Our Favorite TikTok Hacks For Perfecting The Messy Bun

There may be no other hairstyle as versatile and sacred to pop culture as the messy bun. You can dress it up for an upgraded messy bun, dress it down, or throw it together without so much as a mirror or hair brush. There just aren't many other hairstyles that could possibly compete. However, you can't discuss the messy bun without also delving into the best techniques out there for achieving the style. Sometimes, it seems like there are as many messy bun methods as there are messy bun wearers.


In typical fashion, TikTok is here to guide us all to the ultimate hacks and strategies for achieving the perfect messy bun of our dreams. No matter what type of hair you may have, there is a messy bun hair hack out there that will work for you. Let's explore TikTok's five best hacks for mastering the messy bun to such a degree that you can rock it as your signature hairstyle. 

Claw clip plus elastic

Most messy buns are created with elastics and/or bobby pins, but did you know you can create one using a claw clip? Simply place a hair elastic into your claw clip and wrap your hair into a tubular shape, then pull it up toward your face. Attach the claw clip to the base of your wrapped hair. Then, simply style your hair into a bun around the clip and use the already attached elastic to secure it when you reach the desired shape. 


Be sure to match the size of your claw clip to the quantity of hair you have. If your hair is thin or short and you use a large clip, it may slide through your hair and lose its grip throughout the day. If your hair is long or thick, a clip that isn't large enough won't be able to close around the base of your hair. 

Double elastic twist

All you have is elastics? No problem. You can craft a super cute messy bun without clips, pins, or any other tools beyond two hair elastics. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail. When you get to the last wrap of the elastic, only pull your hair halfway through, leaving the middle laying over the top of your head and the ends touching your forehead. Next, wrap a second elastic around your hair near the ends. 


Split the hair between the two elastics evenly. Twist the left half of the divided segment of hair over the right segment, being careful to keep the two segments separated. Then, twist the small ponytail containing the ends of your hair toward the back of your head three or four times. Finally, pull the segment back and loop it over the partial bun you created with your original ponytail to complete the style.  

Telephone wire hair tie wrap-around

If you truly only have a minute or two to style your hair most days, this telephone wire hair tie wraparound messy bun hack is for you. It's so simple, you'll find yourself wondering how you never thought of trying it on your own. First, gather your hair as if you were going to put it into a ponytail. Instead of placing the hair in an elastic, however, just hold it in place as if you had pulled it halfway through. 


Next, place your telephone wire hair tie over the loop you've created and use your other hand to start wrapping the ends of your hair around the wire tie toward the back of your head. After two or three wraps, pull your wrapped hair across the front of the bun you've created and wrap the remaining half of the wire tie from front to back. Tuck in the loose ends and your messy bun is complete. 

Poof, twist, and wrap

Those who struggle with thin hair can benefit from a messy bun hack that incorporates a bit of extra volume to create a fuller look. If this describes you, begin by placing your hair into a ponytail. Shape the base of the ponytail into a bun by lifting and poofing the hair around the elastic into a donut shape. Secure this shape with a second elastic and fan out the remaining mids and ends over the top of your head. 


Divide your loose hair into two equal segments. Twist each segment away from your face and then wrap the two twisted segments together into a two-strand rope braid. Pull and poof each section of the braid to create more volume, then wrap it around your bun. Use pins to secure the loose ends to the bun's base and enjoy a messy bun with an extra boost of volume. 

Reach through loop

For the ultimate in simplicity, you can create a stylish messy bun using just one plain elastic. Simply begin by putting your hair into a ponytail, but only pull it halfway through the elastic on the final wrap. Create a hole in the center of the loop of hair above the elastic and reach your hand through it from the back to the front.


Twist the loop one rotation to the left, leaving your hand extended through the hole. Grasp the ends of your hair and pull them up through the loop while using your other hand to push the loop itself down around the elastic at the base. The result is a bun that looks like it took a lot longer and required many more tools than it actually did. Experiment with each messy bun hack to find the one that works best with your hair type and skill level.