How To Achieve The Chic French Girl Jean Style

No one styles clothing better than the French. From going out on a walk or doing typical errands, French women have found a way to make an outing an outfit to remember. One of the reasons why the French style is so popular is because it is relaxed and casual but still chic. As Julia Roitfeld tells Vogue Australia, "Even on the red carpet, French celebrities keep it minimal. Think of Charlotte Gainsbourg — the look can be quite undone. Keep your palette simple: French women are into neutrals — a lot of beige, grey, navy, black, and white." One of the must-haves to achieve this simplicity and minimalism is a good pair of denim jeans.


Since French fashion is all about keeping things simple and chic, a pair of denim jeans means much more than just your choice of bottoms. Every piece plays a crucial part when using only a limited amount of items in your outfit. As such, denim jeans are a base where you start your look off and can build up. Whether you want to dress it up or down, jeans are a must-have for any French-inspired wardrobe.

Button-down and jean style

If you want to capture the total French fashion style, you need to pair your jeans with one of the most classic pieces you can have in your wardrobe. A good button-down top is a perfect pair to go with your denim jeans to add a touching simplicity. Although typically thought of as a workwear piece, a button-down shirt can be worn in different ways for different occasions. You can opt to wear it open with something underneath or slightly buttoned to show off your latest lingerie purchase.


French blogger Leonce Chenal mentions how a button-down top is the ultimate go-to piece if you don't know what to pair your jeans with. Because you can wear these tops in multiple ways and a variety of fabrics/colors, they are the perfect way to bring your outfit with you to all your different events throughout the day. Leonce Chenal also mentions how one of the most popular ways that French women tend to wear their button-downs is oversized. This gives you that extra relaxed vibe to your look without feeling forced.

Pair your jeans with a basic tee

Whether going out or heading to the grocery store, nothing gets in the way of the French and a good tee. As the masters of looking minimal but chic, the French love a good plain basic tee to go with their everyday outfits. The base of the French style is to wear less flashy clothes and opt for basics that are the best quality. That is why reaching for a basic black or white tee is great to add to your jeans and create a comfortable but chic look that you can wear anywhere.


When you're starting to hit warmer months, where wearing a long sleeve is no longer an option, just a simple tee can be the solution along with a few accessories. Current Boutique adds that basics such as a basic tee and denim jeans are must-haves if you want to copy the polished look from French fashion. If the idea of only using a basic tee is too minimalistic for you, another option you have is the unofficial staple of French fashion, the Breton striped top. These striped tops automatically give you the aura of French style but can still give you color to play with.

Simple Summer Styling

Even though France isn't exactly known for its warm weather, the summer season is the perfect time to break out the linen and knits to pair with your denim. Because you want to concentrate on the quality of your fabrics, you'll want to reach for natural tops to go with your denim jeans. These fabrics will give you a luxury look but still keep you cool during the heat.


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Megan Donavon shares on her blog, Wit & Whimsy, that you will want to keep in mind fabrics that will survive any type of heat, including cotton, poplin, and linen. Whether you wear them in a long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or tank top, if you want to pair your jeans in the French way, you will want to use the best fabrics, especially in the summer.

Since you won't be layering much in the summer, you will want to showcase more of the quality of your fabrics than anything else. The best part of styling with denim jeans and quality fabrics is that you don't need to worry about styling, as all of these pieces naturally go together.

Pair with an off-the-shoulder top

While mimicking French fashion it would be impossible to ignore the romantic nature of European fashion. If you wanted to add a bit more feminity or romantic details to your outfit, opt for an off-the-shoulder top that will give you something slightly extra to your look. The off-the-shoulder neckline has been a part of French style since it was made famous by French style icon and actress Brigette Bardot, according to The Guardian. Bardot has long been regarded as one of the ultimate icons of French fashion alongside the likes of Jane Birkin and Coco Chanel.


Also known as the Bardot neckline, the off-the-shoulder detail is an ode to a different type of French style which reminds us of summer in the French Riveria. This coastal and romantic detail to your top is the perfect match for your jeans if you want to exude some of that luxury and romance that summer French style is known for. An off-the-shoulder top is a perfect way to exude French style without having it feel too monotone.

Don't forget your outerwear

Although blouses and tops are essential, a good outer layer is crucial, especially if your weather is similar to France in autumn. It would be practically impossible to talk about French style without mentioning staples such as a trench coat or leather jacket. Both of these staple outerwear pieces are must-haves in any French wardrobe. Like most French staples, they all match with each other seamlessly.


Laflore Paris adds that classics such as tailored blazers and trench coats are fundamentals in a French woman's wardrobe and add a bit of masculine fashion structure to your looks. With French fashion being simple in design, layering plays a big role in playing up a look. That is why a quality outerwear piece will undoubtedly add a great practical and statement piece to your jeans outfit.

Adding a blazer or leather jacket is also an optimal way to bring your outfit from day to night. Since French style is all about staying practical but chic, you'll want to include an outerwear piece that can keep you warm and also add another layering piece to your outfit.