21 Barbiecore Nail Ideas For A Doll-Lightful Summer Manicure

Are you a Barbie person in a Barbie world? If your life feels fantastic with more Barbie in it, why not bring the theme to your nails, too? Whether you take inspiration from classic Barbie dolls or Greta Gerwig's live-action adaptation starring Margot Robbie, one thing is particularly iconic to the Barbie brand: pink. And lots of it! In fact, Gerwig told Architectural Digest that the production of "Barbie" caused an international shortage of the fluorescent pink paint shade from Rosco.

It's these bright pink hues that give Barbiecore its distinctive aesthetic as well. This style takes inspiration from Barbie iconography, so it's no surprise that Barbiecore nails use bright rosy colors, including hot pink, highlighter pink, and pale neon shades. Apart from being very, very pink, Barbiecore nails are also unapologetically feminine, often making use of details like sparkles, butterflies, and hearts. A bit preppy and a whole lot of fun, these nails bring us back to an idealized version of girlhood where we get to embrace pink and girly things in all their glory.

Hot pink manicure

Hot pink is iconic to the Barbie brand, and sometimes, there's really no need to mess with the classics. With their bright color, these hot pink nails are anything but plain. If you want your Barbiecore manicure to speak for itself (and with this shade, it will), then go for a vivid pink manicure with no extra adornments.

Pink holo glitter

The next step up for a more eye-catching nail design is to finish a hot pink manicure with a glitter topcoat. A holo glitter topcoat like the one in this photo gives the manicure even more shimmer and shine. This look is perfect for a night out or a big event because it gives your nails a bit more sparkle than usual.

Pink gingham

Barbie definitely has a preppy feel to her (just look at many of her outfits!), so it makes sense to incorporate a preppy print like gingham into Barbiecore nails. If doing all of your nails in this pattern feels like overkill, simply opt for one or two gingham accent nails.

Barbiecore glitter

These glitter nails encapsulate the Barbie aesthetic so well. Start with a pink base (of course). You can opt for a hot pink color, which feels more Barbie, or a paler pink, which is a bit subtler but still cute. Then, go for glitter nail polish or small nail stickers that feel really feminine — look for features like pastel colors, little flowers, and butterfly shapes. These little details make these nails feel like a true Barbie accessory.

Hot pink French tips

A good French manicure never goes out of style. If you want to take this classic nail look and Barbie-fy it — you guessed it — you need more pink. Thus, you should opt for hot pink French tips instead of the usual white. You can recreate this look on a natural nail base, but we think a light pink base color works better. It makes these nails stand out even more compared to the tried-and-true traditional French mani.

Heart French manicure

Another variation on a French manicure, these heart nails are endlessly romantic. They're the perfect Barbiecore nails for Valentine's Day, of course, but we love them as a year-round treat, too. Naturally, with combining love and Barbie, red and pink hues are a must. Alternating the colors from nail to nail makes this manicure even more fun. Relaxed yet still elegant, this French is a must.

Flowers and sparkles

There's something about these nails that feel so Barbie. Is it the bright pink color? The sparkles? The flowers? We vote all of the above. If you want to add a bit of sparkle (but not too much), this is one way to do it. The small sparkly sections add a bit of glimmer without stealing the show.

Mismatched nail designs

Did you ever paint your nails mismatched colors as a kid? If you grew out of this habit as an adult, why not bring it back? These nails feel childish in the best way — who said your nails had to match, anyway? By using hot pink and white, flower designs, and checkerboard patterns, each nail in this manicure fits right in with the Barbiecore aesthetic.

Lilac pink

Hot pink isn't for everyone, but not loving this shade doesn't mean you can't have the gorgeous Barbiecore manicure of your dreams. Just got for a more toned-down rosy hue instead, like lilac pink. It still feels like something Barbie would wear but in a less in-your-face manner.

Cherry nails

Sweet and juicy cherries remind us of summer, so these nails are perfect for the warmer seasons. They're not as pink as the rest of the manicures on this list, but the cherry decals have a nostalgic and girly feel that still reminds us of Barbie. A French manicure base makes these cherry nails as elegant as they are playful.

Subtle pink flowers

Florals are always in style, and there's a way to incorporate them subtly if you don't want them to be the star of your manicure. Just choose a shade for the flowers that is similar to your base color. The bright French tips make this manicure a little more bold, but you can do away with that detail if you're aiming for more subtlety.

Pink checkerboard

Pink checkerboard is another pattern that can give a Barbiecore manicure a preppy aesthetic. Similar to gingham print, doing up all of your nails in bright pink checkerboard might feel a bit overwhelming, so you can opt for checkerboard sections instead. By placing the checkerboard pattern strategically along the top edge of the nail, this look almost feels like a French manicure (but a lot more exciting).

Pink swoops

Hot pink swoops are one way to incorporate the Barbie color palette in your manicure, but without committing to it completely. The light pink base goes wonderfully with the brighter shade, plus it makes it feel extra girly (a must when you're aiming for the Barbiecore aesthetic). If you have a steady hand, then this swooped look is likely one you can recreate at home with a nail art brush.

Pink layers

The pink layers in this manicure almost feel like a landscape feature, like layers of sediment in a Barbie world. Choose three contrasting pink shades to get this bold look (even better if one of the color has sparkles). This nail design is an easy way to incorporate a simple pattern if you're doing your own Barbie manicure, too. Just create a gradient from the lightest color to the darkest for an easier painting process.

Blush-y French manicure

This French manicure has a blush-y effect that makes it look so pretty. The colors are perfect for Barbie nails, of course, but what makes it stand out from a pink French mani is the slight gradient. You can achieve a similar look by using a makeup sponge. Start with a light pink base color then put a dab of a darker pink polish on the sponge and create a gradient effect starting at the middle of each nail. Finish with dark pink French tips, and you have a blush-y Barbie manicure.

Tropical flowers

Big, pastel yellow flowers still fit with the Barbie theme but add a tropical air to these nails. A bright pink base coat is a must here to capture the Barbiecore feel (otherwise, it would just be another floral manicure). The big flowers remind us of yellow plumerias and makes this manicure an adorable choice for spring and summer.

Pink squiggle detail

Want to try a simple nail design? This cute squiggle detail is a playful choice; plus it's easy to do on your own if you have a steady hand. The colors make this manicure perfectly Barbiecore, but it's a little more mature and toned-down, so it's perfect for if you want your nails to look more professional than some of the other fun options on this list.

Sparkly accents

If you want to feel like a glam Barbie, then sparkly accents are the way to go. This manicure is a Barbiecore classic, starting with an eye-catching hot pink manicure. Little, sparkly heart details make these nails stand out from a regular pink polish. Depending on your personal taste, draw the accent bits with either metallic silver or gold nail polish to get a similar luxe look. It's simple, but it really makes a difference.

Cherry hearts

Cherries are cute, and so are hearts, so why not combine them in a nail design? These cherry hearts are nostalgic and fresh all at once. It makes sense to draw the fruit in a classic red color, so a pink base is where you'll bring the Barbie theme. Either go for a full pink base or a rosy French manicure depending on your preferences.

Add butterflies

Butterfly nail stickers or gems will fit with any pink Barbie nail. It's one of those feminine designs that just makes sense for BarBie. But for Barbiecore nails that feel a bit more unique and edgy, choose a chrome pink base instead. Chrome nails have a certain sparkle and shine that is truly captivating to boot.

Summery daisies

Ditsy daisy nails scream spring and summer — we get excited for the warmer months every time we see them! Barbie-fy them but incorporating bright pink colors, either as a base coat or as French tips. Use the same pink for the middle of each flower to tie this mani together.

Valentine's Barbie manicure

Have a sweet date with Ken this weekend? A heart-themed manicure is perfect for when you're feeling romantic. Sparkly pink nail polish makes this manicure look as feminine as possible, and the white accents also can't be missed. They bring extra brightness and dimension to this lovely nail design that will leave everyone swooning.