Pink Swirl Nail Designs To Give You A Barbielicious Look This Summer

It's no secret by now that Barbie is slowly sneaking her way into every possible trend. Barbie blond is one of the summer's hottest hair colors, her ponytail is inspiring countless updos, and pink seems to be the new color of the season. If you've been hopping onto every Barbie-inspired trend you can find, we've found another one that's sure to send you running to the nail salon: pink swirl manicures.

It's unsurprising that the popular swirl mani has gotten pinkified; after all, Barbiecore nail ideas have run rampant so far this season. What makes the pink swirl mani so special, though, is its retro appeal. In our opinion, nothing screams "retro" more than psychedelic swirls, and when you add pink into the mix, it's a match made in vintage Barbie heaven. If you've been expressing yourself in strictly Barbie-inspired glam this season, a pink swirl nail design is the perfect mani for you to get the next time you head into the salon.

Make it drip down your nails

For a slightly offbeat take on the pink swirl manicure, consider getting a design that looks like it's dripping down your nails. To make it really Barbielicious, don't stick to just one shade of pink — take a cue from the above photo and try a milky pink for the base, and use both light and hot pink for the drip design. 

Do them in chrome

Barbie chrome nails are another one of this season's trending manicures, and we don't understand why you wouldn't want to combine that with the pink swirl mani. To achieve this look, go ahead and give your nails a pink chrome base (or a glitter chrome one if you're feeling spicy), and do a pink swirl design in a different shade of pink on top. 

Give your pink swirl nails a heart design

If you want to test how girly you could possibly take this trend, go ahead and do them in a bold swirled heart design. You'll need a few different shades of pink for this one, but the end result is an absolutely stunning manicure that would make Barbie herself proud as can be. 

Warped smileys make for a fun sentiment

If you consider yourself to be a little quirky or tend to eschew trends — but still want to capitalize on Barbielicious pink swirl nails — go ahead and make them just as offbeat as you are by giving them some warped smiley faces. You could do the warped smiley on just one nail as an accent or add it to multiple nails if that's your vibe. 

Incorporate hot pink to make them truly Barbielicious

Yes, you can definitely get a Barbie-inspired look with pretty much any shade of pink, and we get it if sometimes you want to be understated and opt for more muted shades of pink. For those moments when you want to capture Barbie in all her glory, though, only hot pink will do. So when you go in to get your swirl mani, make sure to incorporate some hot pink into your design. 

Shimmery pink makes for a great base color

When you want to add some class to your Barbie-inspired pink swirl nails, we think no shade does this better than a shimmery pink. A pink shade with a gentle shimmer makes a great base for a more minimal pink swirl mani. Vary the base and swirl shades ever so slightly for an especially understated look. 

As does a clear glitter polish

Another option for the classiest of gals is to use a clear glitter polish as a base for your next pink swirl manicure. This will let the swirls truly take center stage, whether you do them in light pink, hot pink, or somewhere in between. 

A peachy base can add a fun twist

Maybe you're wanting to rock an abstract swirl manicure on your next beach vacation, but you still want it to pay some homage to Barbie. When that's the case, opt for a peach base for your swirl mani, and make your swirls a darker shade of peach. It may scream "Barbie" at first, but her essence will still be all over it. 

Incorporate white polish to soften your look

Maybe you want to hop on the pink swirl nails trend, but you don't love colors that can be seen from a mile away. If this sounds like you, go ahead and opt for lighter shades of pink for the swirls and even incorporate some white. White nail polish can soften the overall look, which is perfect for your gentler vibes. 

Combine them with other vibrant retro colors

Or, maybe you're a gal who loves to be seen, and you want your manicure to get compliments from across the room. If this is your vibe, get a pink swirl mani, but don't stop at pink — incorporate your other favorite retro colors into the mix. A bright yellow is a subtle nod to Barbie's iconic skates, and a medium orange brings to mind decades gone by, as well. 

Do the pink swirl as a tip accent

Have you recently found yourself sporting deconstructed French manicures? New and unusual takes on the classic nail style have been abundant, and we see no reason not to incorporate pink swirl nails into the fun French game. If this is a look you'd want to try, go ahead and give your nails a simple pink swirl just at the tip.

Utilize negative space

When heading into the nail salon, don't forget that sometimes less is truly more. If you want your pink swirl manicure to stand out, let the swirls take center stage, even if that means leaving much of your nail bare. Negative space is your friend, and when used well, you could end up with a stunning pink swirl mani that all your friends will be sporting after they see you with it.