6 Lazy Girl Hairstyles That Take Virtually Zero Effort

It's just one of those days: The thought of rolling out of bed is hard enough, let alone actually getting ready. Whipping out that straightener or curling iron? Forget about it. But what if you want to look like you put effort into your look while simultaneously entering your lazy girl era? Don't just settle for a messy topknot each time when there are a handful of other hairstyles you can try out that take virtually zero effort. 

Yes, you read that right. And the key to achieving a lazy girl hairstyle that looks like you tried, even if you really didn't, lies within your nighttime routine. You won't be doing yourself any favors in the morning if you hit the sheets with flat or frizzy hair! So spritz some dry shampoo on your roots before bed, take advantage of the legging curls hack, or throw your locks in braids for easy heatless waves.

By the a.m. you'll have gorgeous easy-to-style strands, shortening your morning routine and allowing you more time to catch up on beauty rest (or scrolling through TikTok while you wake up slowly, which we know is the likely scenario). How you choose to style your hair after that is up to you, and we've rounded up a few lazy girl hairstyles to help you decide.

A simple pony

Whether secured at the top of the head or near the nape of the neck, a simple ponytail is a tried-and-true lazy girl hairstyle. Spice up the look like the photo above, with a bow tied around the base of the ponytail for that romantic and girly vibe. If you're feeling up to it, give the top of the hair a quick tease for extra volume.

Slicked back and chic

A sleek bun is a lazy girl's BFF — especially when hair wash day keeps getting pushed off. No need for clean hair with this one! But even if your hair is freshly washed, you can still throw it in a sleek model-off-duty bun and look chic with minimal effort. You can leave the ends tucked in a bun or keep those natural strands loose and free.

Pigtail braids

Perfect for those who want to keep their hair somewhat down, a simple pigtail braid hairstyle is not only effortless to achieve, but totally adorable. If you're the type who can French braid with ease (how does it feel to be God's favorite?), then feel free to go for that sleek French braid look. Or create loose pigtail braids like the photo above for that relaxed, tussled vibe.

Throw on a hat

If you fell asleep without doing any prep or maintenance to your hair the night before, don't panic. Perhaps the absolute easiest hairstyle you can go for, which takes precisely two seconds to achieve, is one that involves a hat. Greasy roots? Flat hair? Dandruff flakes? No worries — a hat's got you covered. Leave your strands down, or throw them in braids or a low ponytail.

The trusty messy bun

Has a messy bun ever let you down? We didn't think so. You could go for the classic topknot messy bun, which is a major go-to for those lazy days. Or, for an elevated and refined look, place that messy bun toward the bottom of your head and leave your face-framing bangs out.

Leave it down and au naturel

You could go through the hassle of figuring out what style to go for, but if your hair looks perfectly fine down and free-flowing, then why not let it be? Whether you've got pin-straight strands or were blessed with a gorgeous head of natural curly tresses, leaving it all down to live its best life in all its natural glory is never a bad idea.