Elevate Your Basic French Manicure With The Latest Trendy Twist

While eye-catching nail art and bold polish trends may come and go, one thing remains timeless: the French manicure. The très chic style has been around for decades, and despite its name, it was actually invented in California, far from the Eiffel Tower and dazzling lights of Paris (per Frenchly).

Still, the French manicure, with its clean white tips and pink base, feels just as classically cool as French girl fashion. And because it's so simple, it's easy to build on the design with new, modern iterations. Case in point: the Vanilla French manicure. Adjacent to the "vanilla girl" aesthetic taking over TikTok, Vanilla French nails are a fresh take on an old standby. "It's more toned down and softer compared to traditional white French nails and it makes it more natural-looking," celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, who created the trend, told Byrdie.

Vanilla French nails are similar to an American manicure, where the tips are a shade of off-white and the base resembles your natural skin tone. Overall, the style is clean, neutral, and super easy to pull off. Here's how to whip your nails into a vanilla-y treat.

How celebs do the Vanilla French manicure

Zola Ganzorigt, nail artist to the stars, is credited for coining the name "Vanilla French manicure," so she's clearly an expert at how to pull off this trend. In an Instagram post, she showed off the look, alongside photos of Kylie Jenner and Adele sporting the same nails. "I like to talk to my clients about what they want [...] That's how I created the Vanilla French nails," she explained to Byrdie.

Copy Ganzorigt's creation with OPI's Put It In Neutral for the base and Funny Bunny for the lighter tip.

Try a square tip

For some longtime mani addicts, Vanilla French nails might feel like a blast from the past, especially since its sister style, the American manicure, first had a moment in the 1990s. To maximize the nostalgic vibes, go for a square tip, a throwback to the Y2K era. To keep the look soft and simple, avoid long, rectangular coffin nails, sticking to a shorter length instead.

Add a sparkly topcoat

Vanilla French nails are soft and understated, allowing your outfit or makeup to take center stage. But if you want your manicure to turn a few heads, give the nude nail design a boost with a bit of sparkle. Start with your neutral base and creamy tips, then brush on a shimmery topcoat so your fingertips catch the light. The glitter elevates the look for evening or festive events.

Swipe on a high-gloss polish

One of the most appealing features of the Vanilla French mani is that it embraces your nail's natural hues — no vivid rainbow shades to be seen here! To make the most of the your-nails-but-better look, go for an extra-glossy finish. It'll give the appearance of ultra-healthy, moisturized nails, as if you just dipped your fingers in a fountain of nail serum. Consider it a more muted alternative to the chrome nail art trend.

Go au naturel

The quintessential Vanilla French manicure is slightly long with rounded tips. But if you're not a fan of long nails, or a cropped square version, your best bet is a mani that follows the natural shape of the nails with a not-too-long, not-too-short tip. Think of it as your nails but with a subtle upgrade.