. Combine this with other trends, like a bright, cobalt blue dress featuring ruching, or a cut-out dress featuring gathering in just the right spots, and you have an elevated evening look that is sure to get people talking. People are no longer willing to suffer in uncomfortable outfits in the name of fashion, and these flexible fabrics prove you don't have to. Not only are flexible fabrics comfortable, but they are also flattering on all shapes and sizes.



If you've got confidence for days and are looking for something new to wear this spring, why not opt for a sheer or mesh fabric? You don't need to show skin to wear these looks either, opting to layer lighter fabrics under more see-through pieces. "Mesh dresses and tops can be in a solid, bright color or featuring a bold print and are a perfect way to add texture and dimension to your wardrobe; they show just enough skin to be sexy but hide enough to leave mystery," personal stylist Andie Sobrato explained to InStyle.


Fashion stylist Audree Kate López couldn't agree more — "We saw a lot of this pop up in 2022, and it will continue in 2023 with the lace trend, rhinestones, and sheer panels in clothing," she explained to Glamour about the popularity of sheer fabric this season. The sheer trend seems to have taken over Hollywood with celebrities like Jenna Ortega, Emily Ratajkowski, Ciara, and Sabrina Carpenter, just to name a few, all embracing the trend on recent red carpets, further proving how hot this look really is.

Ravishing red

Red was once a color that many chose to stay away from for eveningwear, thinking it was far too formal for anything less than a ball gown or too hard to wear. Fortunately, those people have been proven wrong, and red is one of this season's hottest colors, especially when it comes to eveningwear. Bloomingdale's fashion director Marissa Galante Frank told Harper's Bazaar that the color is both "strong and sexy." She added, "As we embrace this minimalist cycle, the color red really gives classic, tailored pieces an element of excitement and breathes new life into basics."


Nordstrom's Marie Ivanoff-Smith told Marie Claire that red is back as a bold color choice. "We see True Red making a comeback for statement dressing in sexy silhouettes," she said. Red is such a great color because it helps you stand out in a crowd even with the most simple styling. We tend to see a lot of pastels in the spring, which makes red even more unexpected. Like cobalt blue, it's a bright and bold choice for eveningwear that looks great on everyone.


All that glitters isn't just gold, sometimes it's silver, pink, or any other hue you can think of thanks to this season's hot metallic trend. Once reserved for holidays and special occasions, metallics are now being worn day and night. Whether you opt for a full metallic outfit, shiny separates, or metallic accessories like shoes or handbags, this is one look we're seeing more of in 2023. These gorgeous liquid hues allow you to be as extra as you want when getting ready for an event or just a fun night on the town.


Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear at Matchesfashion, told Vogue UK why metallics, especially silver, are so popular explaining, "We buy into silver every season – it is so modern and versatile for both day and evening." Whether you choose a metallic gown, shiny pants, or a sparkly skirt, this is a look that will elevate any outfit you wear.


"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." We all know where the fictional Miranda Priestly stands on florals for spring, but in reality, there is really nothing quite as iconic as a gorgeous floral pattern for your spring eveningwear. Although we've seen plenty of pastel gardens on our eveningwear in the past, trend forecaster Jessica Richards explained to Marie Claire that this season's florals are bigger and bolder saying, "This season, there's an incredible desire for maximalist dressing that correlates with the market's growing love for novelty—if not outright camp—details. We're beyond the typical expressions of floral prints and embroideries of past seasons and leaning into gorgeous, dimensional applications that take florals to a more fantasy level this spring."


Florals are soft and feminine but can also be bright and bold. If a floral print isn't your style, opt for a structural floral pattern like rosettes, which are trending this season, or a floral applique to add to your outfit. Florals may not be groundbreaking, but that doesn't mean they aren't iconic.