Short Stiletto Nails Make The Intimidating Shape Functional

If you frequent the nail salon, you probably have a go-to nail shape you ask for every time you go in. Practical, classy ladies might go for a square-shaped nail, while the more elegant among us probably prefer an oval-shaped one. Those of us who want to stand out, make a statement, and be the life of the party, on the other hand, likely opt for the bold stiletto nail. 

Any stiletto nail gal out there knows that stiletto nails are often far from practical. They have the potential to be super sharp, for one thing, but long stilettos can make it hard to do anything from typing on your laptop to putting in a pair of earrings.

If you frequently face these problems after getting stiletto nails, we have some good news: Short stiletto nails are the popular kid on the block in the nail world, and they're swiftly taking over the salon scene. If you've been avoiding the classic nail shape because it doesn't seem functional, we think it's high time you gave short stiletto nails a try.

Neon colors can give them some playful edge

Sure, a short stiletto nail may not seem like it can pack all the punch that a standard stiletto does. If you're concerned with making sure your stiletto nails are visible as ever, try using neon colors to help them stand out. Neon will make them seem a bit playful, while the sharp stiletto tip will let everyone know that you've got some edge to you. 

Give them galaxy vibes

If you're constantly drawn to anything ethereal or simply love staring up at the sky to daydream, why not give your short stiletto nails a galactic twist? Whether you make them day-or night-themed, a glossy marbled base with sparkly star decals could perfectly fit your vibes. The short stiletto shape will make these nails look classy as anything. 

Theme them after your favorite TV show

Maybe you've been looking for an excuse to talk about your favorite TV show among other like-minded fans. If you want a natural conversation starter, get some characters and sayings from your favorite show painted on your short stiletto nails. Not everyone will get the reference, but you'll probably find some new friends among the ones who do. 

Get short stiletto nails with an alternative French tip

Are you a fan of the classic French tip, but you want to give it a little twist? Try out an alternative French tip design, like wavy French nails. We think a wavy French tip looks stunning on short stiletto nails, especially when you leave the base nude, but a chevron French tip or a marbled French tip are other fun alternative options. 

Give them some autumnal glam

If you're wanting to head to the salon for some autumn nail glam, opt for a short stiletto shape and give your nails some fall color and decor. Burnt orange, burgundy, gold, and nudes are great colors to use, and if your nail tech has some on hand, you should definitely incorporate some maple leaf decals into the mix. 

Or go for multicolored pastels

Maybe you're into soft glam, and pastel colors have always been more your vibe. When you want to try out a short stiletto nail but you're going after a softer vibe, paint them in multicolored pastels. Everyone will get that you're fun and flirty, and the stiletto shape will tell them that you're a no-nonsense gal when you want to be. 

Make them spooky

Whether you're going to be capitalizing on classic Halloween nail trends for the fall favorite holiday or you're looking to come up with something new, we think you should do it on a short stiletto nail. Nothing's spookier than a sharp-pointed nail, and when you add in a spider or some textured eyeball decals, your nails are sure to give all the neighborhood kids a fright. 

Mismatched stiletto nails are extra fun

Have you recently hopped on the mismatched manicure train? Whether you have or haven't, a short stiletto nail offers the perfect canvas to take a mismatched manicure for a test run. For a cohesive look, use the same color palette to do different designs on each nail, or, if you're feeling a bit adventurous, do multicolored and mismatched designs on every nail. 

Nude stilettos are always a classy option

Stiletto nails are a top option for the classiest among us, and if you're going for a no-nonsense short stiletto manicure, sticking with a classy nude color is probably the way to go. This understated manicure screams, "Don't mess with me," especially if you give it a matte top coat. 

Make them Barbielicious

If you've been captivated by everything Barbie recently (we're right there with you), use your short stiletto nails to display a fun take on some Barbielicious pink swirl nails. Ask your nail tech for a marbled pink swirl manicure on your short stiletto nails, and you'll leave the salon with a Barbie-inspired mani that we bet all your friends will be sporting after they see you in it. 

Combine an abstract design with a chevron tip

To make your nails as fun, flirty, and offbeat as you are, consider combining abstract and classic designs when you go in to get your short stiletto manicure. A chevron French tip always looks great on stiletto nails and offers a great base for anything else you may want to add in, from dots to floral designs or just abstract line art.