Geometric Sunglasses Are The Sharp, Sophisticated Trend You Need For Fall 2023

Sunglasses may be considered a fairly basic accessory, but they can really change the vibe of your look if you rock them right. This fall, geometric-shaped shades are taking over, and they're proving to be one of the easiest ways to elevate any 'fit. These fun frames — from hearts to triangles to hexagons — offer many ways to spice up your fall 2023 look with very little effort, so they're also perfect for those cozy days when you simply can't be bothered to put in much effort. Ultimately, if you've never strayed from classic wayfarers and cat-eye sunglasses, now's the perfect time to get adventurous and start experimenting with your eyewear. 

To help you achieve the look even quicker, we've curated a list of bold, geometric-shaped sunglasses as poignant inspiration. Choose your favorite shapes and consider going out to try a few pairs on in person. Frames of different shapes can change the appearance of your facial features in ways that can be rather unexpected, so you may not want to commit to a pair until you've seen what they look like on your face. Either way, get ready to have some fun with your sun protection this fall. 

Heart-shaped frames

What could be cuter or more romantic than heart-shaped sunglasses? No matter how bundled up you are on a chilly morning or evening, everyone you pass will have a hard time not complimenting you on your adorable eyewear. Red is also in as far as fall 2023 fashion trends go, so grab a fiery red pair if you'd really like to stand out.

Star-shaped frames

Ready to declare to the world that you're a star? Get yourself some star-shaped sunglasses. Whether you go with a glamorous gold frame or a chill silver one — and black or colored lenses — you're sending a very particular message: Old Hollywood movie stars have absolutely nothing on you.

Hexagonal frames

If you love the look of round sunglasses but happen to prefer a slightly edgier aesthetic, reach for hexagonal frames. The overall shape registers as round, but the six-edged lenses provide some literal edge to the classic look that registers a little higher on the cool-girl scale. This makes them great for beach days, but fall is the new summer, so you can rock them all season long.

Triangular frames

Love the look of a cat-eye frame? Try a triangular pair of sunnies that offers a similar angle across the top of the lenses and then comes to a point at the bottom. The effect on your face will be very similar, but the modern update on such a classic silhouette won't go unnoticed. 

Perfectly circular frames

There's absolutely nothing wrong with loving a classic look. If circles are your favorite shape and you don't feel called to update their iconic roundness, rock a pair of perfectly circular sunglasses with pride. After all, circles are inherently geometric! For the ultimate mysterious look — or to hide the fact that you're checking out your own reflection — go with mirrored lenses and thank us later.