Cobalt Blue Is The Bold Color At The Forefront Of 2023 Spring Fashion

Move over, magenta; there's a new trendy spring color in town. As the seasons change each year, so do the colors adorning fashion and beauty trends everywhere. The hues incorporated into fashion trends tend to mirror the changes taking place in nature. Winter often brings a surge in the popularity of subdued neutrals like gray, taupe, and white while autumn brings with it rich reds, oranges, browns, and golds. Summer fashion typically features happy, vibrant, sunny yellows and greens while spring looks often pull inspiration from freshly blooming flowers.

This spring, there is one gorgeous and versatile floral-inspired color sweeping the fashion world: cobalt blue. This bold blue hue is bold, rich, and beautiful, yet easy for basically anyone to wear. Even if you're usually afraid of color, a pop of this true blue is a simple way to add a bit of trendiness to a practical base. Here are a few inspiring looks to get you ready to reach for cobalt this spring. 

Casual crop top

If you tend to keep your wardrobe on the casual side, there's no reason you need to dress up just to get your cobalt blue fix. Simply swap out one of your trusty spring crop tops for one in this dazzling shade of blue and you're right on trend. 

Cobalt blue manicure

Interested in experimenting with this trendy new color but not sold on running out to buy new clothes just yet? Nail polish can be your best friend when it comes to trying out a hue on your skin tone. Grab an inexpensive bottle of blue polish and test out the color for a few days, then decide if you want to take the next step. 


Lingerie is another subtle option for trying out cobalt blue before you go bold with a more visible item. Keep your blue undergarments to yourself, show them off to your partner, or experiment with a top that allows a small peekaboo of cobalt lace to show around the neckline. 

Formal wear

If you're not sold on incorporating cobalt blue into your everyday wardrobe, why not embrace it for your next formal event? This cheerful blue hue is perfect for a spring wedding, graduation, or bridal shower. It also looks beautiful when featured in face-framing jewelry like earrings and necklaces. 

Melodramatic monochromatic

If you're the type who loves with your whole heart and embraces a trend with your entire outfit, cobalt blue is calling your name. Go all in on this color trend by pairing a cobalt blue dress or romper with eye-catching cobalt shoes or boots and a bag in — you guessed it — cobalt blue. Bonus points if you can find a matching book to carry around with you.


Outerwear offers a great middle of the road option when it comes to embracing a fashion trend. A great coat allows you to wear a trendy color without committing to wearing it all day long. This gives you the chance to notice how you feel in the coat versus how you feel after you take it off to rock the outfit underneath. 

Eye makeup

Makeup provides a creative way to embrace the cobalt blue trend with minimal investment. One simple purchase of a blue eye shadow or liner can take your look from average to ultra trendy this spring. If you love the look, you can consider eventually incorporating cobalt into more of your spring aesthetic through nails, accessories, and clothing items.