Emily Hunt

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Portland, OR
George Mason University
Mental Health, Faith & Spirituality, Women's Haircare
  • Emily has been writing women's lifestyle content for the past several years, which has given her the opportunity to interview many influential female leaders, such as Movement Genius founder Alyson Stoner; disability education advocate Marcela Marañon; and popular Christian musician Semler.
  • Her experience studying the successes and flaws of modern Christianity in America has allowed her to publish several pieces about the role religion plays in political and social spheres.
  • She's spent her entire life trying to manage a head of unruly thick, curly hair, which has made her an expert in all things haircare.


Prior to writing for Glam, Emily worked as an editor for a women's lifestyle magazine, where she got to oversee content across the women's lifestyle sphere. During that time she gained a serious love for all things beauty, health, and entertainment, but she's most passionate about covering issues related to mental health and spirituality. She's been writing in a freelance capacity since 2016 and has written content across many industries but loves that she's found a home in the women's lifestyle industry. When she's not writing, she's keeping up-to-date on the latest news in mental health, the American church, and how the human mind works.


Emily graduated from George Mason University in 2016 with a degree in English and psychology. During that time she learned about how the operations of the human mind affect our health, behavior, and emotions, and she gained invaluable insight into how to communicate effectively with the written word.

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