Extra-Large Lashes Are The Bold Eye Look Trending For 2023

False lashes might feel like a very modern advancement, but they actually date back to 1911 when glue-on strip lashes were patented by inventor Anna Taylor. These days, many lash lovers are choosing semi-permanent lash extensions, while others stick to tried-and-true daily gluing. Either way, extra large lashes have ruled 2023. They continue to rise in popularity as we approach 2024, as evidenced by the looks showcased at fashion month in Paris and Milan. 

If the thought of wearing oversized lashes makes you cringe, it's possible that you just haven't found the right lashes for you yet. Big lashes come in different shapes and sizes. If you're not a fan of extra thick, voluminous falsies, look for a pair that focuses more on sky-high length. If falsies aren't your thing at all, it might be time to consider extensions or just decide to reveal your own largest lashes by finally finding your holy grail mascara. We've assembled a curated list of large-lashed looks for your inspiration. 

Classic bold glamour

A classic, extra-large old Hollywood glamour-style lash focuses equally on volume and length, creating a heavy-lidded eye reminiscent of Bette Davis. Follow this classic movie star inspiration with a simple nude eyeshadow and red lip or bring the lash into the modern day with something like this bold monochromatic shimmery pink moment. 

Long and wispy

If you like the look of thicker lashes but find that long and wispy styles are easier to wear, try combining a thin pair of lashes with thicker eyeliner. The thick liner can create the illusion of more voluminous lashes by mimicking the look of thicker hair at the lash line. 

Dramatic clusters

When you can't decide between thick and luscious or long and skinny extra-large lashes, there is an option for combining the two. A clustered lash style feature dense, thick clusters spread out between sections of thinner, long wispy hairs. The result is a fabulous exercise in precisely controlled drama.  

Cat-eye lashes

Love the shape of a cat-eye but not a fan of heavy eyeliner? You can use dramatic lashes to create the same effect. Individual lash clusters can be applied only to the outer corner of the eye to create an elongated cat-eye effect. For easier application, you can cut away the section of a pair of strip lashes nearest the inner corner and apply the remaining strip to the outer corner.

Long and leggy

What's the opposite of ultra-thick, plush "caterpillar" lashes? Long, leggy "spider" lashes. While each side of the extra-large lash fence has its die-hard fans and its haters, all that really matters is what you like to wear on your face. If you're not sure, there's no harm in experimenting until you find the best version of the trend for you.