A. R. Hopkins

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Michigan, United States
Lansing Community College
Legal, Wellness, Lifestyle
  • A.R. Hopkins has worked as a freelance writer since 2017.
  • She provides promotional material for small business.
  • She has written for popular sites like PopSugar.


A.R. Hopkins started her own business as a freelance writer in 2017 after earning her business degree while raising three special needs children. The program taught her how to polish her natural talent for writing into professional communication skills. Since then, she has written for popular sites like PopSugar, helped to grow dozens of small businesses, and covered topics from law to fashion and automotive. In her spare time, she helps others start their own writing careers.


She has an associate's degree in business with a focus on paralegal studies. A combination of business and legal writing that translates to a solid ability to write professionally and explain concepts to an audience.
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