The TikTok Hack That Creates A Full Messy Bun With Even The Finest Hair

A messy bun may be considered a lazy-girl hairstyle, but it's not always easy to achieve one that's nice and full. That can especially be true if you have fine hair. Fortunately, there's a hack that you can use to nail this look every time. Shared on TikTok by Ms. Cook (who claims to be a "stereotypical English teacher" in her bio but can obviously also teach us a thing or two about hair), this may totally change how you throw your strands up into a messy bun.

"If you have thin, slippery hair, you probably, like me, can't do messy buns," Ms. Cook explains as the video begins. Noting that messy buns don't tend to look right or are incredibly flimsy when she gives them a try, she quickly whips into action to show her viewers the annoying issue she's talking about. However, she then switches things up to demonstrate a better method. Not only does she say that the result will be more secure, she explains that you can even run with it and it won't fall out. The technique — which she credits to an unknown user on TikTok — involves a few hair accessories as well as a bit of fluffing and twisting.

Of course, there's a little more to it than just that. There are a few more things to keep in mind if you want to embrace this easy-peasy but oh-so-attractive messy bun.

Fold and twist your hair into a perfect messy bun

To take advantage of this hack from TikTok user Ms. Cook, you'll need a brush, hair tie, scrunchie, and possibly a couple of bobby pins. When it comes to the scrunchie, you can apparently opt for a thinner one if your hair is fine. However, a thicker one might be better if you have hefty hair.

Once you're ready to go, brush your hair and put it into a basic ponytail using the hair tie. Next, fold the ponytail back toward your head and slide the scrunchie on top before you split the ends of your hair that is loose and split it into two sections. One at a time, twist each section and then pull them around the base of the bun. Now, you might want to make sure that your hair fully covers the scrunchie so that it's hidden and no one will know that is what's giving your bun a little extra volume. To finish things off, gently fiddle with the bun until you have it just right and a bit messy. If you want to make things extra secure or notice a few naughty pieces of hair that won't cooperate, then you can use the bobby pins to keep everything in place.

You may be thinking to yourself that this hack is clever but also familiar. That's because you can use something else to nail this messy bun technique that has been popular for years.

Use a hair donut or sock for your messy bun

If you already have a scrunchie, then you can put it to good use when you want a messy bun. However, if you don't, then you could opt for a sock or donut instead. Although that might sound strange when it comes to your hair, we're not talking about a normal sock and donut. We're referring to items specifically meant for your mane.

A hair donut is a soft, round, and puffy piece that you pop into your hair the same way you would a scrunchie in the technique above. A sock that's been cut at the toes and rolled into a donut-like shape can also do the trick. Once you have your sock or donut ready, put your hair into a ponytail, slide on the donut or sock, and fold your strands back over while making sure they cover what's underneath. Tuck or pin any stray hair into place to ensure your bun is secure while also messing with it a little to capture the desired effect.

To try a slightly different method, pull the donut or sock to the end of your ponytail and then slip sections of your hair into the round shape. Reach inside the donut or sock and twist it inside out while rolling the hair with it. Continue to do this until you have a bun that you can pin into place and mess up in just the right way.