Embrace Your Inner Mirrorball With A Trending High-Shine Chrome Mani

When it comes to the latest nail trends, we've seen glazed nails, soft milky nails, and various twists on a French manicure. While all of these options are chic, fun, and great choices for your next nail appointment, the newest addition to the nail trend club is by far the shiniest. There's nothing better than adding a high-shine and high-chrome design that will give you all the mirrorball vibes, making your nails into a statement piece. Whether you're looking for the perfect manicure to rock during your next night out or are just wanting something with more of a punch, shiny chrome nails will give you the exact look you seek. 

It's easy to mistake chrome nails as another fading trend that we will regret later on, but these shiny nails are equal parts fun and sleek, and perfect for those looking to inject more shine into their day. Even if you're just headed for brunch, these mirrored chrome nails are a must-have if you want something fun but not too wild. If you're looking to add more personality to your nails but don't want to go with an extreme choice, the chrome manicure needs to be your next nail design.

White shiny chrome nails

While it's true that mirrorballs are a staple of nightclubs, there's no rule that states you can't give your nails some of that glam with a white chrome look. Simply opt for a white base color with a chrome top coat layer for the shiniest spring nails you'll ever see. This combination is also perfect for brides looking for the right bridal nails that are chic but still fun.

Metallic chrome nails

You can't get any more high-shine than metallic nails. If you want nails that appear almost as if they're mirrors, you need to reach for a metallic shade, whether it's gold, copper, or silver. Metallic chrome nails are essential for those looking for a minimalist look that still packs a punch. Considering metallic pieces are also trending in fashion, it's clear that this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Distressed shine manicure

Not everyone is a fan of the clean lines and minimalism of chrome nails. Thankfully, there are ways you can create an edgier and more extravagant design. While metallic silver nails are always a great chrome design, adding gold flakes will give your nails a bit of distress. Get rid of the tidiness with a few streaks of gold that add some welcomed chaos. Give your nails some extra texture by adding top layers in various shimmers or glitters to take them to the next level.

Shiny pink chrome nails

High-shine chrome nails don't have to be edgy — there's no reason why you can't add some femininity to your look. Instead of opting for a darker hue, focus on a light pink or pastel color for your base color. Add plenty of chrome finish or shimmer to get the high-shine effect. With Barbiecore in full effect, adding some pink to your nails is spot on for the moment. Chrome can come in both light and dark shades, making it perfect for any scenario or event.